Rap Monster Solo Announcement Could Shock BTS ARMYs

BTS' Rap Monster
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Are BTS ARMYs in for an extremely rude awakening?  As Rap Monster considers another solo venture with rapper Wale, the threat of an abrupt split is only increasing.

‘Something is coming…’

BTS’ fame has never been higher.  And ARMYs are multiplying worldwide.  But is Rap Monster secretly plotting an eventual solo split?

That’s becoming an increasingly important question, especially as the rapper keeps testing the waters on a lucrative solo career.  Just recently, Rap Monster (real name Kim Nam-joon) joined forces with DC-based rapper on a collaboration that failed to ignite.  Indeed, the collaboration track, ‘Change,’ was extremely underwhelming alongside BTG mega-smashes like ‘Not Today’.  And after results like that, it would only spell career suicide for Rap Monster to strike out on his own.

But maybe it’s time to try again.  And a recent Twitter exchange strongly suggests that the pair are going to try another collaboration.

In fact, it looks like Rap Monster is aggressively making this a reality.

Just this week, Rap Monster performed a part of ‘Change’ during Naver’s V Live.  That was furiously forwarded to Wale by ARMYs.  But according to Wale, the BTS rapper is also picking out beats for the second song.  “He sent me beats too,” Wale confessed in response to an ARMY retweet of Nam-joon’s rendition.

“Something is coming.”

Here’s the exchange that led to the revelation that a second song is in the works.

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The next song will undoubtedly be stacked against BTS mega-hits to compare the results.  All of which raises the question: what if Rap Monster scores a mega-hit on his own, and outshines previous BTS results?

That’s a very real possibility, especially given that a billion-plus YouTube smasher is always arriving.  Just ask PSY, Shakira, Wiz Khalifa, Justin Bieber, or Pitbull about that.  And after that happens, Rap Monster will face extreme pressure to ‘strike the iron while it’s hot,’ and take millions of dollars off the table — alone.

Of course, most ARMYs deny the possibility, especially as the group appears happily united on ‘Bon Voyage’.  Then again, it’s often the most dedicated fans that get punished the worst — just ask any old school ‘N Sync loyalist about Justin Timberlake.  Or, sit down with a One Direction fan and ask them about Zayn Malik or Harry Styles.  All of them thought it was forever, too.

And perhaps most tellingly, Rap Monster’s solo work doesn’t involve any of the other Bangtan.  All of which would make a clean split even easier if a mega-hit emerges.


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  1. Paul read this

    unlike self centered American popstars K-pop artists can balance both solo and group activities. Before change rapmonster already collaborated with many otherKorean artists, not only him but even other bts members has solo activities.He even released a complete album.

    Anyway for the moment let’s consider that he has a solo hit. If that is enough to make someone leave a group then why didnt G dragon leave Big Bang since he had far more successful career than rapmonster

    Anyway why the fuck don’t you write an article about about exo since exo members had far more solo projects than bts which were actually successful . Cmon you are a K-pop writer, don’t be so biased.

    I know rapmonster leaving bts is not impossible but with so less evidences stop spreading lies.Do you have any idea that online defamation is a crime in S. korea

    • Dimli

      Unlike American pop stars…? You dumb shit American pop stars created collaborated efforts in the mainstream. “Rap Monster”, looks nothing like the name needs Wale for some credibility. I’m sorry but no K-pop star is gonna have any kind of respect in the hip-hop industry, just won’t happen so get over yourself. You dumb shits should bow down to Paul because he is the only credible source writing about these K pop faggot boys…

      • Lala

        If you dont like kpop its totally fine.i respect your opinion but kpop doesnt need western validation. Lets be honest bts or rapmonster doesnt need respect from a bunch of people who only make songs on drugs,money, gangs, bitches …except jcole, kendrick there are very few rappers who make meaningful songs.I know its very easy to judge rapmonster actually writes songs on things that matter(you can check out the translations of some of their non title tracks).i know you are some redneck or trump supporter but plz educate yourself on the fact that there exists a world outside usa

        • just sayin

          So true…you took the words right out of my mouth. One of the reasons i love BTS so much is that their songs actually have REAL meaning. Even when i was much younger, i used to wonder why the only thing popular artists sang about was love, money, fame, and drugs, but BTS is different.

