How to Listen to Spotify Apple Watch While Offline — Downloads Are Here

Spotify Apple Watch Offline
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Spotify Apple Watch Offline
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Photo Credit: Spotify

Spotify’s Apple Watch offline listening support is finally here – here’s how to download your music.

Update: Spotify is accelerating the rollout of its Apple Watch download offline music feature. Many users have started to see the Apple Watch download option in their Spotify app. The version update appears to be version If you do not see it on your phone, you can check the App Store to see if it is available.

The Apple Watch downloads update has hit users in the US, Germany, Austria, UAE, Italy, Norway, Brazil, Switzerland, Ireland, The Netherlands, Malaysia, Portugal, Canada, and the UK so far – confirming a global rollout of the feature.

Spotify Premium users have been asking for an offline playback feature for their Apple Watch for ages. Now that Deezer is rolling out offline playback support, Spotify couldn’t be upstaged. The streaming giant has announced you can now download your favorite tracks and playlists to take with you.

All Spotify users can play tracks, albums, playlists, and podcasts on the Apple Watch – with a phone connection. But now, Spotify Premium users will be able to download everything they’re listening to for a phone-free experience. All users can control Spotify playback from any device by using the Apple Watch with Spotify Connect.

Spotify Apple Watch Offline Listening – How to Download Music

Only Spotify Premium members can download music for offline playback. If you are using the Spotify free tier, you will need to upgrade to use this feature. If you are already a Spotify Premium subscriber, here’s how to download music for offline listening.

  1. Search for the music or podcast you want to download on your Apple Watch.
  2. Select the playlist, album, or podcast and press the three dots menu.
  3. Choose ‘Download to Apple Watch.’
  4. You can check on download progress in the ‘Downloads‘ section on the watch.
  5. Once the Spotify Apple Watch offline download is complete, you’ll see a green arrow next to their names.
  6. Connect your headphones to your watch for a seamless audio experience – sans phone.


Being able to download music to the Apple Watch without the phone is a godsend in some situations. Living on the Oregon coast means there are plenty of hiking trails that don’t have good cell tower coverage, so listening to music offline is a lifesaver.

Users can also ask Siri to play their favorite songs and albums for seamless playback. You can like music to help further refine your audio tastes while connected. Spotify says the new experience for Apple Watch users is rolling out globally over the coming weeks.

You’ll need to have an Apple Watch Series 3 or later to support Spotify Apple Watch offline playback. Spotify recommends running the latest version of the app to prevent any syncing issues. If you are having trouble with Spotify not working, you can diagnose those issues with help from Digital Music News.

It only took a major rival introducing a new feature to Spotify to stop resting on its laurels.

4 Responses

  1. K

    I tried dl songs to my watch but I did not see dl to Apple Watch option when I pressed the 3 dots. What am I missing?

  2. Scott

    I have the same issue. I see “Download”, but not an option to “Download to Apple Watch”. Premium subscription. Apps on iPhone and Apple Watch both up to date.

  3. Henry00

    To play Spotify music on Apple Watch offline, you can use the tool DRmare Music Converter to help you. With it, you can easily get music off Spotify and then you can move Spotify music to Apple Watch for listening offline on the go.

  4. Andrew

    I also don’t see the option for “download to watch”. Tried multiple albums including ones that were already downloaded to my phone. What am I missing?
    Apple Watch Series 4 (WatchOS 7.5)
    iPhone 12 (iOS 14.6)