Snoop Dogg Sexual Assault Lawsuit Dismissed by Plaintiff After Just Two Months

Snoop Dogg Cozomo Medici
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Snoop Dogg Cozomo Medici
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Photo Credit: The Come Up Show / CC by 2.0

A shocking sexual assault lawsuit against Snoop Dogg and his 71-year-old “spiritual advisor” has officially been dismissed.

The disconcerting action’s plaintiff, identified only as Jane Doe in the original complaint, just recently moved to dismiss the case, legal filings show, and the court formally approved the request soon thereafter.

In the suit, which made its way to a California federal court in February of this year, said plaintiff disclosed that she “has worked as a professional dancer, model, actress, host, and spokesmodel for Muse Ink Festival, Comedy Central, and CNN,” besides as an on-stage dancer at Snoop Dogg shows “for several years.”

Snoop, his aforementioned spiritual advisor (and fellow defendant), Don “Magic” Juan, and “other rappers” gave the plaintiff “gifts” for these concert performances, which also helped her “to obtain sponsorships, modeling jobs, and event hosting,” according to the complaint.

And after launching into a lengthy account of Snoop Dogg’s arrest record and alleged “long history of sexually abusing women, retaliating against and threatening them when they complain, and terminating employees who object to his unlawful conduct,” the plaintiff recounted the alleged sexual assault at the center of the action.

According to the alleged victim, she and a friend had attended a Snoop Dogg show at Anaheim’s Club Heat Ultra Lounge “around” Wednesday, May 29th, 2013. The two had ultimately “entered the VIP room” and “ran into” Snoop’s spiritual advisor, per the complaint, before accepting his invitation to visit the Doggystyle artist’s studio.

The plaintiff’s friend had left this studio at midnight, and the Chicago-born spiritual advisor had told the alleged victim, “I can take you home or I can take you back to my place with me,” she indicated in the suit. Despite allegedly asking to be driven home, the plaintiff maintained that she (“exhausted” at the time) had instead been taken to the Snoop Dogg associate’s house, where she had fallen asleep.

Around four o’clock the following morning, the spiritual advisor had allegedly awoken the former Snoop Dogg dancer, “removed his penis from his pants and forced his penis in” her face, and “repeatedly shoved his penis into” her mouth, ceasing the alleged assault “after some time,” the plaintiff recounted.

The plaintiff stated that she had subsequently agreed to don a dress provided by the spiritual advisor and to visit Snoop Dogg “in hopes of advancing her career.” Then, at the studio where the rapper was filming GGN: Snoop Dogg’s Double G News Network, while waiting for production to begin, the alleged victim had looked out “a window across the way” and made eye contact with the Death Row Records owner, who had purportedly “leered at” her, “undressing her with his eyes,” the lawsuit claimed.

Finally, the plaintiff said that Snoop Dogg had later found her in a bathroom, where she had allegedly been “forced to engage in oral sex with” him, “afraid for her safety and for her life.”

Though private mediation between February 8th and 9th of this year “was unsuccessful,” the plaintiff has now withdrawn the complaint, as mentioned at the outset. The precise reason(s) behind the voluntary dismissal, including a possible settlement, hasn’t been publicly revealed, nor has the NFT enthusiast Snoop Dogg addressed the matter on Twitter.

In late December, Trey Songz and Diddy were named in a separate ($20 million) sexual assault lawsuit, while Chris Brown faced a different sexual assault complaint yet (also seeking $20 million) in January.