        • Ri

          A lot of rms lyrics do include stuff about money and girls… no hate tho I’m an army, just don’t be so biased

          • hoseoksjawline

            Yeah but almost all songs in the West are about it. But I’m not saying everyone in the West only make songs on that.

      • Joie

        you face in the mirror and u see the real ass-looking faggot!

      • Dear Dimli

        I cannot believe that I just found a Paul fan! I’ve always wanted to see how many nasty old men Paul could draw into an article that has nothing to do with their own interests. Here’s the deal, if your not interested in what the topic of an article contains, you should subsequently not look into the article. Now, I know how much you adorable little haters like to look into things that don’t actually interest you. But, for the love of all things, you could try to be less pessimistic. Calling Paul ” The only credible source writing about these Kpop f*ggot boys” is a bit childish, don’t you think?

      • Anouska

        you clearly dont have a soul. I respect your opinion about kpop but you have no right whatsoever to say that.

      • Sun Bear

        I just think you should know this
        Just because you don’t listen to other pop music doesn’t mean it isn’t high in the music industry
        Just because you don’t listen to Bach’s prelude from suite 1 doesn’t man it’s not an incredibly famous song.
        Not only that but most American artists need auto tune to even sound good and a lot of them only became famous because of their looks. Kpop artists train for years and they actually work hard and you can tell they love their job not just for the money and fame. Last but not least just because a lot of kpop groups have mainly one gender doesn’t mean they are “faggots” if that is the case then if you have several guy friends(which I doubt you have any friends) then YOU in fact are a”faggot” why? Simply because you are friends with another guy. Obviously. Not shut up and stop insulting BTS and all of the hard people who work at their job for years instead of just having other people do the work for them. (Basically kpop artists who work hard vs almost/all American artists)

      • Really...

        Typical…why am I not surprised by the discrimination in your response? Ridiculously immature. Most of these Korean men are well mannered, educated, hard working, respectful and manly then some of your western idols.
        Grow up!

      • yuki

        just stop talking…….you are making fool of yourself…dumb shit..

      • anon

        your the only faggot here, if you dont like it then you dont have to like it, he doesn’t know you but you know him .–. you have absolutely NO business here

      • Anonymous

        what the fuck is wrong with you? they ALREADY have a lot of respect in western music. YOU are the faggot. they won the Gammy awards, for god’s sake! they don’t even NEED western approval anymore

    • Kaily Edmund

      Rap monster please don’t leave. Its not BTS without you

      • a respectable human

        this article is whole bag of lies….don’t come to this author’s article,they are completely fake in every aspect

    • Minerva

      I totally agree with you! *Preach ??*
      RapMon would never leave BTS. K-Pop artists are very different from the mainstream American artists.And G-Dragon’s example totally explains how differently things work in K-Pop & American industry. So Paul better not compare any K-Pop artists with the American artists. I believe with all my heart & soul that RapMon would handle his solo as well as group ventures rather than leaving BTS.

    • KEEP IT UP!

      Chill ya’ll! If you are new here then lemme inform you something hilarious. This dude here is always running out of ideas and talent, so he targets popular kpop bands with a huge fanbase to get some clicks. Hope he pays his rent this month by putting BTS’ name in his articles. I am pretty sure he’d be willing to sell the girls in his family for some clicks. Yesss, he is thaaat desperate
      Keep it up Paully!

    • Tf bitch

      Bitch bitch bitch go away never come back again we don’t need you here so just go away with your salty ass and never return Kay bye hun❤

  2. bishmeeta

    Rap mon is a creative, smart and hard working person. Please let him to do his things. And we all know that if his solo is hit it’ll never affect BTS.
    All I could think is you must be an anti-fan trying to mess with us. You know we are Army, and have a huge force, don’t trynaa mess okay :/

  3. Please.... STOP SIR

    Paul Reskinoff…. can u please fuck off? can you please just take a seat… Take a break.. Get as far away from the internet as possible… Because you literally have nothing better to do than hate on 7 young korean boys in their twenties… FUCK OFF.. Bitter old man I feel bad for you that this is what you do in your life this is your hobby. GET A LIFE SIR smh I’ve had it with your disrespectful and even racist posts seeing them on the internet

  4. yerigrams

    Once, G-Dragon won Artist of The Year at MAMA as solo, but guess what? He’s still with Big Bang! Korean artists are not Western artists. They can perfectly balance out their solo projects with their group projects. Other than that G-Dragon example, here’s a few more that shows that they can go solo while being in the group: SNSD. Taeyeon has so many solo songs, but she ain’t ever leaving SNSD. YoonA, and maybe others too idk, has a solo career as an actor. And what about SUGA and J-Hope of BTS, Rapmon’s very own group? SUGA has an entire mixtape(so does Rapmon), J-Hope has his solo track 1 verse. None of them are leaving.

