Breaking: Universal Music Group Seizes

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What’s left after burning the village, raping the women, and killing the first born?  Well, seizing the valuable domain, of course.  According to details now confirmed by public registration records (above), is now owned by Universal Music Group, who successfully destroyed Grooveshark and its owner, Escape Media, in a multi-year ‘legal jihad’.

Grooveshark employed a costly legal troupe that included Rosenberg & Giger and McPherson Rane, but was decisively defeated by an alliance that included Universal, Warner Music Group, and Sony Music Entertainment.  After unplugging their entire site in April following a decisive federal court ruling in UMG’s favor, Grooveshark was forced to issue a public apology on, with insiders additionally pointing to millions in restitution.

Roughly one month later, Grooveshark co-founder Josh Greenberg was found dead in his apartment at age 28, for reasons that remain unknown (autopsy results remain forthcoming).  Prior to the defeat, Samuel Tarantino, also a founder, publicly admitted to being financially broken.



12 Responses

  1. anon

    Jesus, at least get the name of the deceased right, you’ve already done enough harm to his friends and family. We know you’re probably thinking about yourself the whole time, but come on.

  2. Rickshaw

    Saw this coming. They should also get Napster,, Scour and MusicMatch.

    • dcguzman

      Those are from other companies. Napster for example is from Rhapsody. Rhapsody bought the Napster name for public image.

      • Rickshaw

        And I’m suggesting that they buy all the rights to those companies. Rhapsody isn’t using Napster for anything these days other than a re-direct.

        • dcguzman

          It will violate anti trust law, thats why major labels or companies that compete with it cant buy it right away. Unless the company violate copyright as what happened with grooveshark. That why its a missed opportunity and bad decision to them when they shut down Napster. The music industry is still thriving if they arent stubborn about online distribution.

          • dcguzman

            Vivendi is a mother company of UMG which own CNET that is a part of CBS interactive. You should know corporate structure first before spewing nonsense. Its not UMG itself that bought In fact, its CBS interactive which CNET part of the one that handle the site. Not UMG.

            Just like any corporate structure just like the government, there branches are considered autonomous and have different structure and regulations. So SONY Playstation brand will be in jeopardy because SONY TVs and SONY pictures dont make much profit?

  3. Crazy Ass X

    Just make sure , Universal Music Group , calculate my penthouse part of the mob software protocol syndicate program to the 0.01 . . .:: Thanks for understanding , Literati X . . .

  4. Versus

    When are they going to go after Google, YouTube, and all the other piracy enablers?