Talk Show Host Calls BTS ‘An LGBT Group’ That Should ‘Work At A Gay Club’

A host of a Mexican show is receiving a lot of backlash for calling BTS gay during the airing of “Farandula 40.”

Korean Pop music — aka K-Pop — is definitely becoming a popular genre in the scene everywhere, even in North America.

And one of the most popular K-Pop groups to have emerged is BTS, who debuted in 2013 with their single, “No More Dream.” They’ve performed and won Top Social Artist Award at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards and won Best Korean Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards.

The seven-member group recently attended the 2018 Billboard Music Award and won the Top Social Artist Award.  And while some artists were praised for their outfits, not everyone was happy with BTS’ choice of style.

Talk show host Horacio Villalobos made fun of the group’s attire when they received their award at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards.

“It doesn’t matter if they wear Gucci clothes. This collection is a fail,” said Villalobos. “They look like an LGBT group.”

The host continued, “They are all men? They look like they would work at a gay club.”

The roast also included a dish on the group’s “skinny bodies and bad hairstyles,” not to mention Rap Monster’s multi-colored Bahamas-style shirt.

According to the hosts, the mismatching made the Bangtan Boys look like “an LBGT group lost in Cancun”.

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Of course this didn’t sit well the BTS fans, who gave the host a lot of hate.

Villalobos took to Facebook on Monday to apologize to those he offended, including the fans.

“We never intended to offend fans of BTS or anyone in our fashion section of ‘Farandula 40.’ If we did, we offer you a sincere apology,” wrote Villalobos.

Despite the host’s apology, the fans were not accepting and many were still furious by his comments.

“I watched that video and they did more than just call them gay they really went in on BTS as if they had personally wronged them it was so weird to witness. After everything they said its hard to believe the apology is genuine,” tweeted one fan.

Of course, Villalobos was using ‘gay’ and ‘LGBT’ as derogatory insults, one wrapped in a fashionista roasting.  Strange stuff, but hate nonetheless — and something BTS will undoubtedly encounter again as their global popularity increases.


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  1. white guy

    Or the lesson could be that bottom dwelling shill “digital news” site is so far from mainstream relevance that its editors do not comprehend the concept of homophobic slurs

  2. miniongies

    this is not the first time a case like this happens. I would like to have the host know that if he wants attention then he got it.

  3. PiratesWinLOL

    will anyone make the claim that they don’t look gay? seriously. look at them.

    • Tumbler

      Your post makes you sound judgemental. “Seriously”, read what you wrote – and no,I’m neither gay or a teenaged girl but I do like good music and talented people who make intelligent music -no matter their religion, persuasion or what “they look like”.

      I wonder what you see when YOU “look” at Maroon 5.

    • Antinet

      They don’t look gay to me. They look like a stupid girly boy band manipulating preteen idiot females. They also sound like that. The fact that millions of people take them seriously says a lot about global taste in music currently.

      • Grace

        “girly boy band” based on what? your undereducated fashion sense? you really don’t know anything about high end fashion and i wouldn’t expect you to based on the amount of stupidity in your comment. if they just manipulate preteen idiot females how do you explain the charts they’ve topped, and the ratings they’ve gotten from professional music critics? don’t judge a book by its cover, it may be YOU who has a horrible taste in music at the moment.

      • Jane Klara

        Well, this so-called stupid girly boyband was praised by many top artists in the music industry ( like Backstreet Boys, Shawn Mendes,Charlie Puth and so on) and many celebrities admired them recognizing their talents when they could have totally ignored them.So they could manipulate people beyond entertaining idiotic females. Lol. Just charming pre-teens won’t win them awards and bring so many chart toppings right away.

  4. x

    it’s not the fans who are the problem here, rather please refrain from making jokes about sexuality based on stereotypes and appearances. that’s just low and uncalled for, especially during pride month.

  5. How Can One 'Look' Gay?

    How do you ‘look’ gay? I mean gay people look just like any other person…

  6. Cami

    Honestly making cracks at BTS is childish. They are a very talented good looking group of boys. They look perfectly fine. Looks really don’t matter anyway.

  7. Ilyana

    Whether BTS members are gay or not is irrelevant. His xenophobic comments disparage an entire community of diverse individuals and do not reflect well on the network or his supporters. Addionally, this host does not have the class, expertise, or “visual” to go in on Bts like that. If he wants to go there he should 1) start by upgrading his appearance to look less like a knockoff 1950’s Plastic Ken doll that was left outside and run over by a car 2. Educate himself on both fashion and global trends ( Bts’ audience is worldwide, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, of wide socio-economic backgrounds and most of all the group and the majority of the fan are accepting and not judgemental. Horacio Villalobos should most of all grow up and use the platform he has for something other than knocking people. It would be so much more attractive.

    • Excito

      You need to grow up and get the wax out of your ears. BTS make horrible music, period.

      • Just be joyful

        He/she can like any type of music. Get outta here if you’re trying to downgrade a group that’s doing their best to please and entertain their fans with their music. Since you are not an army you don’t know what their music means to us and how hardworking they are. Stop spreading negativity and let people love what they want. You could’ve just said that it’s not your type of music instead of saying they make horrible music.

      • j

        your comment says a lot about the shit you listen to everyday. your ears must be seriously damaged if you can’t even recognize good music anymore.

      • Adi

        Oh really??? Are you a kind of a music professional to judge their music? If you find their music horrible it’s a problem with your taste not with other’s ears. You should grow up in the first place. Even their music is horrible to you many professionals in the industry find it awesome. Lol.

      • john

        i mean, music is a subjective topic so saying its “horrible” as if it were a fact is pretty stupid

  8. Baluba

    I don’t care whether they look gay or not. What they look like is little girly bitches who can’t make music worth a listen. They suck balls musically, if not literally. Gay really has nothing to do with it. Judas Priest’s singer was gay, and their music was great. BTS could all be heteros, and their music still stinks. Also, latin men are the last ones to ask about homophobia. Of course, they are all macho idiots. That said, Latin music at its core is far better than anything BTS will ever generate.

    • smh

      and where is your judgement coming from? an unprofessional wanker who’s probably hiding behind a computer screen all day jealous of people who’ll accomplish far greater things than you’ll ever do in your entire life. stop being jealous and get your uneducated head out of your rear end.

  9. Anonymous

    I don’t get why people like dragging others down to their level. If you don’t like the way they dress, it’s non of ya business. If you think their music is disgusting, just stop listening to them, no need to spread your shitty negativity.

  10. Anon

    Really angers me to see shit like this. Can’t believe some comments here are saying a person can look “gay.” How the fuck can you look gay? Just because someone looks more feminine and younger than your crusty ass doesn’t mean that they’re gay. And the fact that people are using the word “gay” as an insult in 2018 is actually disgusting. So get the fuck off your high horse and look in the mirror while comparing yourself to BTS. By this you’ll truely see how ugly you are on the inside and out.


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