    Anyone remember that one prank Bang PD-nim and BTS pulled on Rap Monster at this one show? Bang PD asked him, “Bangtan or solo?” With NO HESITATION WHATSOEVER, Rap Monster replied, “Bangtan.” Rap Monster loves BTS more than anything. BTS is his everything. BTS will be in shambles if he leaves and he knows that very well. If he leaves, who will lead BTS? Who will answer and translate for them at English interviews? Who will be the biggest connection between BTS and international ARMYs? Namjoon, with his 148+ IQ, knows that. He is not stupid. BTS needs him. If he was out of BTS, heck, if any member of BTS was out of BTS, then it would not be BTS. It would not be Bangtan Sonyeondan.

    Stop. You are spreading false information. Is it your mission to make BTS look bad? You’re failing quite hard then, if so. Big Hit has the ability to take legal action on you, you know? For defamation! One time a clinic said that Angelababy looked unnatural and that she has had plastic surgery, and Angelababy SUED the clinic! This is the same, except worse! You aren’t just saying they look unnatural, you’re saying that they’re plastic surgery ADDICTS! You’re saying that they will CHANGE THEIR NAME. That there is going to be a member LEAVING. You deserve to be sued.

  5. paul keeps trying to insult bts because his website's a failure and he has nothing better to do

    members of kpop groups release solo stuff on the side all the time while still being active members of their group, and you’d know that if you were an actual journalist. RM’s already done a solo mixtape, and so has suga, and j-hope has one in the works. you’re a full grown man, now act like it and stop trying to stir shit up with boy band fans on the internet.

  6. Really?

    BTS wasn’t kidding when they said they want to be the next Shinhwa (longest running kpop group who is going to keep going forever). Members are allowed to have solo activities, there’s nothing wrong with that, but at the end of the day they know they are still part of BTS. They have been raised in a collectivist culture and know the true importance of team above self. You can’t compare them to western artists who are part of individualistic cultures that value self over others.

    Just like everyone else has said, KPop idols have proven again and again they can go solo and still remain active in their groups. ALL FIVE members of BigBang have solo careers in music, acting, fashion, and business but they still make music together. Many members of SNSD have solo albums or acting careers but they still remain in the group. Taemin and Jonghyun of Shinee are currently doing solo tours and Shinee is still going to release an album later this year with all five members. EXO’s members have solo music and acting careers and they’re getting ready for their new album right now. Shinhwa, the legendary longest running KPop group, still makes music every year or so even though they all live their own lives now. Idols know how to divide their time and are willing to put in the effort to focus on both group and solo activities. And BTS is not going to be the one to break that trend.

  7. Seriously?

    don’t compare eastern and western groups. I am myself a 1-direction fan. Let’s be honest most of the hardcore 1d fans were not shocked about Zayn. If you see his interviews and body language it was obvious.same goes for fifth harmony. Any person with a brain can predict Camila was going to leave.
    Same goes for other groups.
    In K-pop groups having solo activities is not news and it is very less likely that rapmonster will leave bts because they are at the peak of their career. Stop making him look like a fame and fortune obsessed moron. You don’t know him personally do you? If you are a journalist you write down facts not your own delusions. Like someone already said rapmonster leaving bts is not impossible but you can make the same assumption about so many other K-pop singers like exo, Big Bang, SNSD, block b but you won’t write an article about them because you have this hatred for bts without any valid reason.

  8. Ica

    Collabs by kpop artists happen so frequently. Sit down and look it up. This guy Paul Resnikoff is making noise and dispute out of nothing. Your articles always seem so one-sided and twisted. Can’t believe this guy’s content is still being published.
    P.S. “Reunited” on Bon Voyage?? BV was filmed months ago, way before it was hinted that RM & Wale might have another collab. Quit it with your falsifications jeez

  9. name

    guys stop leaving comments(ik it’s ironic) you are generating more money for him. Stop wasting your time on this irrelevant “journalist ”
    Who needs bts and armys because no one else gives a shit to this gossip site . No matter how much you explain you cant change his opinion.He doesn’t know anything about K-pop neither does he care about it. He is basically using armies For his clickbait articles.

