Live Nation Abruptly Cancels Iggy Azalea’s Bad Girls Tour — So What Happened?

Did a string of poor ticket sales force Live Nation to cancel Iggy Azalea’s tour?

Two months ago, Live Nation confirmed that Nicki Minaj had postponed the North American leg of her NICKIHNDRXX tour.

According to the concert promoter, the singer decided to “reevaluate elements of production” of the tour.  She apparently needed more time to rehearse — or something like that.

Rumors quickly spread that Minaj had actually canceled the North American tour because of poor ticket sales.  A Live Nation source told Page Six that tickets sales “were not just in the toilet, they were totally down the drain.”

The leaked news wasn’t all that surprising.  Following a poor rollout of Ticketmaster’s Verified Fan program, Taylor Swift’s 2018 tour was dubbed “a total disaster.”  Desperate to fill seats, Ticketmaster sold tickets to Beyoncé and Jay Z’s tour in Italy for just 6 euros (Ticketmaster last stated that the prices were a mistaken ‘test’).  Demand in London also seemed mixed – at best.

Now, another major artist has canceled her tour.

Say farewell to The Bad Girl.

Live Nation has canceled Iggy Azalea’s Bad Girls Tour “due to unforeseen circumstances.”  This marks the Australian rapper’s second tour cancelation in three years.

Per Variety, Azalea would’ve kicked off her 21-city tour on October 27th in Hollywood.  Yet, “all of the 21 dates except four – Minneapolis, St. Louis, Salt Lake City, and Hollywood, Calif. – had been marked canceled.”  In addition, “a four-date tour of those cities does not seem likely.”

Confirming the abrupt cancelation, Azalea expressed her profound disappointment on Twitter.

Believe me — i was really excited for this tour … and im genuinely disappointed it cant happen this year – The choice was out of my hands and not my call to make.  I hope i will get to see you all in person one day.  I love you.

Earlier this week, CupcakKe, a female rapper from Chicago, hinted that missing payments caused by sluggish sales may have forced the cancelation.  She had said a “change of plans” forced her to drop out of the Bad Girls tour at the last moment.

I went from getting paid 330k on this tour to 30k…

She also stated that Iggy Azalea didn’t cancel the tour.

THIS WAS NOT IGGY THAT CHANGED PLANS… It was the ones that put it together… Iggy knows I love her… I just need that bag IN FULL that’s all.

Live Nation didn’t explain the reason for the cancelation.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Iggy Azalea’s The Bad Girls Tour has been cancelled.  Refunds are available at point of purchase.


Featured image by Laura Murray (CC by 2.0).

8 Responses

  1. just not dumb

    so this is just me going out on a limb here but maybe it was cancelled because nobody gives a shit about talentless Iggy Azalea anymore? I think when it came out that she was just a racist Australian who cannot even write her own raps and basically just twerks while doing black face (in vocal form)?

    Could that have something to do with it? Or did TI’s act that was contrived from some marketing focus group screw up something else?

  2. Randy Nichols

    Why is this site so desperate to be a mouthpiece for ticket scalpers? Are they paying you to shill for them? I don’t know anything about the Iggy tour but Taylor and Jay Z / Beyonce were quite successful. You let the head lobbyist for the ticket scalper association write an op-ed not labeled as such which called their tours failures. Now you keep repeating that inaccurate info. The only reason he wrote that piece is because they were scared because tours were a success, just look at the numbers to see how massive the tours were. The scalpers are terrified of dynamic pricing and verified fan, please stop repeating lies from the scalping lobbyists. This was a respectable site and its shocking to see you spread lies that hurt the industry and fans.

    • Anonymous

      What you are saying is not true. Digital Music News is telling the truth. It is old news that Taylor Swift, Beyonce and Jay-Z shows aren’t sold out. I knew about this months before today. So, stop spreading lies

  3. Anonymous

    This is so dumb, per usual from DMN. You have no idea what you are talking about and fabricate stories for clicks. I liked it better when head scalper Gary Adler was writing because Paul was too tired to work

    Taylor Swift’s tour was “a disaster” and yet it won Tour of the Year last night at the AMAs and will go down as the highest grossing female solo tour of all time. It will also be the highest grossing U.S. tour in 2018 and the second highest grossing world tour behind Ed Sheeran.

  4. Blobbo

    THis is what happens when you overmanufacture bullshit performers who ARE NOT musicians who write their own material, and noone on the receiving end gives a shit.

    The powers that be like IHATE RADIO and Live Nation and these other industry parasitic worms have promoted garbage to the top of the pile, and then they wonder why people stop buying after 18 months. Of course, they can’t push any young political bands or rappers that young people can relate to, because that would require risk-taking Big Brother doesn’t want to have to answer for. The whole system is totally bankrupt in terms of what talent it develops. Find a genius songwriter who isn’t some 50-yr-old Swedish hack like Max Martin, help them form a real band playing real instruments, and you might get a band that creates music and tours people will pay to be a part of.

  5. Anonymous

    Ed Sheeran is the worst pop shlockmeister since NSTYNC, and actually a magnitude of degrees worse than even Beyonce.

    Taylor Swift was moderately talented when she stuck to her genre, then the powers that be decided she had to compete in the diva category, and completely diluted her entire public identity. The supposedly innovative rollout of the Scandal concept was not anything new, but it was slightly effective, except that it wasn’t backed up by any real hits, which she isn’t writing because she’s been focussing on other nonsense like being a mass media diva.

    None of these worthless monopolies know how to properly cultivate artists any longer. They know how to run tours, but they are so afraid of anything with real threatening edge, that all they put out is material so boring no one can retain or cares about any of it. You can’t an entire industry on teeny bopper phenomenons. That crap goes stale when people grow into young adulthood. The modern industry is run by total morons.