Warner Chappell Music & Production Music Launch Run4Cover

Warner Chappell Music Run4Cover
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Warner Chappell Music Run4Cover
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Photo Credit: Warner Chappell Production Music

Warner Chappell Music and Warner Chappell Production Music have launched a new label, Run4Cover, offering fresh arrangements of beloved and recognizable hits.

Warner Chappell Production Music (WCPM) and Warner Chappell Music (WCM) have launched a new label, Run4Cover, combining WCM’s catalog with WCPM’s production expertise to offer new arrangements of instantly recognizable and beloved songs across numerous genres and eras. Designed for both widely distributed productions and independent content creators, the label also minimizes licensing complexities.

In an era in which older songs are constantly finding new fans through social media platforms like TikTok, evolving the discovery of timeless hits through covers offers endless freedom to introduce new variations and interpretations, breathing new life into catalog classics.

Run4Cover’s repertoire features new renditions of classic global hits from artists like Radiohead, Curtis Mayfield, Kool & The Gang, and Donna Summer. The label showcases these covers in diverse styles, including interpretations by string quartet, big band, nu-disco, and “haunting trailerizations.”

“We’re thrilled to work with the WCM team to reinterpret both the hits and the deep cuts in their incredible music catalog. Being able to provide a one-stop cover option also saves clients a lot of time,” said Pat Weaver, Head of Production at Warner Chappell Production Music.

“Great songs have so many different facets and guises, and this is a fantastic way for our clients to tap into covers of iconic classics and bring out different dimensions,” added Rich Robinson, EVP Global Synchronization and Media Original Music, Warner Chappell Music.

All label compositions are controlled by WCM, with the original master recordings owned by WCPM. Clients will benefit from a streamlined clearance process through a single point of contact, creating a convenient one-call solution and one-stop shop. Additionally, Run4Cover offers custom covers tailored to individual preferences.

A worldwide leader in the production and custom music space, WCPM has over 35 years of experience and success under its belt. Owned by WCM and part of the Warner Music Group family, WCPM releases over 500 new albums across more than 135 catalogs each year, representing over 210,000 unique tracks across countless genres.