BTS’ “Butter” Breaks Both Spotify and YouTube 24-Hour Debut Streaming Records

BTS Butter
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BTS Butter
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Photo Credit: HYBE

BTS’ new single, “Butter” has broken the 24-hour debut stream record on Spotify and YouTube.

BTS managed to rack up 20.9 million global streams, beating out Justin Bieber’s “I Don’t Care.” On the overall Spotify global chart, “Butter” clocked in at number two behind Olivia Rodrigo’s “Good 4 U.”

The K-pop group also edged out their own YouTube debut streaming record set in 2020 with “Dynamite.” “Butter” reached 113 million views by midnight on Friday, setting the record for biggest YouTube music premiere. BTS’ debut performance of “Butter” at the Sunday night Billboard Music Awards has helped that number continue to grow.

BTS took home awards for top duo/group, top song sales artist, and top social artist. The top social artist is a fan-favorite award, so it’s no small surprise that the group came out on top there.

“The BillBoard Awards are of course a very significant, important, and meaningful stage for us,” Suga told Variety. “The fact that we were nominated in four categories is not easy, of course. It’s a great honor,” Jungkook adds. “It’s been a year since ‘Dynamite’ was released, and I think this shows that the song is still being loved by a lot of people, and that makes us really happy.”

BTS is the first all-South Korean act to top the Billboard Hot 100 with “Dynamite.” Their second English-language single, “Butter” is slated to build on that momentum as K-pop has taken the world by storm in recent years.

Who started K-pop?

While BTS is the face of success for many who aren’t well acquainted with Korean pop music – they’re not revolutionary. Seo Taiji and Boys are credited with modernizing the pop music scene in South Korea with their hit, “Nan Arayo (I Know).” In the YouTube documentary “K-pop Evolution,” producer Hong Jong Ho says, “Korean pop music is divided into ‘before and after’ the debut of Seo Taiji and Boys.”

The modern age of K-pop is attributable to the boy band H.O.T. in 1996. Their name stands for Highfive of Teenagers and SM Entertainment created the group by polling high-school students on what their favorite parts of pop music were. The information was used to hand-select members of the group to turn them into teen idols.

H.O.T. is often defined as the first formal K-pop boy band due to how they were created. Many K-pop stars go through rigorous training. BTS’ label Big Hit Music didn’t launch until 2005, well after the success of K-op. But it has helped K-pop reach a new mainstream audience.

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