Christian Artist Sean Feucht Plans New Year’s Concert In Defiance of COVID-19 Restrictions

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Photo Credit: Sean Feucht

Christian artist Sean Feucht is planning a New Year’s concert in defiance of California and Los Angeles COVID-19 restrictions.

Sean Feucht unveiled the event – one of four that he’s scheduled for today, following a number of other protest shows throughout the year as well as a “Skid Row Outreach” happening last night – on his website and on social media. The 37-year-old singer-songwriter will host the three-hour-long function in Valencia, California, with an expected wrap time of 12 AM.

As part of his social-media message announcing the New Year’s concert, Feucht posted a brief promotional clip and called on his followers to attend the show “in person or online.” Predictably, discussions from Twitter and Instagram users (both in favor of and against the performance) seem heated, and more than a few individuals are encouraging the Montana native Feucht to put the gig on ice.

“MURDERER!! You are KILLING people. F–k you and your super spreader event! Stay the f–k home!!” wrote one vocal critic of the protest.

“People have a choice to be there or walk away. I hope those who are hating don’t go see friends when noone’s looking. Practice what you preach,” penned another person.

Separately, in what could be indicative of an imminent yearend confrontation between tonight’s attendees and counter-protesters, many are continuing to weigh in on clashes that unfolded at the aforementioned Skid Row Outreach event yesterday evening.

To be sure, a Facebook group called “Resistance Blockade Against Biological Warfare!” formed “to resist the incursion” that was the Sean Feucht Skid Row Outreach gathering. Counter-protesting activists’ cars stretched “several blocks,” and multiple verbal disputes appeared to break out between the opposing parties.

“While distributing meals to the homeless on Skid Row, our team was assaulted with smoke bombs, pepper spray & death threats,” Sean Feucht wrote in part on Twitter this afternoon. Worth noting, though, is that Feucht himself “never showed up” at the occurrence, according to a local report. (Multiple other musicians played for the assembled crowd, however.)

About one week back, Los Angeles-based rock band Steel Panther made headlines for playing a series of packed shows in Florida – including a gig in Orlando, where Youngboy Never Broke Again also performed, earlier in December.

The Ohio Investigative Unit issued multiple citations to a Columbus nightclub that hosted a Trey Songz concert on the evening of NBA Youngboy’s controversial set; the venue was later shut down for the alleged COVID-guideline violations. And with coronavirus lockdown restrictions still in place, many artists and fans are enjoying live music experiences with drive-in concerts.

2 Responses

  1. MK

    Hey Sean,

    Read Romans 13 and ask yourself who are you really defying?

    In 33 years of open air ministry… not until 2020 have I seen such rebellion and lawlessness as I’ve seen this year… not from the world as we all have seen in the nightly news; but from so called Christians.

    COVID, and as importantly the fear of it, is why I haven’t been out since March… I’m 65, in an age group suseptible to it… and I do not want to bring harm to anyone else by being selfish or careless.

    Sure I miss the interaction and relationsips that kind of outreach brings. Investing in people as they are is what Jesus did too… but as conditions are where I go… its a ghost town anyway.

    But sometimes there are seasons to simply slow down, wait, and listen for that still, small voice of God.

    If God’s people who are called by His name would just humble themselves, pray, seek His face, and turn from their wicked ways… that He will hear from heaven, forgive their sin and He will heal the land.

  2. Juicifer

    What a selfish asshole. This isn’t about God or Jesus, it’s about self-promotion. Large gathering like this during a pandemic only serve Satan and his evil ways. Shameful that this singer chose to put people at risk who attended and didn’t attend, further tax our front-line workers and stress the economy with his stunt.