Celine Dion Just Made a Brand New Enemy: Donald J. Trump…

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Celine Dion is now the latest superstar to ‘politely decline’ an Inaugural invitation from Donald Trump.  Let’s see how well Canadian passport works in 2017, Celine.

A-list celebrities are effectively pulling the pants down on President-Elect Donald Trump and his upcoming Inauguration.  The Wrap has just reported that “longtime Trump friend and Las Vegas hotelier Steve Wynn had promised to deliver the French Canadian hitmaker for the January 20 festivities, but could not do so.”

Celine Dion, one of Canada’s biggest exports, likely declined based on feared backlash from fans.  Just recently, Andrea Bocelli found himself hounded by threatening fans after agreeing to perform, and ultimately backed out.

For Bocelli, that meant compromising an old friendship, though this event is now viewed as toxic for careers.  According to Trump Inauguration coordinator Tom Barrack, Trump lent Bocelli his plane during the early stages of career.  Now, it looks like Bocelli decided that debt wasn’t worth the price of his entire career.

Dion, now a high-paid fixture in Las Vegas, recently endured the death of her longtime manager and husband, Rene Albertini.  Wynn, a Vegas anchor himself, was viewed as a link to Dion, according to the Wrap’s report.  That plan didn’t pan out, leaving the Trump Inauguration without any marquee takers.

Elton John, Garth Brooks, Celine Dion, Andrea Bocelli…

The list is getting embarrassingly long.  Just recently, Elton John forcefully declined any ‘assumed’ invitation.  Garth Brooks, a red state hero, also declined, according to reports.  Others may have declined behind the scenes, though Bocelli’s defection may have been the critical blow.

Florida Marching Band Agrees to Play the Inauguration; Trump Refuses to Pay Their Costs

That leaves two takers so far: 2010 ‘America’s Got Talent’ runner-up Jackie Evancho, and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  Actually, the Palmetto Ridge High School marching band has also been invited, but the Trump Inauguration is refusing to pay their costs.

Other, more controversial performers like Kanye West and Kid Rock have apparently not been asked.  Both are ardent, outspoken Trump supporters, but perhaps considered too ‘low brow’ for the stately Inaugural proceedings.

Enter a back-spinning Trump camp, who seem to be courting celebrities, then denying it.  But there’s a stark comparison emerging between the celebrity-packed Obama inaugurations, and the C-lister Trump event.  “Barack Obama wasn’t a celebrity when he first entered office, so he needed to surround himself with celebrities,” Barrack smacked during a recent CNBC interview.  “Trump is already a celebrity, so there’s no need to surround himself with other celebrities.”

Sounds like sour grapes all around.  “The celebrities need to decide,” Barrack admonished.

“Do you want to participate, and be relevant?  Or do you not want to participate, and be irrelevant?”


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  1. Rick Shaw

    Unfortunately, this is true. Anyone opposing Trump gets put on his shit list and he seeks revenge multiple times over. This type of childish behavior is not indicative of a leader, but a sociopath.

  2. Ann

    Who the heck cares. I think the inaugural ball should be the last thing we and the president should worry about!

    • Anonymous

      It would be great to also get special needs people who have wonderful talents!!!!! Military, children, special needs, everyday human beings, should be the staple of his inaugural day!!!!! This wouldn’t only be the most wonderful thing on earth, this would shut the elites, celebrities, liberal asswhipes, and media DOWN!!!!!!!!

      • ccs

        Trump is a special needs child. Special in the sense that he needs attention every five damn minutes.

  3. Derek

    Post info about Spotify, don’t show your political colors ^ with too many more posts like these. You may lose readers

  4. Trump Will Be Your President

    Most people support Trump but because it can be socially or economically dangerous to say so in public because anti-Trump people are emboldened to act out violently in belief of the ad hominem fallacy DNC fairy-tale that Trump is a bad guy.

    As Trump revives the economy, the mouthy liberals aren’t going to find any safe space anywhere and there will be no patience left for them. Cry while they still can.

    • VInnie

      No, in point of fact the majority of voters do not support Trump as evidenced by the fact that he lost the popular vote by nearly three million votes.

      • Trump Will Be Our President

        Popular vote concept is bogus and fraught with agenda:

        The popular vote is a bogus sophistic argument. The electoral vote protect region’s right to inclusion in their country, otherwise they would never have a say. If you relied on the popular vote, then elections would only ever, from now on be determined by the electorates in about 4 major cities where high population concentrations are.

        Often these large cities are bastions of sub and parallel cultures that certainly do not represent much other than themselves. The country would quickly degenerate to a socialist state for these parasite cities.

      • Anonymous

        Popular votes becau Of huge welfare states! Guess it might matter who is considered popular?

    • Anonymous

      They are still crying on September 27, 2017. This is What Happened!

  5. Donald Dump is not my President.

    Donald Dump is not my President and never will be.

    • Yeah yeah yeah

      I like your honesty, now prove and defend your integrity by moving to Somalia or Canada etc. because neither is America your country.

      • Unknown

        Celine I love u keep being ur own person ur. Still my angel …the show must go on…I. wish people stop saying stuff about u u were. Booked in Vegas …celine don’t listen to those who. Talk about u u know ur a great angel singer I love u dearly…

  6. Mark Bartlett

    Dear Hollywood celebrities, You exist for my entertainment. Some of you are great eye candy. Some of you can deliver a line with such conviction that you bring tears to my eyes. Some of you can scare the crap out of me. Others make me laugh. But you all have one thing in common, you only have a place in my world to entertain me. That’s it. You make your living pretending to be someone else. Playing dress up like a 6 year old. You live in a make believe world in front of a camera. And often when you are away from one too. Your entire existence depends on my patronage. I’ll crank the organ grinder; you dance. I don’t really care where you stand on issues. Honestly, your stance matters far less to me than that of my neighbor. You see, you aren’t real. I turn off my TV or shut down my computer and you cease to exist in my world. Once I am done with you, I can put you back in your little box until I want you to entertain me again. I don’t care that you don’t like Mr.Trump. But I bet you looked cute saying it. Get back into your bubble. I’ll let you know when I’m in the mood for something blue and shiny. And I’m also supposed to care that you will leave this great country if Trump becomes president? Ha. Please don’t forget to close the door behind you. We’d like to reserve your seat for someone who loves this country and really wants to be here. Make me laugh, or cry. Scare me. But realize that the only words of yours that matter are scripted. I might agree with some of you from time to time, but it doesn’t matter. In my world, you exist solely for my entertainment. So, shut your pie hole and dance.

    • Yer Mutha

      What’s it like being to intellectually stunted that you can’t come up with an original thought? You literally stole this, word-for-word from somebody else.

      Like Trump, you’re a fraud.

  7. Rackol Igret

    #NotMyPresident Trump should just get Kanye west and Kid Rock! They actually supported this idiot! Get the celebs you CAN get, not the ones you CANT!

  8. hank@nv.net

    “Let’s see how well Canadian passport works in 2017, Celine.”

    You just abandoned all credibility. Adios.

  9. Jane

    I didn’t vote for either Trump or Hilary. My vote went to another party. But like the Pope said, Can’t judge Trump so soon. All presidents past and present have BOTH good and bad qualities. In the end, Im sure Trump will have succeeded in some areas and not. NO President has left with perfection. Would you all rather have a foreign country run us? Time to move on and live.