Camila Cabello Slams Fifth Harmony for ‘Over-Sexualizing’ and Degrading Her

Camila Cabello, former Fifth Harmony member, Instagram (2016)
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Camila Cabello, former Fifth Harmony member, Instagram (2016)
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Camila Cabello, Instagram (2016)

Just days after Fifth Harmony inked a massive, multi-million contract without her, Camila Cabello is counter-attacking.  The singer, who ditched the group just before Christmas, says the group ‘over-sexualized’ her while placing her in uncomfortable situations.

Looks like Camila Cabello’s solo career won’t be the smooth take-off that she expected.  After an extremely contentious divorce with Fifth Harmony, Cabello has been slammed in the worst way imaginable.  That is, the blatant, in-your-face success of remaining Fifth Harmony members Ally Brooke, Normani Kordei, Dinah Jane and Lauren Jauregui.

Just this week, the remaining members collectively re-upped a major label contract deal with Sony Music Entertainment.  Hey, if you want to get back at your enemies, try success.  “The best revenge is massive success,” Frank Sinatra so famously declared.

Indeed, wisdom for the ages from one of the music industry’s greatest figures (RIP).  Perhaps right on cue, Cabello is swiping back with accusations that the group forced her into ‘compromising positions’.  “Unfortunately, sex sells,” Cabello blasted during an interview with Lena Dunham on Lenny.  “There’s definitely been times where there’s stuff that I have not been comfortable with.  I’ve had to put my foot down.”

“Especially with being a girl group, there’s been a lot of times where people have tried to sexualize us to just get more attention.”

Pornhub Offering Millions for Ex-Fifth Harmony Singer Camila Cabello

The response may also be a subtle retaliation against Pornhub, a company that offered the superstar millions after her abrupt Fifth Harmony break.  The singer never responded to that offer, though it’s unclear if nudity and pornography were part of the ‘package’.  In comments to Digital Music News, a Pornhub executive assured that the offer was serious, with a potentially massive payday attached.

Undoubtedly, Pornhub is a business making millions monthly and steadily expanding beyond traditional online porn.  Indeed, adult stars are crossing over, though Cabello likely judged the offer to be beneath her.

But is Fifth Harmony is to blame for the perceived snub?  “I feel like it’s been tricky because we’ve had to grow into ourselves while being in front of the world.  And all the while making songs that did have a lot of sexual undertones,” Cabello relayed.

Meanwhile, the pressure is on Camila Cabello.  After furiously burning the bridge with her former group, Fifth Harmony is bull-charing ahead with one of biggest deals of 2017.  And, gunning to outdistance and outdo their former partner.

More as this develops.

14 Responses

  1. Paul Resnikoff Exposed

    Guess what every one? Paul Resnikoff is making money off the Fifth Harmony deal on Sony! It says it right there he’s ONE OF THE OWNERS of Epic. Now he wants his revenge for breaking his little money train way to go buddy too bad we found the truth. So he’s meeting with Lauren and Ally behind everyone’s back to get them the deal then surprise he has all the info on it!? Paul Resnikoff is a two-faced asshole just trying to make money exploiting a good person.

  2. Esol Esek

    Another teenage victim of modern feminism. Poor little girl has made large early success and money doing nothing but selling her looks, and now, is all butt hurt that people want her to continue to sell her looks for a living. It’s all you have, hun. Your bandmates apparently have the musical talent, if you want to call it that. I’m sure there are songwriters behind this atrocity, and all the girls are merely models on stage.

    It’s good to see clueless delusion cross all ages and genders. This girl is set to ruin her entire life if she doesn’t wake up, but she’ll prob just meet some LA millionaire spawn with some money soon, get pregnant, and live off of someone’s trust the rest of her life (or until the cash dries up when she’s older), while bemoaning how unfair and sexist show business is the rest of her life. B O R I N G.

    • Dr. Common sense

      Have you been checking the charts as of late? Camilas song is currently on the top ten and has earned her first radio hit outside of 5h where as 5h’s last single barely made the top 100 in fact it fell off the top 100 after news broke out that Camila left so you tell me who has more talent and who’s more bankable. In fact Camila has charted higher than her group as of late. And if you look at the sales she’s still selling on the top five spot on iTunes and her streams do well. If you want to go by public perception the so called “talent” that 5h has has been atributed to Camila lol

      And since you’re about as educated as the dunce who wrote this article I have news to inform you with. Camila is currently worth more than her five band mates at the moment lol. So I dunno about you but as far as one of those LA millionaires you talk about I think she ranks a little higher than them if not just as high as them. It actually helps to look up facts before you post your nonsenses. It makes you look less like an imbecile.

      Take note Paul.

      • BLAKE

        Have you looked at the charts now? Since 5h’s new era they are doing 10x better than Camilla. Honestly they are better off without her and i like them better without her. Better music and better vocals now.

