Updated: Chrisette Michele Loses Netflix Deal After Trump Performance

Chrisette Michele: Catching Heat After Trump Inauguration Commitment
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What’s the cost of playing Trump’s Inauguration?  For Chrisette Michele, it’s a major lost opportunity involving Netflix. And that’s just the beginning.

3rd Update, Friday late evening.  A new (unconfirmed) report says Chrisette Michele is being paid $250,000 to play a Donald Trump Inaugural Ball.  The singer didn’t appear at the ‘Make America Great Again’ concert on Thursday night.  But it’s now confirmed she played the private ‘Liberty Ball,’ one of three special events surrounding the Inauguration.

Separately, it also appears that Michele was slated to appear alongside an r&b group that fell apart due to cancellations.  Stay tuned for more updates.

Jennifer Holliday cancelled her Trump Inauguration gig after 24 hours.  Even the ‘B Street Band,’ a Bruce Springsteen cover group, canceled under extreme pressure from fans.

Jennifer Holliday Quits Trump Inauguration: ‘I Sincerely Apologize for My Lapse of Judgement’

Chrisette Michele, a late-stage addition, decided not to back out.  Now, the talented Grammy-winning artist is testing exactly what that means for her career.  According to information confirmed Thursday night, director Spike Lee has removed Chrisette Michele’s song from his upcoming Netflix remake of ‘She’s Gotta Have It.”

Here’s Spike Lee’s irate Instagram blast on the matter:

“Good Morning Folks. I Wuz Sorry To Read That ‘Sistuh Girl’ Is Singin’ At DT’s Inauguration (And To Use His Fav Word-SAD),” Lee wrote on Instagram. “I Wuz Thinkin’ ’bout Using Chrisette’s Song- BLACK GIRL MAGIC In My Netflix Series SHE’S GOTTA HAVE IT…. NOT ANYMORE. And Dat’s Da Truth, Ruth.”

$750,000 paycheck?

As for the Trump performance, the gig was first disclosed on Thursday.  That is, less than 24 hours before the starting bell.  According to rumors, that was intentional, with multiple artists kept under wraps to avoid last-second cancellations.  Sam Moore of soul legends Sam & Dave, who just completed his Trump performance on Thursday evening, may also have given similar treatment.

Trump Inauguration Committee Stupidly Invites Charlotte Church. Here’s Her Response…

But despite the late-stage announcement, Michele fans were overwhelmingly vocal and irate.  After disclosing the gig, rumors circulated that the singer was paid $750,000 to play the show (her manager hasn’t responded to DMN).   In Chrisette Michele’s private Twitter hell, the singer was accosted for selling out, supporting a racist, and dishonoring black history.

All-Black Talladega Marching Band Raises $320,000 to Play Trump Inauguration

On that last point, critics were especially irate over Michele’s use of a quotation from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., to defend her decision.  Here’s the statement that Michele offered, an olive branch that was quickly torched by inflamed protesters:

My heart is broken for our country, for the hopes of our children, for the fights of those who came before us.

I cry at the thought that Black History, American History might be in vain.

This country has had great moments. God has shined His light upon us.

Today, I hope that Great Moments begin in peaceful & progressive conversation.  I am willing to be a bridge, and I don’t mind “These Stones”, if they allow me to be a voice for the voiceless.

I am here.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Our lives begin to end, the day we become silent about what matters,”.

I am here, representing you, because this is what matters.

Career Suicide?

Chrisette Michele isn’t a household name, though she certainly has credibility within r&b and rap.  And you’ve probably heard her singing on tracks by Jay Z, the Roots, Wale, Nas, Rick Ross, or John Legend, among others.

Now, the question is whether Michele will find herself blackballed by those collaborators in the future.  Indeed, that was a pressing consideration for Broadway star Jennifer Holliday, who quickly backed out after career retribution became a serious possibility.

More as this develops.


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  1. Likintu Rwadami

    Greed for exposure at any cost will eventually cost you something. It did here.

    • Philip

      She ‘wasn’t’ a household name. Now, she is. Sounds like a positive career move to me?

