Joe Rogan Says Black Lives Matter Protesters Are Fighting ‘Invisible Enemy’

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Days after facing social media backlash over a nine-year-old Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) conversation with comedian Joey “Coco” Diaz, Joe Rogan is grappling with additional activist outrage, stemming this time from comments about Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters.

The longtime UFC broadcaster offered his opinion of BLM protesters’ objectives during a recent Joe Rogan Experience sitdown with former Evergreen State College biology professor Bret Weinstein.

Weinstein and Rogan covered an array of contemporary issues and topics – the COVID-19 pandemic, protests stemming from the death of George Floyd, police reform, and the “Defund the Police” movement among them – during the more than three-hour-long conversation.

The dialogue that drew the ire of social-media activists arrived at about the 20-minute mark of the podcast episode.

Both Rogan and Weinstein acknowledged the frustration of protestors and their personal desire for change in law enforcement. However, Rogan proceeded to question the long-term objectives of those participating in Black Lives Matter protests.

“But you [the protesters] feel very passionate about what you’re saying,” said Rogan. “And I think if you pulled one of those kids aside and said, ‘What’s your message and what’re you trying to do?’

“I think a lot of them would have nothing to say. And that’s very concerning to me. I’m very concerned about that because it seems like they’re very enthusiastic and passionate about an invisible enemy. An enemy that they can’t put on a scale, they can’t tangibly describe it in a way that I understand it completely.

“It just seems like the structure of things they feel like is unjust,” finished Rogan.

Responding to the statement, Weinstein stated: “It is unfortunately a zombified collective fighting a boogeyman that they have invented, which again doesn’t mean that their frustration is not about something real that requires a solution.”

While some Twitter users emphasized their stance on Rogan’s message in the broader context of discussions about protests, a substantial number of others voiced clear-cut disapproval with his words.

“Looking forward to his show being off YouTube so his alt-right bulls—t spreads less easily,” wrote one aggravated individual.

“The ignorance from Rogan is astounding,” vented a different person.

At the time of this writing, Joe Rogan hadn’t responded to the most recent complaints levied against him on social media. The 52-year-old inked a $100 million podcast deal with Spotify last month, and the Joe Rogan Experience will arrive on the platform in September.

25 Responses

  1. Fuck BLM

    Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization. Those scums should be killed.

    • Eleanor Majeski (my real name)

      Not true, actually, but you consistent make false claims under different anonymous names, because…that’s just what you do. It would be interesting to know who you really are. I bet you’re a scared little boy who was either abused or bullied and this is your big man way of striking back. If that’s not it, then you are the bully. Either way, you’re a loser and I doubt you have love in your life. Sorry and pity for you.

      • Eleanor Sodomiozer

        Eleanor sounds like you are speaking about your own childhood and have a lot of experience with being abuse 🙁

        • Eleanor

          Being abuse? Learn to either type or use correct English. Sorry you can’t handle the truth. Your comments reflect your ignorance regularly. That’s probably why you hide behind multiple screen names.

    • Anonymous

      I’m black myself and I can tell they do not actually care about black lives because if they did They would be talking about how black criminals kill more black people than bad cops.


    • BAC

      BLM is a terrorist organization started by lies. That’s why they should be called Black LIES Matter.

      Trayvon Martin = violent criminal
      Michael Brown = violent criminal

      BLM lied about Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown and what really went down.

      Everybody I know was upset at the deaths of Eric Garner and George Floyd. They might have been more petty criminals but they sure didn’t deserve to die as they weren’t being violent.

      BLM acts like the police only treat black people this way. Go out on the internet and you can find an endless supply of videos of police killing, beating, hotboxing, and tasering all sorts of white people who were complying.

      When the police do that to white people, the white people in a community don’t go out and loot stores and burn property down. They don’t hurt and shoot “white people” on purpose. They don’t cause destruction and vandalism.

      Most BLM rioters and vandals aren’t even black, even in black areas. I’ve seen the videos. They’re most Commie Whites. A white chick burned down that Wendy’s in Atlanta. White people burning cop cars. White people looting Legos from the Target in Minneapolis.

      Go to some very liberal town and see who has all those Black Lives Matters signs in their yards and windows: WHITE LIBERALS

      Malcolm X said some very pointed things about white liberals. his speeches about them are all over the internet. He’s right. Malcolm X wanted black people to solve their problems without running to Whitey or thinking the government was going to solve all their problems. The local government created the police department that killed those people. You can’t just demand that it be defunded. If you want peace, work for justice.

      All these BLM people want government to solve all their alleged problems, which ARE mostly in their minds. They’re going around tearing down statues of people who helped free the slaves or did what they could at the time back in the day. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

    • Steve sick of blm crap

      True. Everyday we see new videos of the uncivilized blm acting like animals. They are out of control and soon society will rise up and crush the racist blm movement. They can get away with this crap in 3rd world countries but its not going to last much longer here. People are getting sick of their uncivilized animistic crap. And there’s only one way to crush this ghetto trash crap called blm.