        • Brave Weirdo

          It’s 2019 now and Camila’s 3 songs are part of the top 40. Those 2 songs peaked at number 1. She’s been nominated for a grammy too. She won big in the recent VMA. So…

  3. Dr. Common sense

    lol you must think your readers are incredibly gullible Paul. Because you’ve been hyping up. 5h’s non existent multi million dollar deal for quite some time. Do you honestly think we’re this gullible Paul? We know that you’re one of the owners for epic so naturally you’re going to hype up some general run of the mill renewal deal and make it look and sound like some kind of deal of the century but anyone worth their salt can look basic renewal contracts and guess what it doesn’t state anything about multi million deals or multi album deals especially for a group that isn’t nearly as successful as you’re trying to make them out to be so nice try Paul but people are a lot smarter than you give them credit for.

    What success are you talking about resnikoff? For real I’m generally wondering what you’re talking about because 5h has yet to release a song or anything to show that they can achieve success without one of their most prominent members so what success could you possibly be referring to? Their music failed to impress last year their album didn’t sell and their tour wasn’t bringing in the revenue that epic was expecting so what success could you honestly be talking about? Singing a renewal contract is hardly success especially when they don’t have any real control over their music. Oh yes Paul. We know about the fact that 5h has no control over their creative direction. We’re not stupid.

    Paul, buddy? Little man? Success means that they’re doing well without her. Success means they can do just as well if not better without their member and so far 5h’s last song fell off the charts, their last album under performed and their record contract is still pending meaning that their negotiations are still on going. That generally means epic isn’t considering giving them anything big other than ownership of the name: and it’s not a huge contract or any kind of major directional change dude. It’s pretty much more of the same. Again we know this Paul you’re trying to show boat. We see right through you.

    Paul do you know what a renewal contract basically entails? I can tell you right now it’s not a major record deal or anything dealing with numbers in the millions. Unless you’re Adele, unless you’re a major cash cow like Michael Jackson or Justin Timberlake your average renewal contract isn’t in the millions. In fact it’s barely a six digit number for a group that under performed. Your million dollar contract ya are reserved for artists that can bring in the bucks for your major cash revenues. Concerts albums product placement, continuous single success. They had one maybe two hits. No record company that has basic business sense is going to give a multi million and multi album contract to 5h for the lackluster success they had last year.

    If anything Camila probably got a better deal than 5h considering that a solo artist is more manageable than a group. You really need to learn how to sell your nonsense articles because we spot buzz words and playing to ignorance a mile away. You’re a terrible liar Paul.

    And why are you the only one reporting that they got the biggest deals of 2017? We can actually look up what 5h got in their deal. Their product placement cash mainly goes to the record companies same with the revenue they bring in with their music. In fact if anything the deal benefits the record company more than it benefits them. Do you really think people can’t look up public information? You’re a very ignorant and foolish liar Paul. And for the love of god don’t make it so obvious that 5h is in your back pockets. We know you own share stocks with epic record and we know you’re in close ties with them. lol you’re so predictable

    Ps: Camila is currently the highest selling female on iTunes right now. Out do Camila? Nonsense lol

    • taylor

      CURRENTLY 5h is actually doing better without Camilla. This new era they are talking about is actually great! New music, new ideas and WAY better vocals without Camilla. They have control over their music now and look how they are doing! They killed it at the VMAs. Super proud of them and their new contract seems to be doing them good!

      • John

        Hey have you been watching 5th Harmony recently!? Are they still doing as great!? Camilla had a #1 smash hit single and album… and your girls of 5H are doing nothing

  4. SLoppy

    The music was better than I expected. It seems this group needs this singer. Letting her go is probably going to implode the whole project. Cowell is not too stupid to know this. He’s probably going to let the whole thing collapse. They better watch out. Users like Cowell do not care a whit about any of their projects. There’s always more around the corner. Cowell makes his money off of TV and advertising, NOT music.

    • taylor

      Lmao def disagreeing with this comment. Months later and we can obviously seeing that they are doing actually BETTER without “this singer” . #1 in 51 counties? Just killed their VMA performance! Her leaving the group was the best thing to happen for these girls and obviously Simon seen that himself. lmao

  5. Jack Frost

    Paul why are you the only site that’s over glorifying the mundane deal that 5h has gotten? I find it funny that you’re the one that’s over qualifying a simple renewal deal where as each other site out there is hyping up Camila as the album to check out in the future. I mean Rolling Stones, billboards official charts they’re all saying that Camila is the artist to watch for in 2017 they even have major radio stations preparing for her arrival so again I ask what’s up with the overhyping of 5h’s mundane deal? People aren’t stupid Paul.

  6. James

    I dunno what success you’re talking about Paul. 5h didn’t sign a multi million dollar deal as you stated. If anything they got less than what they got last year seeing as how their sophomore era was their be weakest.

    Also while we’re talking about major accomplishments let’s compare the two Camila recently has two hits outside of the group. Both of which has outsold 5h’s last two single simultaneously.

    Camilas album is considered the most one of the most anticipated by two major outlets she currently gained her first top radio hit and has an actual six figure contract which she has all to herbself as opposed to 5h who’s song fell from the top spot and has to split their earning four ways so I think Camila got the better deal.

    Ps: everyone is fully aware that you work for epic and you’re in their back pocket as a retainer. Which explains why you’re trying to over glorify 5h’s basic renewal contract. Most people worth their salt know what goes in a basic renewal contract.

    But nice try though Paul: you gotta work on lying to your readers and appealing to gullibility.

  7. John

    Hey Paul… I bet you feel pretty dumb a year and some change later.