Aurous, the ‘Popcorn Time for Music,’ Is Now Crowdfunding for Cash

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Updated, Monday 6:30 am PT: Aurous has now canceled its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo with little explanation; more details ahead.

Last week, Aurous revealed plans to develop a BitTorrent-enabled music application, essentially the music equivalent of Popcorn Time.  “The app itself is decentralized, nothing routes through any external servers for the primary features,” developer Andrew Sampson told Torrentfreak.  “Even if as a project, development stopped and we shut down our website, the app would still continue functioning without any problems.”

“It can look through entire BitTorrent archives in milliseconds to get individual files.”

Now, Aurous is pitching for cash, with an initial goal of $25,000 to get the ball rolling.

In just the first few hours, the music industry’s next public enemy number one has raised nearly $500, or 2 percent of that goal.  It’s unclear if the music industry powers-that-be, including the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) are taking any steps against Aurous (we’re awaiting response), or, if they’re even aware of it.

Just recently, the RIAA coordinated with the FBI and other authorities to shut down highly-trafficked file-sharing site ShareBeast.

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  1. Anonymous

    Awesome find. This might have to be my first contribution to crow funding.

  2. Anonymous

    Fortunately, you don’t have to crowdfund Adblock Plus to get rid of Digital Music News ads.

    It’s already there, free for everybody.

    And now you can easily block those annoying ads on your iPhone too, with Peace!

  3. dcguzman

    Popcorn time and that website arent even a threat to the industry anymore. But Netflix and Spotify certainly are. Whats next? Adblock just like Im using when typing this message killing the internet? As what The Verge, (which equally a click bait like this website) says?

    The future Paul is proposing is a dystopia, not utopia unlike what this site advertised. Especially for the artists that what this website supposed to protect. I watched the only 2 music TV channels in our dish network. The ads are infuriating and too long.

    And the subliminal messages are real. One music video is enough for you to search porn, 5 times the susceptible rate as internet. OMI cheerleader is one of those music videos. The nonsense showing of skin and misogyny is through the roof.

    Its a good thing I watched those channels to make me sleep so Im immune at that time. And BTW, its my first time that Ive watched the music video even theres youtube. In fact, I hardly watch YT for music discovery when I discovered Spotify.

    • Faza (TCM)

      Funny, I didn’t think anyone needs much encouragement to search for porn. It’s what the internet’s for, innit?

      • dcguzman

        You all should research more before posting anything on the internet. Because your comments are becoming more and more ironic everyday. In the old days even during early 00’s porn is hard to find. Unless youre into still images, its the reason why hentai becomes popular in the first place. And even then you can only watch 30 seconds to 1 minute clips, not full episode hentai you’ve seen today.

        And it fits that its the porn industry “thats the first to suffer” during the internet distribution age. Not music industry as everyone thinks.

      • dcguzman

        I know members thats posting in this site and even writers that posting click bait articles here dont know the internet. But to educate people here I will post its history anyway. For one thing, during the beginnings of the internet that we’ve know today porn is too hard to find. And internet is for porn meme began because of that fact. Too much people typing porn on google because its that too hard to find.

        Its too rare even how rampant porn websites are. Especially that you click too many websites and virus driven ads before you could click to a 30 seconds to 1 minute worth of porn. Most of which are just snippets. Youporn, badjojo, youjizz and pornhub even though its free are again just snippets.

        The only good thing about these websites are its direct vid so you wont get into loopholes and ad driven websites to watch porn. Contrary to popular belief its not music and movies thats driven people to piracy on the internet. Its definitely porn.

        Torrent search engines and torrent programs wouldnt be successful if not for porn. Even the bittorent company admits to this fact.In reality its not Napster that destroyed the music industry. Its the bundling business model that ruin the music industry.

        The music industry tries to solve the problem by giving its remaining customers single CDs, but it only ruin the industry futher. Theres no justification for production and distribution fee for a single song in a CD. Apple made a solution on Itunes, but its monopoly on its distribution causes the music industry revenue to down slide till music streaming take off.

  4. T. Cooke

    Regarding my leave of absence – This is an incredibly tough business it seems for a contrarian rebel. The intuitiveness and creative process which drove my creations have no place in the real world when it is applied to the business process. Having major labels and streaming entreprenuers are better sources of the business application than I could do for myself. I’m just another fish in the sea.

  5. t-MINUS

    Did this post zap some grey cells or something? The feds are coming.