        • amcdougle11@outlook.com

          I believe she committed career suicide. she won’t be getting any play from the people, $250.000.00 was worth it,

          • Joyce Elizabeth Halbakken

            Career suicide?. ..people should respect her for her bravery and her convictions to bridge people together through loyalty to our country and God.

        • mamabear

          UMMMMMMMMMMMMM one hit wonder she is not! She has several hit albums

      • Bige

        You must can’t comprehend,it says nothing about she is a household name.

      • Truth

        U idiot! Ahe will be outcasted, and I dont mean the group outcast. Hope she saved her money.

      • Ruby9

        Not really. She destroyed her career by being stupid. But sometimes you think you doing something good.but you find out when your career is jacked up..the light comes on…dah. I messed up!

        • Ann

          She the girl that sang…..hold on I’m thinking of what she sings…nope, got nothing

      • Savant

        Sooo…her original fan base has turned on her. My question to you is, is her current and future fan base those who support Donald Trump? LOLOLOLing, I think not. Her career is done.

      • Nunya

        Do you still think so.. she is blackmailed from her fan base to future employers.. nobody is checking for her now

    • Belinda

      Was it 250k or 750k regardless the amount Jewish Media, and Radio Music Industry owns her ass and Trump hate the Media so she us probably done with her career but hopefully she invest and pay her taxes. So she dont go broke.

    • Darlene

      And of course that is her side of the story , be the money people didn’t;t thing it was good enough to make them money . She had a choice and that is what happens in life . hat is life Butter Cup

    • Craig

      You’re right. No longer will I watch any Spike Lee Joint movies.

  2. Nick

    It’s sad that we live in a country where the political intolerance is so high.

    • Steve DelRay

      When has Trump shown tolerance toward Black folks? Mexicans? Gays? Anybody who doesn’t look like him? I hate that this happened to her, but, you cannot perform for the Grand Dragon of the KKK, and not expect right-minded people to censure you.

      • Rena

        Can you name anytime he didn’t have tolerance for blacks or gays? And his comment about Hispanics was not to all of them but those here illegally and to those who keep committing crimes… but you wouldn’t know that because you only listen to the msm talking points…

        • HeyStupid!

          Why do you keep bringing up MSM? No one is only relying on MSM. They are his literal words.

        • Sean

          I am guessing you have never heard of the Central Park 5. That is a perfect example of Trump’s hatred, prejudice, and bigotry.

          • ICU

            He has not clue simply because for his kind that can be dismissed, and then they get to tell us how we should feel about it. Is that not right comrade Rena?

          • lynndee

            i have and he was the ring leader in trying to get those young men executed for a crime that they did not commit. a crime that they are still suffer for today.

          • Asiyah

            And all those boys were innocent,so you think he would have issued a retractment or an apology..Hell NO!

          • Craig

            Oh. The group that admittedly raped the jogger and then eventually got released from jail and laughed at the system when Deblasio gave them 42 million. By the way. THEY RAPED THAT WOMAN!



        • Sean

          How about the multiple times he settled when he was sued for refusing to rent Ron black tenants?

          • Rena

            Sean – Try to do more research on that one… He did rent to blacks and everyone else.. It was his fathers business first and he didn’t change the procedure… he did later pay out and then went on to work to bring blacks into businesses, won numerous awards from people like Jesse Jackson etc… He has many blacks within his own organizations… What I find funny about you lot is that not one person called him a racist until he ran on the Republican ticket…

        • Giftedgold

          Bad hombres. Have several seats. There is a long list of atrocities he has committed and said and done-racist,sexist,attacks on veterans.. I could go on but why bother because clearly none of that matters to you!!
          He accused a judge of not being able to handle his case because he was of Latino heritage-citing conflict of interest but yet he has POTUS refuses to release his taxes or divest from his own companies. Look at the staff he picked-all have conflict of interest

          • Ruby9

            Not really. She destroyed her career by being stupid. But sometimes you think you doing something good.but you find out when your career is jacked up..the light comes on…dah. I messed up!

