John Mayer Stops Concert to Get Fan Medical Attention

John Mayer stops concert
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John Mayer stops concert
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Photo Credit: Katty Keigan / CC by 2.0

John Mayer stopped his concert to get a fan medical attention after he noticed a possible fainting.

Mayer was performing the concert for SiriusXM and Pandora’s Small Stage Series at the Hollywood Palladium on February 9. The singer stopped the show to help a fan who needed medical attention in the crowd. Mayer noticed the fan may have fainted and stopped singing immediately to call for medics. His band quietly vamped in the background before Mayer asked them to stop altogether.

“Is she conscious? Give me a thumbs-up if she’s alert,” Mayer asked the people near her. Soon thumbs went into the air and Mayer acknowledged them. “I’m gonna step off the stage for a second,” Mayer said, gathering with his band. He came back a while later and addressed the situation to the audience. “Anyone in the crowd who’s worried, I’m told she waved goodbye, so she’s OK,” Mayer says. He adds, “The system works.”

Just days before Mayer stopped his concert to check on a fan, Billie Eilish did the same on her world tour. Eilish stopped the show on Saturday night to get an inhaler to a fan who needed it.

John Mayer’s concert on Wednesday aired live on SiriusXM’s The Spectrum channel. It will be re-broadcast throughout the week. Andy Cohen will also host a sit-down interview with Mayer that will air on Channel 102 at 7 pm ET. The concert will also air in its entirety on Saturday as part of the Pandora LIVE series at 9 pm.

Both John Mayer and Billie Eilish seem to have subtle digs at the Astroworld tragedy as they stopped their shows. “I wait for people to be okay before I keep going,” Eilish told her audience. Mayer’s comment about the system working is also a reference to him stopping the show to make sure his fans were okay before proceeding. When viewing the timeline of what happened at Astroworld, that festival was stopped and started three different times as people were seriously injured or killed.


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  1. Emma

    This happens all the time in the hard rock & heavy metal world and it’s just a beautiful part of the culture. And there are so many other stories that go beyond how beautiful this is yet it happens one time at one pop concert and it makes the news and yet the hard rock and heavy metal is still seen as this devilish satanic ritual??? I’m glad the person got medical attention but he’s not breaking new ground it’s not exponential it’s not new he’s doing his basic right. This shouldn’t be breaking news.