Spotify Adds 11 New Languages to Mobile App — Now 74 Total

Spotify adds eleven languages to mobile app
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Spotify adds eleven languages to mobile app
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Photo Credit: Spotify

Spotify is bringing support for 11 new languages to its mobile app—bringing the total count up to 74.

Spotify launched with support for 27 languages and has since expanded that count several times. The last big language addition came in 2021 with 36 new languages. Today’s roll out includes support for several regional dialects of languages, giving users a more personalized experience while using the Spotify app.

Spotify’s New Language Additions — 2023

  • Spanish — Argentina
  • Spanish — Mexico
  • Traditional Chinese — Hong Kong
  • Arabic — Egypt
  • Arabic — Saudi Arabia
  • Basque
  • Bosnian
  • English — United Kingdom
  • Galician
  • Macedonian
  • Arabic — Morocco

Now millions of users across the globe will have access to Spotify in their native or local tongue. Spotify is still hoping to attract new users despite job cuts and Daniel Ek admitting the company expanded too fast during the pandemic era. Spotify has more than 456 million monthly listeners and seeks to continually expand that number—especially by funneling free users to its Premium subscription.

Spotify bet big on its podcast gambit during the pandemic era, paying big bucks to acquire talent and technology. Now the company appears to be streamlining this strategy as the main executive responsible for guiding its podcast division, Dawn Ostroff, is departing the company. Smoke signals that Spotify wasn’t happy with its podcast strategy went off in 2022 when it scrapped 11 original podcasts and laid off nearly 40 people.

Ostroff was critical in shaping the company’s podcasting strategy after joining Spotify in 2018. She landed talent deals with Kim Kardashian, former President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle. The most popular podcast on Spotify continues to be ‘The Joe Rogan Experience,’ which rumors suggest Spotify may have paid upwards of $250 million for the podcasts exclusivity. Ostroff will remain a senior advisor for Ostroff during the transition period. Meanwhile, Alex Norström assumes responsibility for content, advertising, and licensing.