Justin Bieber Faces $100,000 Lawsuit Over Unfortunate Altercation

Justin Bieber Sued For $100k Over Smashing Up Someone’s Phone
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It’s just one lawsuit after another for Justin Bieber…

According to TMZ, the singer walked into the Cle nightclub in Houston last month and smashed up Robert Earl Morgan’s mobile phone.

But why?

Bieber allegedly caught Morgan recording his attempts to down a beer pong, and well… he became agitated at the fact that he was being recorded and started smashing the phone to pieces.

Morgan says that Bieber “was clearly a novice,” spilling the beer all over himself, so he wanted to capture the moment on video. Guess he didn’t expect Bieber to respond in the way that he did.

Now, Morgan has filed a $100k lawsuit claiming the damages Bieber did to his phone, but also damages for the fact that the phone has irreplaceable images on it – like snaps taken on his Grandma’s 100th birthday. According to the lawsuit, the SIM card that was in Morgan’s phone was not returned to him, and so he has lost all of the memorable pictures and videos he captured on the smartphone.

Biebers team haven’t confirmed the claims as of yet.

But, this isn’t the only lawsuit that Bieber is facing.

Just last month DMN reported that Bieber had been asked to pay out a massive $100 million over the alleged copyright infringement of his 2010 hit song ‘Somebody To Love’. The lawsuit, which has been ongoing since 2013 claims that his song was stolen from singer De Rico and songwriter Mareio Overton track which was also titled ‘Somebody To Love.’

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    Just another case of Smartphones and Stupid People!