10 Days Later, Adele’s ’25’ Approaches 6 Million In Sales

Adele 25 albums on sale in the UK.

Updated: Dec 1 1:30 pm PT.  No US-based ‘Cyber Monday’ sales data yet on Adele’s 25; still waiting for other country sales data/certification.  Stay tuned!

Adele’s 25 has now surpassed sales of 4 million units after just 10 days, according to Nielsen Soundscan.  But that’s just the United States: according to figures now trickling in from a number of heavy-selling countries, sales of 25 are now easily past 5 million units, and rapidly approaching 6 million.

Here are some of the latest counts, as of December 1st (Tuesday).  The album was originally released on November 20th, ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday (and Black Friday) in the US.

Note: this doesn’t yet include ‘Cyber Monday’ sales, which are likely to produce another big spike.  Also, Adele’s 25 is not one of the top-selling albums of all time (as some have reported), at least not yet.

United States: 4,000,000+

UK: 1,000,000+

New Zealand: 30,000+

Australia: 210,000+

Belgium: 60,000+

Italy: 25,000+

Japan, Germany, France, etc.: ?

Cumulative (known) total: 5.3 million+


More details ahead!  Please add more data in comments, we’ll update.

Written while listening to Tom Odell on the platform created by the Nazis of Germany.  Image: Franklin Heijnin (flickr); CC by 2.0.


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  1. Anonymous

    “Written while listening to Tom Odell on the platform created by the Nazis of Germany”

    That literally made lol. 🙂

    • Remi Swierczek

      Thanks for noticing Paul’s sarcasm. LOL as well!

      In any case Adele has proven that MUSIC IS A MERCHANDISE!!!!!!
      $100 million bucks from on album in two weeks makes my target for $200B music business very modest.

      Congrats Adele!

      When the label’s NERD LAND OF MUSIC will switch from suicide mode to let’s talk to Larrrrry Page Mode?!!

      • Remi Swierczek

        Thanks for Tom Odell – it’s new for me!
        $20 million diamond in the first week on GLOBAL RADIO AND STREAMING converted to simple music store!

        Please help, whoever, to connect with Larry Page!
        MUSIC deserves much justice and we can triple Google as we do it!

    • Rick Shaw

      You’re comparing used pricing ($7)? Cmon, now. Apples to oranges, much? It’s $8.49 – period.

      • Name2

        That was not the used or MP3 price on Adele. That was for the CD.

        Amazon has pricing bots constantly on the go. I once watched one Stones’ box set go from $40something to $60something in the space of 2 hours after an alert was sent out on a forum. Every reader checking in got a newer (and higher) price.

        Keith Richards’ “Crosseyed Heart” was available for $6.99 < 1 week ago. Now it's 10 bucks.

        Computers. Amazon haz dem.

        • Jeff Robinson

          I picked up a vinyl copy of the album. Vinyl limiting has gotten so sophisticated. This was mastered at Sterling Sound. Sounds good.

          “Hello” is not even close to the best song on this album. “Sweetest Devotion” is outstanding.

          Oh, and Columbia Records vinyl quality still blows. This pressing sounds like ass. Significant surface noise and scratches right out of the sleeve. Stick to the digital version.

        • Rick Shaw

          Thanks, but I’m very aware that retailers update pricing constantly. In this case; however, I tracked this album on Amazon and the price for a new CD did not go to $7. It just did not happen.

  2. ShillingShiller

    Streaming is the future ! If you’re not on a streaming platform , you don’t exist ! Adapt or you will die …uh.. no..wait…Mission abort… they sent me over the wrong article..

  3. GGali

    Adele simply released a high quality project, full of REAL music and talent, into a marketplace filled with crappy artists and watered down music.


    Congrats to her

  4. wallow-T

    I have a speculation that Adele’s success with “25” is a result of widespread consumer satisfaction with her previous album “21.” Satisfaction, like what J.D. Power measures with new cars. Six months, a year later: are you glad you invested money and/or time with that album/song?