Technics’ New SL-1200G Turntable Will Reportedly Cost $4,000

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Earlier this week at the CES convention in Las Vegas, Panasonic-owned Technics announced the return of the SL-1200 class of turntable.  That was first reported on DMN last year, and now, it’s a reality.  According to reports, a high-class, limited-edition version will cost $4,000, a massive increase from the previous model pricing of roughly $1,750.

The newly upgraded SL-1200G Grand Class edition coincides with Technics’ 50-year anniversary, and is a showy, almost concept piece.  Across the broader model lineup, Panasonic aims to resolve some of the structural issues that were experienced with the older models.  Newly-upgraded features include a core-less motor that eliminates the vibrations, and rotational positioning sensors that will subdue remaining jitters.

Although the updated product brings various additional benefits, price is a potential downfall.  The new SL-1200G is solidly in the premium category, which potentially puts it out of reach for certain price-conscious customers or casual fans who do not use turntables professionally.  Other SL-1200 models could be expensive, though certainly not as stratospheric.

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Without doubt, Technics are premium pieces of musical gear, though customers will be expecting a significant increase in performance to justify any sizable expenditure.  Perhaps Panasonic will be relying on turntablists and music enthusiasts to part with their money, especially since most modern DJs are twiddling knobs, not spinning platters.

The models will be released in summer.

4 Responses

  1. Artie

    This pricing is clearly for the limited edition SL-1200G Grand Class model. It has special features, and only 1200 will be sold. It seems to me that Technics has created this model to generate buzz around the re-release of the 1200, and that this model will be a coveted collectors item in DJ circles, but should not be taken as indicative of the price level of the base model. I’d expect that model to have an MSRP of $600-$700 and a street price around $500-$550.

  2. Artie

    Correction: the SL-1200G is the base model, to be released later in the year. The SL-1200GAE is the expensive, limited edition model.

  3. asdf

    When the hell was the previous base model $1,750? I bought both my Technics 1210’s in 1997, brand new, from Guitar Center (or some such major music retailer) for $500 apiece. At that time turntables were outselling guitars, worldwide. Isn’t that the case now too?

  4. Rick Shaw

    I’ll take two, please. Never know when I’ll need a back-up one.