Weird Al Drops Michael Jackson Parody Songs After ‘Leaving Neverland’ Documentary

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Photo Credit: slgckgc / CC by 3.0

Weird Al Yankovic is in the middle of his 2019 North American tour — with a very noticeable setlist alteration.

The “Strings Attached” tour features a full symphony orchestra and no Michael Jackson-inspired songs.

Yankovic rose to fame through parody songs “Eat It” and “Fat,” but after Leaving Neverland aired, these spoofs are missing from the tour setlist.  Yankovic explained in a recent interview that he’s trying to be respectful by not performing the songs.

Right now, he has no idea if the decision to remove the parodies will be permanent, but felt it was the most respectful thing to do.

“I felt I had enough fan favorites in the show that I could get away with it.  I haven’t gotten a lot of pushback. There have been some people who have expressed disappointment, but we decided to err on the side of not offending people.”

Leaving Neverland aired on HBO earlier this year, revealing a stunning story of alleged child sexual abuse. The four-hour account of sexual abuse from Wade Robson and James Safechuck provoked a massive lawsuit from the Jackson Estate.

Prior to the documentary’s release, the Estate tried to get the film banned.  Afterward, the Estate sued HBO for breach of contract and called the film ‘propaganda’.

Regardless, much of Hollywood is now pulling back from any affiliation with Jackson.  Quincy Jones, who produced many of Jackson’s most iconic hits, dropped Jackson entirely from his recent tour.  The producers of The Simpsons decided to stop airing a 1991 episode featuring Jackson.  Even Drake removed covers of Michael Jackson songs from his tour setlist.

Yankovic kicked off his 2019 tour in Clearwater, FL and will be touring throughout the summer. Yankovic’s last show was in Atlanta before moving on to Ohio and the rest of the Midwest.

Weird Al Yankovic – Upcoming Strings Attached Tour Dates

  • 07/02 – Ft. Wayne, IN – Foellinger Theatre
  • 07/03 – Kettering, OH – Fraze Pavilion
  • 07/05 – Rochester Hills, MI – Meadow Brook Amphitheatre
  • 07/06 – Cleveland, OH – KeyBank State Theatre at Playhouse Square
  • 07/07 – Pittsburgh, PA – Benedum Center for the Performing Arts
  • 07/08 – Toronto, Ontario – Budweiser Stage
  • 07/11 – Syracuse, NY – Landmark Theatre
  • 07/12 – Philadelphia, PA – Metropolitan Opera House
  • 07/13 – Cary, NC – Koka Booth Amphitheatre
  • 07/14 – Charlotte, NC – Charlotte Metro Credit Union Amphitheatre

The “Strings Attached” tour has dates through September. For more tour dates, check out Weird Al’s website.

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  1. Anthony

    This for the wierd Al story he’s and non factor when it comes to legit performance no one cares about him and his fake stealing shows Michael Jackson is authentic and extraordinary and will always be loved for his unbelievable global talents and philanthropy humanity and charity concert

    • Travis

      Where do you get stealing from in your grammatically atrocious comment? Weird Al has every permission he legally needs when he records a song, he doesnt steal anything. Yes MJ will be remembered for his contributions to music, but lets not whitewash over his possible molesting ways. Shamon!

      • Anonymous

        Micheal Jackson is a molester? Where’s the evidence??? Oh wait, you dont have any. Smh

        • MJ fans are sick in the head

          It was already proven by MJ himself was a child molester. Paying off boys trumps your stupidity.

      • Anonymous

        Michael Jackson is a molester? Where’s the evidence? Smh

        • MJ was a pedo and fraud

          It was shoved up your rear a million times by now. You have deliberately ignored it. What a pedophile you are.

  2. Michael Jackson = Dirty Pedo

    The evidence is in thousands of pages of court filings.

    • Anonymous

      How? With what evidence? FBI spent 13 years trying to prove that mj was a pedophile and didn’t find any and was acquitted of all charges. That meant he’s innocent. But y’all idolized the he’ll out of elvis when he was literally a culture vulture at best and he was a pedo. His wife was 14 dude! THAT you can’t deny. Let the man rest in peace.

      • No the FBI did not investigate MJ for a second!

        For the love of Christ.. You ly’n ass lunatic. The FBI did not investigate MJ for 5 secs. Your junk was debunked you lazy ass wanker. Why don’t you let him RIP ever? Stupid hypocrite. MJ was a pedophile and you are a deranged. Sod off troll.

  3. Lini

    Weird Al who ???
    Seems like everyone including non entities such as Weird Al want to jump on to the MJ gravy train so that they get one week of news time on mainstream media … doesn’t matter if it means invoking MJ in a negative way and building on lies. Any news about MJ sells. What a genius the thankless (especially America) world got in the form of Michael Joseph Jackson- they just can’t seem to get enough of him more than a decade since his passing . WOW!

    • MJ was a pedo and fraud

      What a retard you sound like. MJ was a pedophile and is being erased from the world. Your lies about the media show how weak you are filthy foreigner. Charles Thomson is that you? UK fraud and liar. Sounds like it.