The Dixie Chicks Officially Change Their Name to ‘The Chicks’

The Dixie Chicks, now renamed 'The Chicks'
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The Dixie Chicks, now renamed 'The Chicks'
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The Dixie Chicks, now renamed ‘The Chicks’

The Dixie Chicks have officially changed their name to ‘The Chicks’ in response to Black Lives Matter protests and nationwide concerns over racial injustice.

The band confirmed the name change this afternoon, with ‘The Chicks’ now replacing ‘The Dixie Chicks’ permanently. The decision closely follows a similar name modification by Lady Antebellum, a country-pop group that is now renamed ‘Lady A.’ In both cases, the name changes are responses to concerns over references to the pre-Civil War South and its history of injustices towards African-Americans.

The country trio — Natalie Maines, Emily Strayer and Martie Maguire — has now scrubbed ‘Dixie’ from their website and social media accounts.  Streaming accounts are likely next, though the Dixie Chicks name still appears on Spotify as of this (Thursday) evening.

So far, the band has not issued an official statement on the name change. That is likely forthcoming, though for now, the trio has only issued a brief mention of the change. “We want to meet this moment,” the band shared on its website.

The name change coincides with the release of the group’s latest single, ‘March March.’ The video for the song features footage from various Black Lives Matter, gay rights, and women’s rights protests across the United States. The band is planning to release their first album under ‘The Chicks’ name, titled Gaslighter, on July 17th.

The decision to ditch the ‘Dixie’ name follows a string of changes designed to address America’s history of black slavery and oppression. Perhaps most significantly, NASCAR implemented a league-wide ban of the Confederate flag, an emblem that once seemed synonymous with racing culture. Elsewhere, brands like ‘Aunt Jemima’ are now being retired because of ties to black oppression, and the Southern-rooted classic Gone With the Wind was temporarily removed by HBO.

Shortly after the name change, it was revealed that a band named ‘The Chicks’ already exists.

The development feels like déjà vu. Earlier, Lady Antebellum found out that the name ‘Lady A’ was already being used by a black blues singer. That drew howls of protest and accusations of appropriation, including from the surprised singer herself. What happened next is unclear, though the two Lady As reported an amicable meeting that quickly resolved the matter. Lady Antebellum didn’t subsequently change their name again, but will continue as Lady A.

The Chicks have encountered a similar concern, though the experience of Lady Antebellum appeared invaluable.  The band formerly known as The Dixie Chicks reported that they’d met with a New Zealand group name ‘The Chicks,’ and the groups have agreed to share the name.  In both cases, it’s unclear if the artists whose names were replaced were awarded cash settlements, a share of future royalties, or other compensation.

Now, further attention could shift towards the use of the world ‘Dixie’ by major brands and musical artists.

Whether Dixie Cups are next is uncertain, though so far, the Dixie paper products company has remained silent.  Separately, ‘Dixieland’ refers to an entire genre of New Orleans-style jazz, one shaped (and performed) heavily by black artists.

Earlier, the decision by Lady Antebellum prompted a broader examination into the use of the word ‘antebellum,’ which technically refers to the pre-Civil War South in American parlance (here’s a more detailed look at the word’s significance).

In its statement following its name change, Lady Antebellum noted that their initial associations with the word were largely positive.  The country trio pointed to an attraction towards “the southern ‘antebellum’ style home,” while elaborating: “As musicians, it reminded us of all the music born in the south that influenced us, like Southern Rock, Blues, R&B, Gospel and of course Country.”

Those associations were ultimately replaced in the wake of recent Black Lives Matter protests.  “But we are regretful and embarrassed to say that we did not take into account the associations that weigh down this word referring to the period of history before The Civil War, which includes slavery,” the band continued.

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  1. Apple

    Some new artist needs to take the Dixie Chicks name over.

    Play stupid games, get stupid prizes.

      • Atticus Finch

        It would be legal if the trademark is abandoned.

        • James

          But it isn’t as they still retain the rights to their previously created creative works during the copyright period. After that, maybe.

          • Atticus Finch

            Copyrights and trademarks are different. Life + 70 years for copyright, but a trademark can vanish if not used in commerce. Two entirely different sets of law.

            You are right—if the record company continues to exploit the name Dixie Chicks, it remains used in commerce and the trademark survives. But, if the band and record company abandon it and use a different name, it is abandoned under trademark law and anyone could use it.

            So there.

      • NYPDMOM

        Wow woman libbers they want to change their name but “Chicks” isn’t that a sexist name?? POS! A group I never listened to and never will!

  2. Toby Teeth

    Yes, these virtue-signaling morons have saved the day.

  3. restless94110

    Just two days ago I was joking that this might happen. I had no clue that these dumb bunnies would do something so cowardly so stupid. But that’s the Dixie Chicks for you. Permanently out of step with reality.

    • Michael Hunt

      It would be interesting to see well put together your life is. You always bash others and try to point out flaws. I bet you’re a complete disaster.

    • Orion

      After their anti Bush bashing while in europe 2003 you didn’t think they would be this stupid?? I would say I’m not buying or listening to anything from them but I stopped doing that back then.

      • Angelito

        Has nothing to do with this, but you bring it up to try and make this political. There have been many artists anti every president because of their differences in beliefs.

  4. Abraham Lincoln

    For a band that always considered itself on the correct side of justice, how could they not have realized the implication of the “Dixie” until now? I guess the prospect of being cancelled clarified things for them.

    Also, Chicks is disgustingly sexist term for females.

    • Roger Sterling

      No kidding. They may as well call themselves The Broads.

      • Prang

        Yeah, or the bitches or the sluts or the whores or any other derogatory name for a female. You’re an idiot.

  5. Toby Teeth

    “The stupid leftist twats formerly known as the Dixie Chicks.”

    • Roger Smilt

      Leftist? Ha ha ha! It all comes down to pushing your lame political agenda again and again. You are so bad at it. What a loser you are.

      • Toby Teeth

        No, they pushed it nonstop and lost country radio airplay. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

        Nobody likes these snarky elitist leftist besides other snarky and stupid leftists. But, I repeat myself.

        • Roger Smilt

          Sure glad there’s nobody on the right who likes country, this group, or is a snarky elitist. Yeah, you’re an idiot.

  6. OverItAll

    What happens when a feminist group starts complaining that the name “The Chicks” is sexist?

  7. Dixie Rect

    The new name offends me! It’s sexist and doesn’t respect people from the 60+ genders. I’m going to go tear down a statue.

    • Hagrid

      I’m offended by you and your comment. I’m going to tear you down. Whatever. You’re a moron.

  8. Dixie Bo Bixie

    Ugh! Why am I not surprised? You cowards! Get a spine already and stand for something other then what the mob directs you to stand for.

  9. George Zipperman

    Fuck the mob. Fuck Black Criminals Matter. Fuck Antifa. Fuck the Dixie Pricks. This is now war, and I am armed.