Rip It Down? Kanye West Delivers Two Fresh Tracks to SoundCloud…

Some of the biggest DJs in the world can’t stop complaining about SoundCloud, with a warzone emerging between artists, labels, and the fast-surging platform.  That includes Hardwell and Skrillex, both of whom have actively complained about content removals and others complications from their labels.

That said, SoundCloud’s traffic is surging, and this will only help: as of this (Monday) afternoon, Kanye West has uploaded two fresh tracks to SoundCloud after a two-year dormancy.  That actively conflicts with Kanye’s parent label, Universal Music Group, which has yet to sign a licensing deal with SoundCloud.  Just recently, SoundCloud was reportedly inches away from licensing pact, though an unexpected lawsuit from UK-based PRS Music completely complicated those plans.

That may simply be background noise at this stage, especially for an artist of Kanye’s level.  Enjoy…



2 Responses

  1. GGali

    2 terrible tracks w Kanye over using autotune! Soundcloud should remove these ASAP based on lack of quality!

    Just my opinion.

  2. GGali

    Two terrible tracks w Kanye abusing autotune.. Souncloud should rip these down ASAP for lack of quality!