Pornhub’s ‘Lonely Night’ Christmas Ad Reaches Half-a-Million Views (In One Day)

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It’s a joyous take on getting through the lonely, depressing holidays.  Now, more than half a million people have watched Pornhub’s provocative Christmas spot — in little more than a day.

What do you get when you mix holiday loneliness with an internet connection?  Well… let’s just say Pornhub’s ‘Lonely Night’ Christmas spot isn’t about doing crossword puzzles or playing solitaire.  The funny spot features a number of lonely, stranded souls on Christmas Eve, all of whom turn to Pornhub to get them through.

Pornhub’s New Christmas Ad Will Change ‘Silent Night’ Forever

The ad, which changes the Christmas classic ‘Silent Night’ to ‘Lonely Night,’ has been getting tons of attention.  The remake is so wrong — but hey, whoever wrote ‘Silent Night’ is probably long gone.

Meanwhile, this little Christmas bit has already been viewed half-a-million times.  That’s after a little more than a day, with several millions views likely by December 25th.  Guess the timing was pretty spot-on, with lots of people potentially grabbing Pornhub Premium gift cards as stocking stuffers.

Here’s a quick look at the ad.  Don’t worry, it’s SFW (if you care about that).

Actually, there are all sorts of little references to other Christmas ads from last year.  Look out for references to Justino (the Spanish lottery) and ‘Man on the Moon’ from last year’s John Lewis commercial spot.

The sudden spike in traffic could mean that Pornhub will make this a Christmas series.  Last year, the porn giant created a ‘depressed grandpa’ ad.  The grandson found a way to lift the old man’s spirits (with a Pornhub Premium gift certificate, of course).

That video generated north of 6 million views, and is probably getting fresh attention as another Christmas comes around.

Already, Advertising Age is calling Christmas spots a new ‘Super Bowl’ for advertisers.  So maybe we’ll see some Pornhub spots during the big game next year!


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