Chris Brown Refuses to Perform for Hundreds of Pissed-Off Fans

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LEX Nightclub in Reno, Nevada

It’s another ugly situation from a downward-spiraling Chris Brown.  In the end, hundreds of high-priced ticket holders were demanding refunds.

The self-destructive and drug-addled Chris Brown had another meltdown over the weekend.  This time, the ugly incident took place in Reno, Nevada, at a swanky, high-dollar nightclub.

In the end, hundreds of high-priced ticket holders were issued full refunds after Chris Brown refused to take the stage.

The situation surfaced at LEX Nightclub, a flashy joint that features multiple rooms, VIP tables, and even an indoor ‘adult pool’.  In total, LEX sports 25,000 square feet, and hosts a number of high-profile musical superstars, including T.I. and French Montana.

After grabbing the mic briefly, Brown decided against a proper show.  The crowd quickly turned against the singer, booing and even throwing a bottle at his head.

Take a look.

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Surprisingly, Chris Brown actually showed up for the gig, with Reno-based guests craning to get a look at the superstar.  But after a brief bout of singing, Brown went missing in action, leaving high-dollar attendees booing and smashing drinks in anger.

“We are giving all of our customers, at their request, a general admission refund for this past weekend.”

LEX blamed the entire thing on a misunderstanding, claiming that the singer technically wasn’t required to perform.  Grand Sierra Resort spokesman Mike Draper noted that the event was a celebrity ‘hosted night,’ which technically isn’t a show.

“We understand that there is still some people who do not understand what a hosted night means,” Draper relayed.  “Which is why we are giving all of our customers, at their request, a general admission refund for this past weekend.”

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As a further make-good, LEX offered free tickets to an upcoming French Montana show.  Montana is not only likely to play, he’ll probably put on a great show.

The situation in Reno followed an unexpected rebound in Las Vegas.  After a messy showdown with Drai’s Nightclub, Chris Brown has returned as a resident artist.  Brown blasted Drai’s employees as ‘racist’ back in July in an Instagram tirade.

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  1. Adam

    Stop covering this asshole. Watching an abusive prick fail is not really why your readers come to this site. Chris brown is pathetic.

    • NameSYS

      These sites need Chris Brown to get the clicks, see how many times they recycle the Rihanna incident?, I’m trying to say get over yourself, if you feel like you don’t want hear or read about Chris Brown do not open a link with his name on it, better yet stop Googling him..✌✌✌

    • Anonymous

      Yeah continue to believe that bullshit the media says. You ignorant prick

  2. Shit Boy

    Chris Brown’s personal life don’t have a damn thing to do with this night club incident. The establishment used Chris name to pack in a high dollar night while blurring the lines of what those patrons were or would not be paying for. They didn’t have no concert tickets in their hand ? Artist shouldn’t have to work for free to keep a fucked up fan happy ! That’s why publishers need to pay all artist a piece of OS & Middleware money and leave the concert–shows for the networks to connect with the fans. In other words the future of the music business need not be no more than a hologram and no artist is required to leave home. . .

  3. Anonymous

    According to the club: Chris Brown was hosting, and not appearing for a concert.
    Ticket holders were expecting a mini concert performance.

  4. music stowaway

    America is on the downward spiral..

    Bring back The Soul Train and Disco…

  5. F#$% your criticism

    This is bull shit. First off your late with this bs story. If you read the others you would know that he was a HOST not a performer. He was not supposed to perform therefore there was no damn performance
    It’s a nightclub not a concert