Morgan Wallen Sets New Record as ‘Dangerous’ Goes 10 Straight Weeks at #1

Morgan Wallen Dangerous
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Morgan Wallen Dangerous
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Photo Credit: Morgan Wallen Twitter

Morgan Wallen album Dangerous: The Double Album hits its 10th straight week at #1 – setting a new record.

According to Billboard, the album ended the week of March 11 with 69,000 album equivalents. It’s the first album to spend its first ten weeks at the top of the charts since 1987. Whitney Houston’s Whitney album topped the charts back then. The only other album to achieve that distinction is Stevie Wonder’s Songs in the Key of Life in 1976/1977.

Morgan Wallen’s album is also the first album to spend ten consecutive weeks at the #1 spot in total since Adele’s 21 in 2012. Dangerous joins the ranks of only four country albums that have spent at least ten weeks at #1 since Billboard started its charts in 1956.

Country Albums With 10 Chart-Topping Weeks

  • Garth Brooks – Ropin’ the Wind (18 weeks ’91/’92)
  • Billy Ray Cyrus – Some Gave All (17 weeks ’92)
  • Taylor Swift – Fearless (11 weeks ’08/’09)
  • Morgan Wallen – Dangerous (10 weeks 2021)

Morgan Wallen’s success on the charts with Dangerous comes on the heels of a cancel controversy.

A video of Wallen using the n-word slur surfaced on social media. Wallen issued a lengthy apology for the video and promised he was ready to face the consequences of his actions. “I have one factor to ask; I appreciate those who still see something in me and have defended me, but for today, please don’t,” the singer stated in a video.

“I was wrong. It’s on me to take ownership for this, and I fully accept any penalties I’m facing,” he continues. His statement came amid radios and music streaming services like Spotify pulling his songs from their playlists. But after his sales skyrocketed because of the controversy, Wallen’s songs have slowly made their way back. Spotify refuses to re-add Wallen’s music to their ‘Hot Country‘ playlist, however.

Wallen’s contract with his label, Bid Loud, was suspended indefinitely after the incident. The Academy of Country Music revealed he is ineligible for the ACM Awards. His content and appearances were also removed from CMT and the Country Music Association.

Wallen’s streak at the top of the charts may be coming to an end, though. Justin Bieber’s new album Justice debuted on Friday and could dethrone the current king of country music. Sales of the album are down 10% week-over-week, so the trend does appear to be coming to an end. The biggest drop comes from actual album sales, which were down 30% as the controversy has cooled in the minds of country fans.

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    • JAS

      One word, does not make one a racist. Why give so much power to the arrangement of 6 letters.

      If one group of people can use it, we can all use it, AND turn the meaning around and take away the power.

      If ‘they’ keep using it, it will never disappear.

      • Amerikka

        Defend and attempt to justify all you want, but it was more than one word and more than once instance.

  1. BAC

    I’ve heard Wallen’s music. It’s not that good. That’s how low the bar is these days.

    I’d also hate to have Wallen as a neighbor. Coming home late at night with his posse, drunk as hell, yelling, being an asshole and disrespectful.

    I could care less if he says the N word or whatever else the woke fascist censors want to tar him with. There are many other reasons to not pay attention to this douchebag.