Still Invite Only, Clubhouse Focuses on Creators Accelerator Program

Clubhouse creators
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Clubhouse creators
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Photo Credit: Nathana Rebouças

Drop-in audio platform Clubhouse flourished during the pandemic. Now it wants to support creators.

During the Clubhouse weekly town hall on Sunday, CEO Paul Davison announced a creators program. The Clubhouse Creator First program aims to help aspiring creators grow their audience on the invite-only platform. It’s also aimed at exploring new monetization tactics for these new audio shows.

The new Clubhouse creators program is accepting applications now through March 31. Twenty lucky creators will receive support from Clubhouse to grow their shows.

“We are launching our first creator accelerator program, Clubhouse Creator First. We are looking to support and equip 20 creators with the resources they need to bring their ideas and creativity to life,” the tweet says.

The application process is fairly straightforward for creators. It asks your name, your email address, your location, and where you create content today. The form also asks for estimated reach across all platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, YouTube, and more.

The program appears to be a test bed for how Clubhouse will monetize its drop-in audio platform for creators.

Part of the application process asks creators, “Which of the following tools would be most useful for you on Clubhouse?” with some of the options to select including:

  • Brand Partner + Sponsor Matching
  • Monetization/Tipping
  • Booking Guests
  • Training
  • Equipment
  • Booking Guests
  • Post-Show Analytics
  • Mentorship
  • Polling/Audience Feedback
  • Show Promotion

Applicants are also asked to classify their audio show, whether it is arts, entertainment, business, politics, tech, or something else entirely. It’s an interesting peek in the direction that Clubhouse may be evolving over 2021.

Clubhouse celebrates its first-year anniversary on March 17. It saw an explosive year of growth during the pandemic, likely thanks to its invite-only strategy. The Silicon Valley venture capital crowd helped accelerate its popularity by hosting talks anyone could join.

But Clubhouse is facing stiff competition from competitors who are eager to clone new features.

Twitter Spaces was announced late last year as something similar to Clubhouse. Facebook is also rumored to be working on a separate ‘Clubhouse clone‘ app. That’s why Davison says Clubhouse is working to serve users better.

Link sharing and language filtering are coming to the app soon. It’s also dropping the requirement to access users’ contacts for invites. Instead, users can send an invite directly using just a person’s phone number. Davison says Clubhouse will soon have a tool to allow users to delete contacts from Clubhouse.The drop-in audio app is available only on iOS devices and remains invite-only – valued at $1 billion last year.