    I have heard that he has been paid to do so by antis or most probably SM(everyone knows how messed up that company is).
    PS Paul if you are reading this then i want you to know that your other non K-pop articles are actually good and informative for indie singers like me. I don’t understand why on one hand you release such dumb bts related articles while your other business related articles are so good that it’s hard to believe that it has been written by the same person.

  10. Rubberneck

    I don’t understand why you cover this garbage can music. Korea should be embarassed they generate this trash. They are international jokes because of this horrid gutter music.

    • OMGlol

      Gutter can music? Well our apologies that they don’t make songs about drugs,drinking,sleeping with 100 women at the same time , which you whites find so tasteful, . Anyway i hope you sometime learn how to respect other cultures anyway it’s not your fault though everyone knows you pop are the epitome disrespect and narcissism.

    • Rubberneck?

      First of all who uses the name “Rubberneck”? Secondly Koreashouldnt be ashamed of the music they make because it’s still music. Just like how Hip Hop artists and Country artists are proud of their music KPop artists should be as well. Are you really that biased to say that they should be ashamed of doing what they love? They make music just like any other musician! It’s just in Korean! And KPop Stars are International Idols! When they debute their literally called Idols, and lost of people look up to them because of the hardships they call everyday life. If anything other musicians should aspire to be like them. Each KPop star trains in acting, singing, dancing, maybe rapping, and a second language (such as Japanese) for a minimum of 4 years or until their company thinks their ready to debute. Some even start training as kids and balance training for hours and schooling. And if you didn’t know Korea has the most rigorous (and successful) education system in the world. It’s so rigorous that a good portion of kids suicides are caused by the pressures of school. Theres also a study that an average highschool student in Korea spends 18 hours studying and they only get 5 hours of sleep. Imagine balancing that and training to be an idol as young as a child? Even when they debute according to J-Hope of BTS their schedules are very packed. Most days their in the training studio learning new choreography, and that’s difficult to be synchronized which 7 to 12 other dudes or females. Yes there is a 13 member Boy group called Seventeen. Seventeen also is called the self producing idol group, because everything from the beats, lyrics, and choreo is made by themselves. So yes KPop is not horrid. In fact you are.

  11. doytoy96

    I was going to ignore this but how is it that every article on BTS by this Paul dude is completely based on his own speculation without any actual source and how this site allows him to publish false information just based on his own “feeling”?
    Isn’t the fact that he’s the only one talking about Rap Monster on the verge of getting a solo career whereas every other article on BTS for the past few days is about their unity n how successful they are together enough to show that Paul is one bored human being who doesn’t have actual facts but wants to create attention on his articles by defaming BTS for his own entertainment purposes. How about you switch over to collecting actual facts and writing articles based on the truth for once. Try it, you might not get that many haters then.

  12. You

    You are full of shit. While you write bullshit BTS is out there making a name for themselves and getting more love, you’re the opposite. You look so petty it’s sad.

  13. Paul Resnikoff

    Everyone, thanks for your comments on this. Yes, I agree that it’s entirely possible that Rap Monster will juggle both his solo and group responsibilities with BTS. But if I’m Jimin or Jungkook or V, I’d definitely be thinking through a back-up plan here. Dangle enough money in front for Rap Monster’s face, and he’s going to start de-prioritizing BTS.

    Just imagine the Honda Centre show in LA. You think Rap Monster is going to give up millions from a promoter just to keep the group together? That’s not how this works. $ wins.

    • anon

      But you’re not jimin, jungkook or v, and while you may know how the american music industry works, you have no clue about how the Korean industry works. So many k-artists go solo, such as g-dragon, taeyeon of girls generation, and even suga of bts released a solo mixtape last year, and of course they still stay a member of their groups. Why are you so desperate for namjoon to go solo? In fact what about BTS gets you so upset? because you really seem to have a problem with this group, so much that you’re writing false defamation against the members. For a music news site, you can do better than create fake news.

      • Paul Resnikoff

        The music industry is global now. It’s not Korean, American, or Mexican, or Canadian. Katy Perry started in the US, so did Taylor Swift. But trust me, those artists always wanted to be big, GLOBAL acts.

