Is Spotify Pivoting Its Podcasting Strategy? Jellysmack Deal Features Content ‘Repackaging’

Spotify shifting podcast strategy, Jellysmack repackaging content
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Spotify shifting podcast strategy, Jellysmack repackaging content
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Photo Credit: Jellysmack

Is Spotify shifting its podcast strategy away from expensive exclusives? The latest deal with Jellysmack includes lots of repackaged content from famous creators.

Jellysmack helps YouTubers like MrBeast re-purpose their content, optimized in video podcast form for Spotify. All of Jellysmack’s creator partners can distribute their video content on the Spotify for Podcasters platform.

“We’re thrilled to introduce Jellysmack’s top-performing creators to our platform,” says Bryan Thoensen, Head of U.S. Content Partnerships, Spotify. “We want creators to develop deep relationships with the Spotify community, and this partnership is about elevating creators and offering new experiences for our listeners.”

“Jellysmack is thrilled to partner with Spotify, the leader in audio streaming, to provide our creators yet another new platform to grow and connect with audiences,” adds Sean Atkins, President of Jellysmack.” Together we’re unlocking new opportunities for creators to share and monetize their work.”

Jellysmack has carefully selected a handful of its creators to help them launch video episodes on Spotify for Podcasters. Those creators include VINwiki, Jessica Kent, Audit the Audit, Brooke Makenna, and Christina Randall.

“Car enthusiasts are everywhere, which is why I’m thrilled to bring my video content to the Spotify platform with Jellysmack to reach even more fans,” shares creator Ed Bolian of VINwiki. “This is a major step for the VINwiki brand and creators as a whole—Spotify has introduced a new opportunity for massive growth, monetization, and success. I’m ready to enjoy the ride.”

“The five creators who are kicking things off in this program are true storytellers, and we can’t wait to see Spotify’s audience discover and fall in love with their content,” says Stef Schwartz, Global Head of Platform Partnerships at Jellysmack.

Jellysmack helps optimize video content across a wide variety of platforms, including Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, The Roku Channel, and now Spotify.