Bigsound 2021 Canceled As Australian States Extend Lockdown Restrictions

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Photo Credit: Kgbo

Organizers have officially canceled Bigsound 2021, which had been scheduled to take place in September.

Bigsound higher-ups just recently announced the unfortunate news in a message to fans, describing the two-decade-old music festival and conference’s cancellation as “yet another blow to the Australian music industry.” In terms of the precise reasons behind the decision to scrap the happening, the message cites “Melbourne’s snap lockdown, the extension of Greater Sydney’s lockdown, the growing COVID outbreaks, and increasing restrictions that are in effect across Australia.

“Without our music mates in New South Wales and Victoria and no certain timeline as to when domestic borders will remain open,” the text continues, “BIGSOUND 2021 wouldn’t be able to deliver on its promise to reunite the music community for three extraordinary days of connection, conversation, and music discovery.”

Bigsound’s team also noted their desire to celebrate the event’s 20th anniversary “with something special later this year, so watch this space for more to be revealed in the coming months.” Plus, employees have “begun work immediately on a 2022 event,” and fans will receive refunds for the nixed 2021 edition “in the coming weeks.”

According to the Australian government’s website, there are 81 active COVID-19 cases in Victoria (including Melbourne), with 13 of these infections having been acquired “locally,” against 440 July case locations (some of which include multiple COVID-19 infections) for New South Wales. Queensland (including Brisbane, where Bigsound 2021 was to take place) has recorded two new COVID-19 cases during the last 24 hours, for a grand total of 1,756 positive tests to date, of over 3.18 million tests administered.

New South Wales government officials extended the state’s lockdown measures through “at least” July 30th last week. And officials have also extended Victoria’s relatively stringent lockdown restrictions – “Only one person per household can leave home to get necessary goods and services. They can leave once a day, which means people can’t make multiple shopping trips.”

Though Day Trip successfully kicked off Southern California’s summer-festival season earlier this month – with fans preparing to attend Lollapalooza 10 days from now and Bonnaroo in September – live music’s 2021 comeback hasn’t been without difficulties and setbacks.

Last week, for instance, the Foo Fighters called off a Los Angeles show in response to a positive COVID-19 test, while Tomorrowland 2021 was canceled after local government officials said that the event “cannot take place” in their town – notwithstanding support from different government officials at the federal level.

Additionally, the sold-out Springsteen on Broadway musical made headlines last month for refusing to admit guests who’ve received the AstraZeneca vaccine. Incidentally, the latter is the “main component” of Australia’s vaccination program, and over 6.1 million vaccine doses have been administered thus far in the approximately 25 million-resident island nation.

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  1. Bobby

    The COVID madness continues.

    Follow the science: Covid is dead.

    • Jenny R

      You’re an idiot no matter what name you post under.

  2. Overkill

    There’s a handful of cases in the land down under!

    Who can it be now?

    • Martha

      There’s way more than a handful of cases down there. The spike is enormous, actually. Keep up.

  3. Bobby

    99.4% survive covid. 80% of those who do not had conditions that would have killed them within 12 months.

    Follow the science—covid is dead.

    • Dr. Fuckyou

      Covid is obviously not dead as cases increase and hospitals fill up yet again. You’re too smart to believe the truth and reality, though. When will you be one of those who gets this so you can shut the fuck up already?

      • Dr. Fraudci

        What part of 99.4% survival rate do you not understand?

        Jackwad liberal tyrant.

        • Dr Fuckyou

          The part I don’t understand is the part where there are people dying from this virus which can be decreased by correct procedure, including social distancing, mask wearing and vaccination. Don’t try to minimize the 600k deaths in America by a statistic. Any percent is a bad percent.

          Finishing with name-calling showing your level of general understanding. I’m a lifelong conservative Republican who gets it and realizes that curbing the virus only helps America – the economy and industry, and jobs and world power standing. You’re short-sighted and ignorant.

          • Margery

            Forget this loser. He posts comments under a few different names and they are all worthless. He pushes the same lies and conspiracy theories over and over again.

          • Tu Soon?

            People die from car accidents, shark bites, and choking on food. Smoking, drug addiction, and alcohol abuse cause far more deaths.

            Yet, liberal twats who want to impose tyranny on the world keep saying we must prevent every single death. And, the science does not support you maskholes—there is not a SINGLE peer-reviewed study that says those filthy face pampers did anything to stop the spread of this common cold.

            Dr. Fraudci funded the Wuhan lab that created this virus; he should be tried for treason and hung.