Bruce Springsteen’s Broadway Musical Won’t Allow Guests Who Received the AstraZeneca Vaccine

Bruce Springsteen on Broadway
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Bruce Springsteen on Broadway
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Photo Credit: Raph_PH / CC by 3.0

Bruce Springsteen on Broadway is opening on June 26th to vaccinated fans – but not to those who received the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Fans who want to attend the show will need to prove they have been vaccinated — but that proof must be in the form of at least one of the vaccinations authorized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. That includes the Moderna, Pfizer-BioNTech, and Johnson & Johnson vaccines, but not the AstraZeneca vaccine.

The AstraZeneca vaccine has not been given FDA approval, so it was not distributed in the US. But more than 1.7 million people in Canada have the vaccine. The vaccine is available in most countries across the world, with the exception of the United States. Eric Clapton reported receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine and subsequently suffering seriously adverse reactions. That included fears that he’d lose the ability to play guitar again, though Clapton reports that he’s fully recovered from the episode.

The Springsteen on Broadway performance is described as “a solo acoustic performance” and “an intimate night with Bruce, his guitar, a piano, and his stories.” New York St. James Theater says the vaccine requirements are at the direction of New York State.

Other restrictions are also being piled on for younger fans. Attendees under 16 are exempt from the requirement but must be accompanied by a fully vaccinated adult. They also must show proof that they tested negative on a recent coronavirus test. There are no exceptions made for people who are unable or unwilling to be vaccinated.

The two-hour show debuted in 2017 at the Walter Kerr Theatre and ran for 236 performances. The coming series will run Tuesday through Saturday. Springsteen says he has no plans on slowing down after spending six decades on stage. He says that playing live shows for audiences remains an experience that cannot be simulated for stars.

Springsteen on Broadway will be the first show to return in 2021; other shows are returning in September. Many fans are lamenting the requirements since vaccine approval for international fans would hinge on whether or not they received the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Back in February, Bruce Springsteen had his DUI charge dropped after he agreed to pay a $500 fine. He was charged with driving while intoxicated, reckless driving, and consuming alcohol in a closed area at a recreation area in New Jersey.

Springsteen did plead guilty to drinking a shot offered by a fan but had the DWI charges dismissed. His blood-alcohol level at the time of his arrest was only .02, whereas New Jersey’s legal limit for intoxication is .08. Springsteen had no previous criminal record of any kind.

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  1. Safe and Effective

    reportedly had a bad reaction? the motherfucker did a email and an interview where he was like yea this shit fucked me up horribly for weeks. only with vaccines can a self declared event become “reportedly”.

  2. Cuspider

    “The AstraZeneca vaccine has not been given FDA approval, so it was not distributed in the US.” Very clever. None of the vaccines have been “approved” by the FDA, but reading this line, the author is certainly suggesting the other three vaccines are “approved”.

      • Samuel

        Nope. They are not. The FDA approved an emergency use authorization (EUA), but has not approved the vaccines through normal approval processes.

      • Tu Soon?

        2nd dose of vaccine causes heart attacks. You stupid sheeple need to write your wills.

        This scamdemic will go down in history as the biggest hoax ever, all so government socialist elitists can consolidate power.

  3. JAS

    Really only 2 words. F & U

    Why create more division?? Why are the vaccinated worrying about the unvaccinated?? Your vaccinated!!! Or maybe there is no real confidence that vaccine is good enough.

    I would NOT take the AZ vaccine, but some have had it and done fine. I certainly wouldn’t hold which ‘brand’ of vaccine one had against them.

    Why is proof of a negative test 10 days prior not good enough? You can’t give what you don’t have.

    BS, as well as ALL other artists will never see another dime from me, if they continue to discriminate.

    Go ahead pile on me, flame away, I really don’t care.

    • Ned

      You apparently don’t get it. The unvaccinated are still a threat. There is no herd immunity at this point. And there are variants around the world that are a danger.

      This isn’t discriminatory. It is a choice. And if you choose to not patronize someone because they have gotten a vaccine and are trying to protect you, their community and the country, then it’s you who is the problem.

      This isn’t a pile on or a flame, as you put it. It is an education that you so sorely need.

        • Ned

          Enjoy living in your world of ignorance and stupidity.

          • Betsey

            Exactly. WTF is wrong with some people. That guy is either purposely trying to spread misinformation or he’s a lunatic.

        • Brenda N

          What a childish reply. You won’t know what Ned is enjoying as you’ll be dead from denying the obvious.

          • Safe and Effective

            you are all lemmings and walking pharma experiments.

          • Margaret

            It is amazing how some people deny the pandemic, and even after seeing the positive changes to the world after vaccines, they are still touting fake conspiracy theories.

        • Bradley R.

          Exactly what is vaccine genocide? Do you have any proof that this has actually happened?

      • GEAH

        Ned, you should self-isolate for the rest of your life, just to be safe.

