Disney Faces Heavy Pressure to Remove Chris Brown from ‘Black-ish’

Black-ish (Disney|ABC) to feature Chris Brown
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A family-friendly show on Disney/ABC that features a cameo by Chris Brown.  What could possibly go wrong?

Was this the best casting decision for a family-oriented show?

Last week, Disney | ABC Television Group revealed that Chris Brown would be making a cameo in ‘Black-ish,’ a decision that is now sparking heavy backlash.  The comedy focuses on a modern-day, upper-class African-American family in America.

The idea of incorporating Brown, a singer with a history of violence against women, isn’t exactly generating laughs.  Over the past few days, critics have been bitterly complaining about the role, which serves to validate Brown’s aggressive and violent past.

‘Domestic violence is not entertaining…’

Here’s just a small sampling of the negative backlash.


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Others are also joining in, including domestic violence groups.  That includes the National Domestic Violence Hotline, which has issued a statement against Disney’s casting of Brown.  Those protests are likely to intensify ahead of the airing, with Disney increasingly under pressure to nix the role.

Perfect timing.

Actually, this has the makings of a perfect public relations nightmare.  Brown’s role is slated to air on March 29th, just days away.  Ironically, that is the exact date that Brown is scheduled to appear in court over ongoing charges of threatening ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran.  On that date, a judge will review a restraining order renewal.

The coincidence spells a double-nightmare for Disney and ABC.  The entertainment conglomerate will undoubtedly be faced with headlines about both the court date and television appearance, all on the same day.

Karrueche Tran: Chris Brown Punched Me And Threatened To Kill Me

Tran, who dated Brown, alleges that Brown has aggressively stalked her and threatened violence against her.  That includes allegations death threats and violence, all of which prompted Tran to secure a restraining order.

Earlier episodes of violence against women include an alleged attack against Brazilian model in 2016.  Brown’s publicist denied those charges, though Brown is infamously guilty of brutally beating up Rihanna in 2009.  The singer later faced felony assault charges, and ruined Rihanna’s Grammy appearance.

But that’s not all.  The singer just survived a $1.5 million lawsuit from his ex-manager, who claimed the singer ambushed him into a violent attacking.

Chris Brown Refuses to Perform for Hundreds of Pissed-Off Fans

Pissed-off fans booed Chris Brown after he refused to perform at a club in Reno last week.  The club ultimately offered full refunds to attendees.

Brown will to play a rapper in the episode.

Disney/ABC has yet to respond to inquiries from Digital Music News. 

23 Responses

  1. KG

    I would honestly let it ride and say fuck those comments

    • Pam

      Ppl still commenting about Chris passed is stupid every one has a pass get a life instead of being on internet all day u don’t wanna see him on there then don’t watch it one monkey don’t stop the show stop bringing up old shitp

  2. Neli

    I honestly don’t know why the media is soo determine to destroy Chris Brown career he’s a human being that made mistakes but most of the extra information I know it’s a a lie but some how we take it as truth leave Chris alone if u don’t want him in the music or media cut the red string and let him go back to a normal life leave him alone. Only God will judge how dear media and viewers do this to one person what if he takes his life who will be blamed all of u lot. God is the judge he’s the one that will decide

    • Diamond

      You so right Neli on your comment the only person that could judge him is God himself and far I heard he loves his daughter and I hope he get his self together for his daughter sake.

    • Wisdom

      I think that Karrueche is a BIG FAT LIAR! REMEMBER SHE LIKE WOMEN NOT MEN!

  3. Alea

    Well eight or nine years ago Someone made a huge mistake and is still paying for it….what else do you want him to do??? To be put on trial for a death sentence??? Come on people. We have more serious issuses than to worrying about what someone has done when they were a teenager. I mean damn i feel bad for these people that are in the public eye or “celebrities” one mistake and your’re HITLER. NO PUN INTENDED!!!!?????

  4. Marie

    Emma Roberts, Tommy Lee, Nicolas Cage, Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson, Sean Penn
    Terrance Howard, Floyd Mayweather, Mike Tyson, Steven Sigal and a whole list of others and the only one the world wants to sentence to Hell is Chris Brown??? This young man stood in front of a judge and OWNED what he did… he never ran from his actions he owned it. Lets not forget this is also a young man who is diagnosed with issues… and while I agree he needs to get it together as he his turning 30 soon…. it kills me to see the hate for this young man yet we love and adore some of the very names listed above. Get over it people…

    • Annie davis

      I mean. Whybwas charlie sheen and the rest allowed yo be on t.v and on movies. I guess when you the wrong color that matter. how did Donnie trunk get to be President with his behavior. I guess that did not natter. Stop been pett. Why dont you try and get Donnie trunk out the white house with all of his bad behaviors toward many women’s.

