Live Nation Implements COVID-19 Vaccine, Negative-Test Requirements at Festivals and Venues

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Days following AEG’s announcement that guests at each of its festivals and live-music venues will have to show that they’ve been vaccinated against COVID-19, Live Nation has unveiled a similar policy.

The Beverly Hills-based concert promoter just recently detailed the updated health requirements for those who wish to attend its festivals or enjoy live entertainment at its venues. Beginning on Monday, October 4th, Live Nation will require fans to demonstrate that they’ve been fully vaccinated against COVID – or, as is also the case at AEG venues and events, that they’ve tested negative for the bug sometime during the 72 hours before showtime. Live Nation employees, on the other hand, cannot present negative COVID-19 tests and must receive a vaccine.

Besides arriving on the heels of AEG’s vaccine-requirement pivot – responding to a Twitter user, Live Nation head Michael Rapino bluntly indicated that his company has “the same policy in effect” – the newer of the changes follows controversy over an alleged COVID-19 “gag order” in artist and crew-member contracts.

Furthermore, Michael Rapino, after taking to social media to tout the impact of Lollapalooza’s COVID-19 vaccine and negative-test requirements, pointed to the perceived success of the model when announcing the admission-related changes for all other Live Nation festivals and fully owned venues. On the latter front, Rapino said that his company “can only commit to what we control right now” – meaning that the requirement won’t automatically extend to all third-party venues in which Live Nation promotes shows.

“Vaccines are going to be your ticket back to shows, and as of October 4th we will be following the model we developed for Lollapalooza and requiring this for artists, fans and employees at Live Nation venues and festivals everywhere possible in the US,” said Rapino.

Interestingly, the release that AEG published to detail its COVID health policies likewise opted not to mention at the outset that attendees can also present proof of a negative test, relaying early on that the company “will be requiring proof of vaccination for entry into its owned and operated clubs, theatres, and festivals.”

However, the document proceeds to elaborate that a negative test will enable unvaccinated persons to attend AEG events, with the rules, “limited only as required by law,” expected to be “in full effect nationwide no later than” Friday, October 1st.

“Our hope is that our pro-active stance encourages people to do the right thing and get vaccinated,” specified AEG Presents CEO Jay Marciano. “We’ve already had to deliver bad news about JazzFest this week; I think everyone can agree that we don’t want concerts to go away again, and this is the best way to keep that from happening.”

Last week, multiple venues in Nashville, Tennessee, implemented COVID-19 vaccine and negative-test requirements for fans, while country star Reba McEntire revealed that she and her boyfriend had tested positive for the virus despite being fully vaccinated. Finally, Bonnaroo 2021 is still set to kick off next month – though ticketholders will have to offer a negative test or proof of full vaccination as a condition for entry.

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  1. Martin

    Good for them. Makes sense to be safe over sorry; to see the industry continue to open up rather than shut down again; put safeguards in place over defending lawsuits by patrons who get sick or die (relatives who would file suit).

    • Reply

      People do everything, even attend concerts at their own risk. 4.3 million people have died with covid while 187 million have recovered. You never hear about the recovery or treatment beyond a vax. These numbers have been accumulating for almost 2 years while cold and flu have seasons. Seasons that we’ve never stopped life as we know it for. This isn’t right, and you’ve fallen for the trap.

      • Scott

        Not really. It’s a good preventative measure. Do you wear a seatbelt? Do you not drink and drive? Do you wear a shoes and shirt into a restaurant so you can get service? Following those rules to prevent a negative outcome, or to achieve a goal is no different.

    • Rock and Roll is Dead

      Martin, you’re pro-corporate fascism and pro-Big Pharma.

      I bet if you were in Germany in 1939, you’d be loading up Jews into boxcars.

      You don’t understand anything about immunology.

      What do you understand? Obedience? Bending over for The Man?

      • rock and roll will never die

        rock and roll can never die in the hearts and minds of people who fucking love it…..fuck the man…never bend…rock and fucking roll man

    • idiot detector is an idiot

      i am surprised the idiot detector did not try to get to you…you are an idiot sir

      • idiot detector is an idiot

        live nation sold to the saudis that turd can not make any money….your an idiot idiot detect…they proved that the test used to test for the diease is actually inaccurate and they will stop using it in december because it can not pick up covid and not tell you which strand you have nor if you have influena or covid the flu or a cold…your an idiot idiot detector…