        Think Rap Monster is any different?

        • Anonymous

          What other artists do is irrelevant. One of the endless reasons why we love BTS so much is because they are not like ANY other artist out there. Rap Monster is NOT going solo. As many people have pointed out not only on this article but on many of your previous articles, BTS have talked countless times even in their most recent interviews about how much they love each other and how much they love their fans and how much they love working together. They have said countless times that they want to be together as a group for as long as they possibly can and they talk about how much they love what they do and love doing it together as a TEAM. Because that’s what they are. They are a TEAM. They are a FAMILY. Seriously enough is enough. Stop with these ridiculous rumors.

        • anon

          Well done on avoiding the question about why you try to slander bts so much! Why do you?
          And yes I do think namjoon is different, he even chose to stay with bts when he was given the choice to go solo. Leave him alone.

        • Are you bipolar??

          you sir are an idiot, in a previous article, you said Rapmon/Wale collab was a failure and that Rapmon failed trying to go solo and that he’s nothing without BTS, now you are saying with another Wale collab he could become a global sensation and leave BTS. Are you perhaps bipolar?? you might need psychological help, this is what happens when you write made-up crap instead of sticking to facts. This obsession you have with BTS/Rapmon in particular is really kinda unhealthy you should seek professional help

        • Really Paul?


    • Anonymous

      “Dangle enough money in front of Rap Monster’s face and he’s going to start de-prioritizing BTS” WOW. Ok that is shallow and insulting. Despite whatever your twisted views are on money or fame, believe it or not, not EVERYONE is like that. Even in the entertainment industry. BTS don’t do what they do for the money. They do it because MUSIC IS THEIR PASSION. They do it because making music is what they LOVE. And if you knew ANTHING at all about BTS or bothered to do even the slightest bit of research you would know that. If you knew how unbelievably hard they have worked and if you knew what they have been through not only individually but together as a group to be where they are now you wouldn’t be saying ridiculous things like this and you wouldn’t believe for even a second that any of them would be so easily swayed. They are the most humble people out there and they would never abandon or taint their dream, their passion, or taint what they love doing in favor of money.

    • Anonymous

      FUCKING KILL YOURSELF you talentless little shit.

    • really

      seriously? are you really that shallow? Does it really bring you happiness to rant on other people and on topics that are sensitive because of other people’s immaturity? Rap Monster is loyal to his group, to his fans, and no one deserves these kinds of rants

    • Paul Beware You can Get Sued

      Paul I’d try not to write any more or at all, because what your doing now can in fact get you sued by Big hit Entertainment . And if we were to somehow make other Armies aware of your comment on V,Jimin,and Jungkook you’d experience hell. The people that have them as their biases or have them on their bias listwould rip you apart. There’s also the fact that those three, the Maknae, line are actually the most popular. There is no way that Rapmonster would stop prioritizing BTS because he was what BTS was made out of. He shaped the Hip Hop influenced idol group into what they were. He was the original member that started it all. Hell BTS is his first priority as their leader, as their hyung, as their “dad”, as their friend, and as their family. After years of training together and supporting them he won’t just leave them hanging for money. In fact money isn’t what he wanted when he became an idol. He didn’t want to be a successful man in a desk job. He wanted to follow his dreams and leave the underground scene to become recognized for his efforts and talent by becoming an idol. You are really underestimating Rapmonster, Jimin, Jungkook, and V. Those boys were raised in Korea not America so of course their ideals and morals are different, so you can’t compare them to Western Artists who left their groups. V would’ve became a farmer if he didn’t become an idol. Jungkook was actually really shy when he first started training. And majority of the group were from different and rural regions of Korea. However these facts does not make them prone to greed. Because of their differences these boys had to work together and bond as a team and as a family to actually make it. And they made it because they worked hard together and supported each other. The members call each other their family because that’s what they are. A family. It’s only to be expected. They live together, train together, laugh together, cry together, support each other, and teach each other. None of them are selfish like you think Paul,and because your slandering their name to such a degree you can be sued if Big Hit and BTS were to be deeply offended by your article and comments.

  14. KimoraK

    O this sad excuse of a journalist is at it again…..!!!! He just cannot sell his work without the “BTS” in his article, just cannot get anyone to read his articles which doesn’t have to do with BTS, so he comes here once in a while, riding on BTS success and popularity to get his career going.

