Apple TV & Apple Music Quietly Surface on Microsoft Store – Windows 11 Only

Apple TV Apple Music Windows Microsoft Store Now Available

Photo Credit: Windows

Apple Music and Apple TV are now available on the Microsoft Store–but only for Windows 11 users.

Windows 11 users can download these apps from the Microsoft Store along with another app called Apple Devices. This app says it lets Windows users “manage Apple devices from your Windows PC.” It’s not a huge surprise that these Apple services are now available on Windows since Microsoft announced they would be coming at its Surface 2022 event.

The Apple TV app appears to function similarly to the already existing Xbox app. Apple Music is music the lyrics feature available on Mac and iOS–but is otherwise functionally identical. The Apple Devices app also suggests that Windows users will finally be able to abandon iTunes for good as it takes over syncing local media and restoring the firmware of devices.

The caveat here is that once you’re ready to start using these apps–you must give up iTunes. On first launch, users are warned that iTunes for Windows will no longer work after they’re installed. For users who want to continue using iTunes, the new Apple apps must be uninstalled. I’m not sure why you’d want to soldier on with iTunes at this point since the Windows experience has been abysmal for years.

As more and more of Apple’s revenue is derived from its services, it is continuing to branch out. Apple Music is available on both Xbox and PlayStation consoles–giving gamers options rather than just listening to Spotify. It’s also worth noting that Apple is building out its Maps offering with Business Connect for small businesses to begin offering features like booking tour tickets, hotels, and restaurant reservations inside the Maps app.

This is something Google has worked on by integrating ticket sales into YouTube and YouTube Music. Visiting any artists’ official YouTube channel now usually includes links to upcoming tour dates.