    • Marva

      I agree.
      Leave him alone.
      Chris Brown is a great entertainer and he has paid for what ever he’s done.
      People please.
      With so much that is going on.
      People are starving and dying from cancer and other major issues why continue to punish this young man for past mistakes.

  5. Paul Resnikoff

    I definitely believe in second chances, and think that our society should foster reform in criminals. But I seriously question whether Chris Brown is truly reformed, esp. considering that he is scheduled to be in court the exact date this episode airs, for issues and allegations of intimidating, threatening, and possibly striking another (very beautiful) woman.

    • Melissa P

      A woman who waited until they had been separated for TWO YEARS before filing a restraining order…funny enough, right after Chris made it obvious he had another girlfriend. Her fame was dying and she had to do something to stay in the spotlight, right?

  6. Ashley

    Everybody makes mistakes….Celebrity or not still human. Innocent until proven guilty….Why keep putting him on trial for a crime he already received punishment for? Yes there are things that need to be worked on and ppl in that corner that should be cut loose….but we all have to learn and grow! He is not the only person in the world who have made mistakes….we all do!!!! I’m not saying K is lying or not but in my opinion I would avoid contact with a person I don’t want no dealings with….like blocking off social media & all….I saw where before the restraining order was established….she was liking his posts as well as he was liking hers…..that’s giving hope…..by even entertaining someone you don’t want….Especially if the person still have feelings for you….that making like he has a chance…..Facebook has a blocking button to use if you don’t want to be bothered…it’s hard to lose feelings for someone you love but in this case it’s time for him to let it go….cuz it could be very damaging! This is the time for him to work on himself! I like them both!

  7. Stephanie

    I don’t think Chris goes around asking to be on anyone’s show. So get over it I’m sure he hasn’t known or thought about it!

    • Shantana T Lewis

      Exactly !! I love how people want to interfere in someone’s career.. it’s a job. Let him work. His personal has nothing to do with this role. if that’s the case, half of y’all dads brothers, cousins need to also be fired for their sins in their personal lives… Get over it .

  8. Melissa P

    Get your facts straight before publishing this crap. Chris Brown was not set to perform at that club, he was HOSTING only. The club offered refunds DESPITE Chris Brown doing an excellent job as a HOST because people mistakenly thought he’d be performing. And Chris Brown is one of the hardest working performers out there. Let this shit die. Way to keep reminding the world of his mistakes. If Rihanna moved on, why can’t the media? Get new material, this is beyond played out.

  9. True

    I will not watch this show anymore if they drop Chris Brown. Thank God no one judged me for my past. I Thank GOD !

  10. Julie

    Blackish is one of the most racist shows on tv, it’s like politically correct racism. There’s nothing but “white bashing” based story lines. I get that there’s not a lot of Americans of diversity shows on tv, but out of all the Caucasian castes sitcoms none openly verbalized racial dialog. They would be pulled of air and receive mass amounts of backlash. So why is it ok for the Blackish show to be racist against Caucasians in thier dialog?

  11. Kris

    Well hell i hope he don’t cancel his tour or the opening night (March 31) which I have tickets for!

  12. Jo

    I’m am so tired of the media. This is what’s wrong with society now, they want to cast stones, but hide their own issues. No, I don’t condone abuse of any kind, but how long are y’all going to beat this dead ass horse? If they give into this foolishness, they are no better than those judgemental fools. Hell, even murders get second chances #teambreezy

  13. Ajia

    I agree with all of you. It brings me to tears that people can’t let things go. The media always does this, bashing a hard working entertainer and have nothing but horrible things to say about them, but, the moment they pass they want to pay homage. Chris Brown is one of the best entertainers of my generation and I’m going to continue listening to his music, watching his videos, and buying his music. Yes, he has made mistakes. Let this man live and make his money, so he can support his child and himself. This society is full of judgmental pricks and I’m sick of it. Thank God, God is not like man.

  14. Wisdom


  15. Phum

    I love how everybody is supporting Chris. I hate judgemental people. We all have a past. Chris is human and needs help not all this negativity. Chris’s talent is out of this world- at least I know they can’t take that away from him.