Spotify Announces Q1 2022 Financial Earnings Call Date — April 27th

Spotify earnings call
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Spotify earnings call
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Photo Credit: Thibault Penin

Spotify has announced the date for its Q1 2022 earnings call with shareholders.

Spotify (SPOT) will present its financial results to shareholders on April 27th, 2022, before markets open. The company is also holding a question and answer session to discuss those results at 8 am EST on the same date. Management will answer questions submitted via Slido. Questions may be submitted the day of the call at Slido using the event code #SpotifyEarningsQ122.

A live webcast of the earnings call will be accessible at A recording of the webcast will be available following the live session. Spotify has more than 406 million monthly active users and 180 million Premium subscribers. The audio streaming giant has a presence in 184 markets and offers more than 82 million tracks and 3.6 million podcast episodes for listening.

Analysts are predicting a 13% YoY growth jump for SPOT in Q1 2022. But the stock’s history of beating analyst estimates is almost like a coin flip at this point. Here’s a look at the historical quarterly financial data for SPOT and how it performed vs. analyst estimates.

SPOT Earnings Call – Did SPOT Beat Estimates in Previous Quarters?

  • FQ3 2021 (Sept) | 2.26%
  • FQ2 2021 (June) | 2.34%
  • FQ1 2021 (Mar) | -0.04%
  • FQ4 2020 (Dec) | 0.44%
  • FQ3 2020 (Sept) | -1.82%
  • FQ2 2020 (June) | -1.94%
  • FQ1 2020 (Mar) | -0.01%
  • FQ4 2019 (Dec) | -2.47%

Spotify revealed during a previous earnings call that it plans to lay out its path for expanding its gross margins to 30-40%. The highest Spotify has achieved so far has been 28.4% gross margins, with Q4 2021 reporting just under 26.5%.

Spotify also has to contend with a multitude of controversies this year. Joe Rogan’s COVID-19 misinformation prompted 270 medical professionals to ask Spotify to label podcasts that feature misinformation. Spotify’s efforts to do that have finally gone live on the service. It remains to be seen if social-driven campaigns like #CancelSpotify or #ByeByeSpotify will have an impact on user retention this quarter.

Spotify is also facing stiff competition from Amazon Music and YouTube Music in particular. Amazon Music is focusing on growing country music streaming adoption, while YouTube Music continues to grow.