Kodak Black Is Officially Out of Jail (But There’s a Catch)

Kodak Black early Monday morning (June 5th)
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Kodak Black early Monday morning (June 5th)
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Kodak Black early Monday morning (June 5th) (Instagram)

Last week, we reported that Kodak Black was just days away from being released from prison.  Now, he’s officially out (with some serious strings attached).

Kodak Black was officially released from Broward County jail this morning — though the judge put some serious strings on his release.  Initially, the rapper was sentenced to a full year of prison starting in May for violating his parole.  That sentence was shortened to about 30 days, thanks to the successful completion of a ‘life skills’ training program designed to get inmates back into society.

Now, Black is back on the outside.  But a Broward County judge ruled that rapper needed to complete a full year of strict house arrest.  Any outside activities will be closely monitored, including work-related shows and studio sessions.

Any more violations, and Kodak Black is back in the pen.

The release happened shortly after 8:30 am this (Monday) morning, according to local officials.  The rapper — real name Dieuson Octave — quickly posted video of his Rolls Royce chauffeured ride from the joint.

Now, the question is whether Octave can keep it clean.  As a result of multiple problems with the law, the 19 year-old Kodak Black has experienced serious setbacks.  That includes a canceled slot on Future’s Nobody’s Safe tour (he was replaced by A$ap Ferg).

Then again, legal issues oftentimes boost rapper careers.  Case in point: Kodak Black’s debut release remains strong.  The album, Painting Pictures, has been a top-charting release, with ‘Tunnel Vision’ leading the charge.  In fact, ‘Tunnel Vision’ keeps growing in popularity.

That said, Black’s touring career is basically nonexistent.  For starters, the rapper can’t leave the house without permission for a full year.  Though Black isn’t necessarily paying those rules any mind.

The Broward County Sheriff’s Office confirmed Kodak Black’s release this morning.


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      No it’s not you are just fake for saying that and if you go on Utube you will see the video of him on live out of jail so yea