    • Yeontan Sonyeondan

      And he’s still doing it now, ugh ? hope Bighit sues him

  15. Gtfo

    Stop spreading fake news please, it’s just annoying.

  16. that one army

    Tell me this. If Rap Monster is currently part of one of the world’s most popular and successful bands, why would he want to go solo? BTS needs Namjoon as much as Namjoon needs BTS.

    If your’e going to use BTS’s fame to get publicity, at least make the news accurate.

  17. wat is this paul guy smoking

    this is the most ridiculous article ive ever read kajJJjwjskajskwkalnsjs hey paul give me the number of ur dealer so i can get some too jajsjwjsjs this is some hardcore trip

  18. TRIgGerRed

    Why is this among the top search hits for BTS news?? This isn’t even freaking news. Keep your conspiracy theories to the MV’s, please. ?


    This Paul fucker ain’t korean
    He ain’t no statistician
    He doesn’t speak korean
    He doesn’t know the korean spirit of faith
    If you knew bts at all, you would know that Koreans aren’t about money
    They’re about happiness
    It’s been said many times in Korean mixtapes: “Does money always mean success? NO”
    RM is not looking for money, he has a better heart than Money-loving bitches like you paul
    So I pray that you lose your job, you’re life right now is one big sin

  20. ifkfjfj

    uh hell nah rap monster aint like yall selfish white ass ufjfjfj paul step the fuck down rap monster has a contract and he had been promoted to almost have solo by his own before and he declined bc he wanna stay with bts :—-) get a life, stop getting all jealous of bts with high profits here byEEeeEeee

  21. ifkfjfj

    ” extremely rude awakening ” sorry to suprise you lil b, but we all chillin here with love and support for RM so no need to worry about us and write better articles because your page is a flop

  22. hey paul

    what you been gettin high for? you good? but nive thinkin tho i know putting bts on your headlines gives you lots money lololol

  23. Ariana Z.

    He knows how to spread false rumors haha. Its so wrong that its almost funny, how can a person be so hollow in the head and think that is true. Do you really have no own life or why do you try to make others life bad? Is your life that boring??Then you should look for a proper employment which has no contact with humans, because you only harm them, it would be even better then we would have to bear this stupidity no more.
    So that were enough tips I hope you take this to heart and disappear as soon as possible before you even harm them more with your stupidity but first you should visit a doctor or smt like that bc you could have a personality problem . 🙂

    It’s sad because there will probably be people who will believe this nonsense.
    Ah and sorry normaly I don’t reply to shit like that but I think we have to tell you this bc I don’t think you know what you did wrong.


    again another bullshit from a stupidest most annoying deep shit creature that ever exist in the history of the universe! why don’t you get a coin and try to swallow it you dumb ass! get a life you son of a bitch!

  25. h

    i swear to fucking god, paul, you absolute shithead, you’re just trying to shit nonexistent shit up. what kind of crap is this “article”?

  26. Lezlie

    When BTS wasn’t successful and they were failing. BigHit asked whether RapMonster wanted to go solo. He said no, he believed in BTS and truly wanted to stay. He will not leave BTS, because he is the core of BTS. He keeps everyone together. Plus the leader never leaves.

  27. with best wishes (?)

    Mr Resnikoff, every time I read your articles I wonder if you’re trying to troll people or you’re writing this seriously, because your articles doesn’t make any sense. Even normal, completely innocent situations/things you’re trying to put through your filter of mockery and make them look unbelievably stupid. Also, I ponder what did RM do to you to deserve treatment like this? Don’t you think it’s a little too much? Every time you write article about him (or in articles about BTS) you try to ridicule him as much as you can. In those situations you only show how biased and narrow-minded person you are, and it’s not good for someone whose words are read by thousands of people. I wish you could change your ways and seek audience by telling true and not by writing unfair comments.
    PS Sorry if there are any mistakes, I’m still working on my English.

  28. Jameson Lake

    Honestly, it’s just another article by the same wash-up journalist (do we even call him that anymore?) and once again, the comments are longer than the article itself, I suspect. His attempts are one-sided, just chill.