        • Ned

          No matter what name you post under, people recognize your idiocy.

      • Dr Benway

        Ned, you are absolutely full of it. What a bunch of anti-science, anti-medicine gibberish you’re pushing. We’re not at herd immunity???? The unvaccinated are still a threat???? You’re insane.

      • JAS

        How are the unvaccinated still a threat? Not to any vaccinated.

        Besides in this particular story BS is making a decision to deny access based on HIS opinion that the AZ is not good enough.

        ‘Hey everybody get the jab so we can all get back to doing fun stuff….wait a minute not you over there, you got the AZ jab, it doesn’t count…stay home’

        We have ZERO data on the long term effects of these vaccines, so I am waiting it out. I was social distancing way before it was cool, so my odds of even being in an environment where it is is extremely low.

        Over all data on this entire mess has been very poor in an age where the entire globe rotates on huge data. Trust the science they say and change it, and now BS is making a mockery of trusting the science….

        I don’t need BS, he doesn’t need me, so it all works out.

        • Joe Santos

          The vaccine doesn’t cover people 100%. That’s how the unvaccinated are a threat. Herd immunity doesn’t happen magically. The virus doesn’t vanish because we want it to without taking action. You and people like you are dangerous to society. Your views are selfish and rooted in belief over fact.

          The show is Bruce’s show and he can do what he wants. If you don’t like it – tough. Don’t go. It’s simple.

          As for the BS you talk about…you are the BS.

      • Bob Nunya

        So even though it’s clear that Fauci has lied and changed his stance on things with every shift of the wind – and it’s also clear that many people died WITH Covid and not BECAUSE of Covid and that it has a 97% + recovery rate – you all are still harping on getting vaccines that have really only been approved for emergency use. Sheeple, please!!

        • Bob is stupid

          You’re a buffoon. Fauci changed his stance on things as more information came in. It’s called science. You get Covid and see how you like it. Idiot

          • Bob Nunya

            You are obviously too thick to read his emails. He LIED-period. He didn’t change based on any science. Even if I got Covid – and I know people that have- I would let it play out before I put anything in my body that wasn’t FULLY tested. Not just for an emergency. And screw any “artist” that wants proof of vaccination or negative Covid test. I have plenty of money to spend elsewhere.

  4. Death to the Democrats

    Kill Bruce Springsteen, make the world better!

    • Loser Alert

      Fuck off, loser. You’ll be dead one day and nobody will care.

      • Death to the Democrats

        Even your parents don’t give a fuck that you are alive. You won’t be missed by anyone.

  5. GEAH

    Springsteen is an embarrassment to rock ‘n’ roll.

    • Loser Alert

      Sure he is. And what have you done with your life? Exactly. Loser

  6. Take a walk

    This guy ain’t rock and roll. He’s a pathetic disgrace. Fuck off cunt!

    • Idiot Detector

      You’re a fool. Bruce is definitely RnR and definitely America. You just don’t agree with the virus/pandemic existing. You and your conspiracy theories are anti-America. You are what’s wrong with this country right now; not Bruce Springsteen.

  7. Bobby

    99.4% of people with Covid live. Why anyone take this dangerous vaccine is beyond me.

    I have never seen a more gullible group of jackwads like the Covid cult.

    • Larry

      Your stats are off, but let’s assume they’re correct. That means that .6% die. So far, there have been 278M cases of Covid reported. This, of course, doesn’t count those cases not reported. .6% of the total number of people who got Covid is still over 15M dead. That’s ok and normal? That’s acceptable to you? Now, consider what you haven’t factored in – the number of people who got Covid and have lingering effects – millions more.

      You are so glib about this, but those people who lost friends, family and other relations from this are not.

      Now explain your claim about how the vaccine is dangerous. While the vaccines don’t prevent Covid 100%, the percent of people who experience death or any long-lasting issues from the vaccine is far less than those who die from Covid. So, you can’t have it both ways – saying Covid isn’t anything, but the vaccines are bad.

      Logic and facts win against your extreme comments that are emotion-based and carry no reality to them.

      • Bobby

        News flash: people die of various things by the millions. We should not shut down the world for something that was never a serious risk.

        You are a cult member—I get it. It still was a scamdemic. BTW-my numbers ARE correct.

      • Bob Nunya

        Logic and facts also tell me that not everyone who had Covid and dies actually died FROM Covid. There are plenty of suicides, overdoses and car accidents etc. that had absolutely nothing to do with Covid that are listed as Covid deaths because the person may have had Covid..

  8. Loser Detector

    My parents? Great reply. It shows you have nothing and are the loser that I detected earlier. Keep it up. You’re proving my point.

  9. Bobby

    I cannot stand the sight of Bruce Springsteen. Obnoxious lying privileged millionaire who drives drunk.

  10. Tu Soon?

    I truly hate liberals and hope they get what they want—anarchy and civil war. We have the guns and win that battle.