Black Music Coalition Issues List of Demands for British Companies: ‘We Expect That These Long Overdue Steps Will Be Implemented’

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London, England. Photo Credit: Artur Tumasjan

A number of black music executives have formed the Black Music Coalition and dispatched a firmly worded letter containing progress-minded demands for UK companies to implement.

The Black Music Coalition addressed the open letter to “chairmen, CEOs, presidents, and music industry leaders,” and it appears that the message was accordingly sent to a variety of companies and organizations.

After recounting recent tragedies involving African Americans, including the death of George Floyd, the letter shifted its focus to black individuals around the world and, specifically, in the United Kingdom:

“For far too long, the global Black community has faced racial injustice, inequality, and disenfranchisement across all aspects of society and here in the UK, is no different… Simply put, the UK is not innocent.”

The piece then explored the effects of the COVID-19 crisis – as well as the disease’s statistically more pronounced impact on black UK males than white UK males – before summarizing the letter’s chief purpose.

“The music industry has long profited from the rich and varied culture of Black people for many generations, but overall, we feel it has failed to acknowledge the structural and systematic racism affecting the very same Black community and so effectively, enjoying the rhythm and ignoring the blues,” stated the document.

In terms of desired “immediate calls to action” for the letter’s recipients, the Black Music Coalition mentioned “mandatory anti-racism/unconscious bias training” for all non-black staff members and “complimentary counseling” for black employees, as well as an annual earmark to support UK-based charities that specifically aid the black community.

Additionally, the piece requested “career development” programs for black persons, the elimination of the term “urban” from within companies (the Recording Academy and Republic Records have already made the change), and a “dedicated internal task force” to review diversity and inclusion measures while spearheading new programs.

“We expect that these long overdue steps will be implemented in a comprehensive manner,” the letter said at its close.

32 individuals – Universal Music Group’s Alex Boateng and Warner Music’s Joe Kentish among them – attached their names to the letter.

At the time of this writing, UK companies were in the process of crafting responses to the message; it’s unclear whether a stateside counterpart will be published in the near future.

14 Responses

  1. Geronimo

    Using the death of a criminal who liked pointing guns at women for pecuniary gain. This “outrage” is phony and being used to get free stuff and riot.

    • Reality

      You’re very uninformed. Before the death of Floyd, there were injustices against black people. There have been riots previously. Come out from under your rock. Read a book. Learn before you comment ignorantly. What’s happening is called protesting. The rioting you refer to is different and perpetrated by others who either want to stir up trouble or use this as an opportunity to loot.

      • Geronimo

        If blacks sincerely wanted to improve their lives, they would preach:

        Marriage and good parenting
        Lawful behavior

        Instead, it is the decades-old game: blame whites for black shortcomings then riot, loot, and gangbang.

        I am sick of this phony BS. I may be alone, but I am right and if you were intellectually honest, you would admit it. Instead, America is full of pious virtue signaling and pandering so they can feel good about themselves.

        • Charlie Sanders

          If you stand behind these sentiments, why are you hiding behind anonymity. State your name.

          Charlie Sanders

          • Anonymous

            “State your name”

            Nah your a vengeful race. Bad for the karma and life expectancy. You don’t tell a Nazi your a jew after all.

        • Reality

          And, again, you prove that you’re very uninformed.

          A. The rioting, looting, etc. was done by outside groups from the protesting.

          B. Your focus on a small segment of “preaching” such as the music industry that promotes a culture unbecoming of people who respect their own group (banging, bling, bitches and hoes).

          C. You completely miss the point, and neglect to even mention, that black people are successful in any manner. You have no stats on this, but what percentage of black people are employed, educated, married, good parents, lawful, etc.?

          Yeah, you don’t know, but you would rather frame your comment in a way that pushes your agenda and narrative. Another fail on your part.

      • Anonymous

        And after his death and this all I’m hoping is there will be even MORE INJUSTICES becuase your just taking advantage like always.

  2. Vail, CO

    It’s much more connected than you might think. Many celebrities have condoned the rioting and looting or become apologists for it; claiming it’s all justified (see Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Chance the Rapper, Colin Kaepernick, the list goes on and one, not to mention many white protesters who claim it is the acceptable result of racism and frustration and we should tolerate it). The editor at the Philadelphia Inquirer who wrote ‘Buildings Matter, Too’ as article title was fired for even suggesting that looting and destruction of historic buildings and irreplaceable architecture was a travesty.

    • Kerry

      Nobody is condoning rioting and looting. They are promoting the protesting. Two very different things.

      You’ve got your information mixed up. The editor situation was not about looting, but about missing the compassion for the social situation that protesters were messaging against (human rights and equality) by comparing it to physical things being damaged.

  3. Geronimo

    I do not give a damn what a bunch of racist, white-hating BLM pukes demand. I never hated a black person in my life, but these pukes want to destroy me and my culture, and the war is on.

    Fuck all of you BLM morons. How about ALL LIVES MATTER? Isn’t that what this fucking country was about?

    • Polly

      You’re an idiot. You prove it over and over with your ignorant comments. You can’t help it. That’s just who you are. Read a book and learn something. You need to be educated. Now go back under you bridge, you troll.

      • Anonymous

        And you can’t help that you need the carnage to get ahead and stay ahead. Just like your music and just like floyd who’s toasting with the others now.

        He can breath but only smoke lol

        • Al Jolson

          copy/paste from you, then you lol your own comment. Troll.