What Is Kanye West’s Actual Net Worth? It Depends Who You Ask

Kanye West net worth
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Kanye West net worth
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Photo Credit: Rodrigo Ferrari / CC by 2.0

How much is Kanye West’s net worth? That depends on who you ask. Here’s the skinny on this rapper-turned fashion mogul’s true net worth.

In March 2021, Bloomberg issued a report about Kanye’s net worth, basing it on the value of his Yeezy fashion brand. The fashion line currently has an existing deal with Adidas and is a favorite among sneakerheads. The brand is estimated to be worth between $3.2 to $4.7 billion due to its deal with Adidas. But that’s just one piece of the net worth total.

Yeezy is also expecting to launch a Gap collection later this summer in a deal worth around $970 million. Since Kanye West is the sole owner of the Yeezy brand, the fashion brand’s value is being rolled into updated Kanye West net worth estimates. Here’s an updated breakdown and differing estimates.

Kanye West Net Worth Estimate #1 – $6.11 billion

Source: Bloomberg

    • Yeezy Fashion
      • Adidas Deal – $3.2 billion
      • Gap Deal – $970 million
    • Total – $4.17 billion
      • Skims Shapewear – $1.7 billion
      • Cash & Stock – $122 million
      • Music Catalog – $110 million
    • Total – $1.94 billion
    • Grand Total – $6.11 billion

After the Bloomberg report went live, Forbes pushed back. The publication is synonymous with wealth tracking among the rich and famous. Forbes says Bloomberg’s figures are “not true, based on our calculations.” Forbes estimates that Kanye West’s net worth is around $1.8 billion.

“The Bloomberg story cites a UBS report on his businesses – the same document Forbes saw earlier this month,” Forbes’ Madeline Berg says. “The bank made a number of assumptions based on projected future earnings, particularly for Yeezy Gap, which hasn’t even launched yet. Bank documents like this are well-known for painting best-possible-scenario future valuations.”

In other words, Bloomberg’s report is based on Kanye’s glowing estimates of his businesses. In reality, the Yeezy Gap partnership hasn’t launched; it has brought in no revenue, let alone any profits.

Kanye Net Worth Estimate #2 – $1.8 billion

Source: Forbes

Forbes says its estimate of $1.8 billion is more grounded in reality than the initial Bloomberg report. That number is based on current revenues, which are a much more reliable predictor of future expectations.

You’ll notice that the rapper’s music catalog is worth only $110 million. How does that stack up against other rappers? He’s at the top of the list with his fashion investments, but without them – he wouldn’t even appear in the top ten richest rapper’s list.

  1. Kanye West net worth – $1.8 billion
  2. Jay-Z net worth – $1.4 billion
  3. Sean Combs net worth – $885 million
  4. Dr. Dre net worth – $820 million
  5. Eminem net worth – $230 million
  6. Master P net worth – $200 million
  7. Usher net worth – $180 million
  8. Drake net worth – $180 million
  9. Ice Cube net worth – $160 million
  10. Pharrell Williams net worth – $150 million

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    He’s got a brain of much, an attitude of obliviousness and an ego that isn’t proportional with his talent.

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    • Tom Ross TV

      You must have a very sad life to think your opinion matters to someone who is more successful than your whole family tree.

      Stay in your place.

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      Or…… Instead of listening to a nobody on the internet, he can just keep doing what he’s been doing, which is whatever he wants, which is what made him a legend in music and a billionaire in the first place.

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    I do not know a single one of his songs.

    I know every Cole Porter song.

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