  2. Bradley

    To the author and the editor of this website,

    Who does this article even serve by being written? Stop policing the behavior of public figures who have mild criticisms about BLM. It’s not helping anyone. If you want to support the BLM movement there are a dozen more productive ways that you can use your platform to do so. This article exists to stoke outrage and in doing so muddies the already volatile public discourse.

    I know y’all have bills to pay over at DMN, and need to write SOMETHING, but how about having a sense of civic responsibility? The least you can do is to NOT contribute to our current climate of ugly, unproductive public discourse that scares people away from voicing an opinion for fear of being shouted down by people on every side of the issue. Let’s not make a hard moment in our nation an even harder one.

  3. Anonymous

    Dylan ending with “The 52-year-old inked a $100 million podcast deal with Spotify last month, and the Joe Rogan Experience will arrive on the platform in September“ really shows your intentions of the article. I have no problem reading your articles about music. But in the last month or so the only articles not about music are about Joe Rogan. Personally Rogan isn’t my cup of tea but I thought this was a music news website. Not just a news website.

  4. restless94110

    Rogan is “grappling” with “activist outrage?” Why grapple with stupid ignorant totalitarian fools? Don’t grapple with these devils from the bowels of Hell. Just ignore them.

  5. Big B

    Dude… You are actually doing the BLM movement a huge disservice. You have to learn to take a ding every now and then. Stop being so fragile. BLM doesn’t need lobbed soft balls easily swatted away by the opposition, the real substance of BLM’s core is the ACTUAL injustices people of color face on the daily. Your rhetoric is exhausting and it actually stands in the way of real progress, because people will read this article, point to it and say “Look at these fragile BLM people, they’re fucking complaining about nonsense, this movement is joke.” and just like that the movement is brushed aside labeled as just a bunch of “cancel culture cry bullies”. Articles like this are the perfect ammo for “All lives matter” people to prop up their straw man arguments, stop adding fuel to that fire…

    • Amy

      Big B , a 3-year-old was among the 100 or so people killed in Chicago last weekend. Where’s the outrage?

      • Jerry

        Just because you can’t see outrage where you want it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

  6. First and last time I am reading from this site

    Joe isn’t alt right at all. Why are you writing this BS? You’re not helping to the BLM cause, nor society by blaming someone giving a mild opinion and sharing his thoughts. He is not a politician or a civil rights leader, so what he is saying isn’t important.

  7. Shaun Crash

    Joe Rogan expresses his views and could not care less what anyone else thinks. That’s why he has 10 million daily listeners to his podcast. Ya cant cancel a man that never pretended to be anything other then himself.

  8. JM

    BLM cannot adequately respond to any number of simple, pretty straightforward criticisms that easily disprove the premise of their protests, property destruction, etc. So they seek to destroy (cancel) anyone who utters them. One is that the biggest threat to black lives are black people, by a giant order of magnitude. The statistics prove it. If you say that out loud, you get fired, cancelled, whatever, but the data shows it’s obviously true. I could go on.

  9. Mel Harvey

    As with all causes, you have the people who know exactly what they’re fighting and why, and you have the bandwagoners. It really is astonishing to see just how many people don’t really know what they’re angry about. Just to reference another “alt-right” personality (though neither one is alt-right), look how many people raged against Jordan Peterson because of what they perceived were his views on transgenders. In fact, what they accused him of was entirely false. But hey, why let facts get in the way of a good protest, right?

    • Kirk

      And the same thing goes for those people who are upset with ‘leftists’ for supposedly killing the economy, when in fact they were recognizing that more and more people were getting sick and dying because simple, common sense rules weren’t being followed.

      • Stuck in New York

        Yea right, leftist sending COVID positive patients back to nursing homes that is common sense.

  10. Ross

    The main perpetrators of violence in America are Black, urban males. The most racist people are Blacks. It’s all over the world.
    The only institutionalised racism is against White, males. It’s pointless providing statistics and links to prove this because the Left is too ignorant and the media wants racial violence
    Black privilege is everywhere.

      • Anonymous

        I can tell you have your hammer and sickle ready for display. Better look closer at BLM, even the leader is a communist. True fact!!!

  11. #quatoof

    Joe Rogan Is a Midget Fraud. How we know nothing will change and all this news is fake bs. Joe gets 100 mill to call us Apes and pay his friends to dress up in Blackface. I am blown away that you all are ok allowing his behavior to continue. You all listen to him like hes some mans man…. Joe is a fraud but all you people just follow him like sheep, the only black people that have stood up to him have been Kanye and Erbo. I just dont get it…George Floyd was not an Ape. Kobe was not an Ape. Breonna Taylor was not an Ape. I am so sad inside that you all have no value for our lives at all. You think its funny that Joe Bullies the trans community. All cuz some guy put a midget in a headlock when he was 15 and now you all have given him a voice to spread his hate then attack us for bringing it up. ….

  12. Anonymous

    No body allows behavior or speech of another, that’s called freedom. You shouldn’t police free speech.