  29. Citizen

    I don’t think that this is a legitimate article.
    I’ve seen this headline over and over and the publication date keeps changing for the past few months. This is not serious news – this is someone just keeping on re-posting in the hope of getting traffic, and it’s working, but it really is sad.
    It makes me question whether this site is legitimate or using any type of ethical guidelines at all.
    The only reason that I’m visiting now (and hopefully the only time) is to leave this comment. You are all being faked out that this is an actual genuine news posting….it isn’t. The date that it is posted as “fresh” news keeps changing.

  30. Sam

    Before writing an article you should look deeper into the person your writing about aka RapMonster before BTS debut the company owner Bang Shin hyuk PDNim asked him whether he choose BTS or a solo career and without hesitating he chose BTS, so why would he leave them now when in the past he could have done it and didn’t. He could have done well if he went solo since is he’s a reallh good rapper so having a tasge of success now doing a song by himself with someone else I don’t think it would even bring him that though of leaving BTS knowing the kind of person he is; Plus having a solo career and being in a group is something that is usual in the Kpop industry it doesn’t change anything so comparing it with American artist wasn’t that intelligent.

  31. This fucker named Paul

    How many times do we need to tell you? Rap monster has always remained loyal to bts, if he wanted to go solo so badly, why didn’t he as soon as their fame began to rise? Even in the hidden camera prank where Bang PD nim asked him if he wanted to stay in the group or go solo, he answered to staying in the group without hesitation. Other artists do it all the time, why single bts out? Oh wait, I forgot you were an anti. Fucker.

  32. Paul is a d!ck

    FIRE THIS FRAUD CALLED PAUL. Stop spreading stupid rumours about BTS. He is not a credible writer and he is a shame to all journalists. Fire Paul!

  33. Voldemort

    dear paul,
    stop westernizing eastern culture. RM is more successful than you’ll ever be.
    this could get you sued by BigHit Ent. Writing false information made up in a minute with no planning whatsoever, is how people catch lies. Don’t be a disappointment, make your mother proud instead of hating on Korean men. Either stop being racist or stop writing, or better yet, both. If you want attention you do realize you can write POSITIVE articles about BTS. But, alas, it is far too late. Just write about western culture, and leave Asia alone.

    Though knowing you’ll most likely never read this, please stop writing false information. This website should be taken down and you should get sued -in my opinion, of course but nobody cares about my opinion-, but Paul, for Satan’s sake just quit it. It’s immature, get attention another way. Let BTS live their lives peacefully.

  34. Paul reshkindshaff

    Is it bad that I only read paul’s articles so that I can enjoy him receiving endless hate in the comments? But he is stupid so there

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    Just fuck off, bro. Stop writing these stupid articles and do something useful with your miserable life. Everyone knows everything you write is fake anyway. I pity your mother for giving birth to such a pathetic coward.

  36. Verify Your Humanity Paul

    OK, first of all, WHAT??
    Rap Mon will not leave. He chose BTS over a solo career. He loves BTS more than anything; I doubt he will actually leave. And he’s already produced other songs by himself; just because he produces SOME solo songs doesn’t mean he’ll actually go solo.
    Suga had a great mixtape as well; do you see him leaving? I think we can all agree that BTS won’t disband for a long, long time – in the N.O era, they even thought about disbanding, but ONLY BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T HAVE ENOUGH MONEY to continue, not because they hated each other or something. But they fought on anyways for their dreams.
    I’m just here to say your article is a piece of shit, and posting lies about people won’t do you any good. ARMY will always be here to protect BTS, and BTS will do the same for ARMY.

  37. Pissed.

    What is so wrong with your life that you go and spread lies to ruin the young lives of others?

  38. Fucker

    Honestly you sound fucking stupid…..your articles make zero sense lmao
    Are you jealous that RM and the rest of BTS will be more successful than you’ll ever be


    Is it just me or should Paul just not cover BTS or Kpop in general it seems like he really hates BTS(especially RM since he doesn’t really mention much about the other members) like I know he’s into rap but come on he likes future and lil uzi vert. They have nothing compared to BTS he’s just mad that Korean rappers are better than American rappers. American rappers now can’t even rhyme half the time and it sounds off unlike Korean rappers who sound a lot more smooth! Just because your ex left you because they loved BTS more than you doesn’t mean you should bash them. I also don’t understand why it has to only be about RM since Suga and J-Hope had singles themselves and just like them RM got the whole world quaking. Why only attack RM? Is that the only member you’ve done research on? If so that’s so unprofessional. Especially since you only tag RM in all your BTS articles