Camila Cabello Rubs It In Fifth Harmony’s Face With a Brand-New Single

Camila Cabello During Her Fifth Harmony Days
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Camila Cabello During Her Fifth Harmony Days
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Image: Melissa Rose (CC by 2.0)

After ditching Fifth Harmony last year, Camila Cabello has just released her first single as a solo artist.

It was a brutal divorce, with Fifth Harmony getting feeling back-stabbed by a friend.  But hey, these things happen.  And Camila Cabello is releasing her first single as a solo artist.

Just this morning, Cabello released ‘Love Incredible,’ created with Norwegian producer Cashmere Cat.

The track actually leaked last week, with YouTube versions popping up.  A bunch of those were ripped down, only to be re-uploaded moments later.  Now, a version is being uploaded to Cabello’s official VEVO page.

Check it out.

The current VEVO version is also lower-quality, suggesting a rush release ahead of an official upload.  Either way, fans are already reacting to the new track with mostly positive feedback.

Pornhub Offering Millions for Ex-Fifth Harmony Singer Camila Cabello

At this stage, we’re unclear if “Love Incredible” is the first single of Cabello’s upcoming album.  Or, part of Cashmere Cat’s upcoming release, Wild Love.  The third possibility is that the single will appear on both releases (let’s see).

Cashmere Cat is a fast-rising pop producer, with previous collaborations involving Ariana Grande, Britney Spears, The Weeknd, Selena Gomez and Kanye West.  Now, Camila Cabello is part of his roster (and actually the smallest artist on that list).

And what about Fifth Harmony?

Meanwhile, Fifth Harmony is defiantly marching forward without Camila.  Earlier this month, the group inked a major deal with Epic Records, part of Sony Music Entertainment.  Still called Fifth Harmony, the group only has four remaining members: Ally Brooke, Normani Kordei, Dinah Jane and Lauren Jauregui.

+ Fifth Harmony Just Signed the Biggest Music Industry Deal of 2017 — Without Camila Cabello

That foursome now has a lot to prove in 2017.  But is the downsized 5H failing to launch?  This past weekend, the group canceled their performance at the NHL All-Star Game in Los Angeles, for reasons unknown.  The NHL was left scrambling, with Los Angeles Kings Ice Crew member Courtney Daniels jumping in at the last second.

More as this develops! 


6 Responses

  1. Hit and Miss

    To my ears.. the vocal melody is too awkward and discounted.. especially in the verse’s.

    Also, there are too many words/lyrics.. how can you easily singalong to a song with a huge bag of lyrics..

    The other thing is that the bridges after the chorus’s are uninteresting.. the song falls flat..

    The Intro in unnecessary and tedious

    Should go straight into the verse like what Calvin Harris hits do

    I know my critique is a bit picky.. but to me those things let the song down..

    Anyway.. all that aside.. it’s not bad.. not as good as what Max Martin could have done though..

    • Johnson glance

      Max Martin only had one hit you dumb ass. Despite what you and the Morons at epic think he’s not a super star when it comes to writing music .

  2. Hit and Miss

    If Fifth Harmony worked with Max Martin and got Max to write & produce a single for them it would knock the pants off this one..

    Please don’t let the group do a co-write.. it needs a midas touch to make the magic happen.. Let Max do the writing..

  3. How about this

    I didn’t realise Camila was Cuban, very beautiful/handsome people
    (Cubans and Colombians are naturally very nice looking)

    and she shares the same first name as Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall (spelt with two L’s rather than one)

    So that all works in favour of this release..

  4. JAM

    Camila doesn’t have a vevo page you idiot. Try again.

    Also her first single isn’t with cashmere cat it’s with diplo you idiot.

  5. James

    Hey Paul why is it that you never answer questions that you get concerning 5h’s alleged “biggest deal of the century” according to you? Anyone with any real insight to the music industry knows that simple renewal contracts for a third tier band like fifth harmony don’t get major record deals unless you can pull in the money via album sales.

    And you know this Paul. I know that you know this becuse you work for epic. We’re not stupid and we can look up your past work history. You’re a very stupid and ignorant person.

    Ps: bad things reached the number one spot on the radio. Sorry Paul. 5h can’t relate 😉