Cardi B Attorneys to Recover $350,000 in Legal Fees Following Years-Long ‘Back Tattoo’ Lawsuit, Court Documents Show

Cardi B beats back tattoo lawsuit
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Cardi B beats back tattoo lawsuit
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Photo Credit: Court Documents

In January, evidence suggested that Cardi B would face yet another round in the much-publicized “back tattoo” lawsuit she’d spent the better part of a decade fending off. Now, the New York City-born rapper has beat the marathon complaint once and for all – and moved to collect a cool $350,000 in attorneys’ fees.

Cardi B’s seemingly definitive victory in the years-running courtroom confrontation just recently came to light in a jointly filed proposal from her legal team as well as the attorneys of plaintiff Kevin Brophy Jr. A surf-marketing professional, Brophy Jr. claimed (among other things) he’d been embarrassed and grappled with reputational damage after removing his shirt on the job.

And that’s because onlookers had allegedly confused his back tattoo with the (photoshopped) back tattoo of The6atSix, the shirtless model featured in a compromising position – but not showing his face – on the cover of Cardi B’s debut mixtape, Gangsta Bitch Music, Vol. 1 (2016).

After a jury in October of 2022 cleared Cardi B of wrongdoing, Brophy Jr. during the remainder of the year “put his back into” attempting to have the verdict tossed – before moving for a new trial towards 2023’s beginning, as initially mentioned.

But it doesn’t appear that this sought second trial is in the cards after all, as a just-submitted proposed order is calling for the new-trial motion to be withdrawn with prejudice and emphasizing that both sides have “irrevocably relinquished” post-judgement motions including appeals.

Also identified by the precise proposed order is the above-highlighted $350,000 in attorneys’ fees, which the relevant documents show Brophy Jr. will pay “plus interest at the rate of 10% per annum” and on top of “reasonable” legal “fees incurred in collecting” the sizable sum.

At the time of this writing, McDonalds-partnered Cardi B didn’t look to have addressed the development on social media or via a formal release. Worth reiterating in conclusion is that the “Bodak Yellow” act won a multimillion-dollar defamation lawsuit against YouTuber Tasha K (real name LaTasha Kebe) in early 2022; the self-described gossip and comedy news personality filed for bankruptcy late last month after being slapped with (and failing to appeal her way out of) a $4 million defamation judgement.

Notwithstanding her legal woes, though, the YouTuber hasn’t ceased putting out potentially controversial media – including recent videos centering on an apparent dispute with R. Kelly, DaBaby’s alleged romantic relationships, and the alleged “off-the-radar” children of the Amp host Nick Cannon, to name only a few of the covered topics.