          • Rena

            Giftedgold – He had reason to question the Judge and his being able to be fair considering his involvement in LaRaza. There is NOTHING in the Constitution that requires a POTUS to give up his businesses and he has every right to continue to keep them and run the country.. if he wanted to.. Apparently he turned it over to his kids who are now running it… And has people keeping him in check about it… As far as his returns.. again.. there is NOTHING in the Constitution that requires him to make it public. I personally don’t care… And no I did not vote for him as one other person suggested… But I am capable of making my own mind up about him and others and don’t let the msm determine what to think, say or do, unlike many of you on the left…

        • Ron

          When he refused an African American lady and others the right to move into a property because of color…was sued and pages out of court….when he stated a Latino American couldn’t proside over a case due to being a Latiino American

          • RON B

            Well someone has to let Trump know that was fucked up.Wanting to be President that bad.to bring a well know enemy into our house,just to boss.Now he’s going to force that Russia thing on the country While others are worried to death about their status.Maybe she should have waited,know the people she know,she would be making millions stay home.Patient !!!She’s an entertainer ,not a healer.Leave that to the pros.

          • Latin and Greek

            Didn’t he just have an African American lady sing? That defeats your argument. But thank you for you stupid argument because it reflects most of your colleagues here.

        • Oward01

          When he pointed out and there’s my African American at one if his rallies, I was done. The what have you got to lose appeal sealed it for me.

        • Tony

          Oh, I guess you have conviently forgotten about his comments about the Judge in Indiana? Oh, and I guess you also forgot about his comments regarding the “Central Park Five” after they were each exonerated? Oh, and I guess you have forgotten about how he personally led a movement to delegitimize President Obama’s presidency/election through his birther bullshit! But, no…, there’s no evidence of his “intolerance?” You are right. There’s documented evidence of his “intolerance” just his bigotry and racism and racist perspectives!

          • Rena

            Tony – Haven’t forgotten that at all… I also feel there was a conflict of interest on the part of the judge because of his involvement/connection to LaRaza…

            and Oh I guess you didn’t bother reading my comments about the Central Park 5… And “Oh I guess” you didn’t bother to research the many blacks he helped rise in businesses and received awards for them from Jesse Jackson and others.. and “oh I guess” you didn’t notice the blacks who have come out in force to support him… and “Oh I guess”… There is plenty examples of his “tolerance” but I bet you never bothered to go look for it…. such as him dating a black women in the early 2000s, him awarding a black bus driver for saving a womens’ life, or giving Jennifer Hudson and her family a place to stay (for free) when members of her family were murdered… Yeah a racist does things like that all the time… smh

        • Juana

          Just because someone is here illegally doesn’t mean that tRUMP should disrespect them by calling them rapist, drug dealers and thugs. You are merely an asshole…period

          • Reign

            tRump is the last person to call anyone a rapist. He should have been headed to trial on those rape charges after the election, but must have paid the girl off.

          • Latin and Greek

            If they are illegal they are breaking the law and are straining the system. They are parasites.

          • Latin and Greek

            All judges are biased. That’s why different political parties choose different justices.

        • Denise

          The point is. He shouldn’t have said it peroid!!! So…. List xomments he has made abt white people. Im waiting… Jus as I thought… U cant

        • Ken

          Rena 9-11 and the Boston Marathon bombings were commited by people who were here legally on Visas.

        • cheche

          ok, Many Harlemites were victims of his father’s sub-standard housing way before gentrification… It called being a slumlord. There is documentation of him refusing to rent to Blacks or Hispanics. Oh, let’s not forget he was fine with the physical abuse of the young black protestors who were respectful and didn’t beat anyone up but got grabbed and punch in the mouths! Not one word from him!

        • Anonymous

          James Brown went thru something similar when he supported Nixon he recovered but he also is the Godfather She exercised her American right to free Enterprise at least she got paid for picking COTTON

      • NICOLE

        So true! All money not good money! She had a choice and could have easily said No instead she may have loss the rest of career hope she spends 750,000 wisely!

      • Cassandra

        It is well documented that he has shown intolerance and discriminatory practices against those employed by him who were hispanic and black. Many bigley suits have been filed against him because of those reasons. Just yesterday after being elected your President, he removed all information from the Whitehouse Website that pertains to Hispanics, Gays, Blacks, Asians and Women…. C’mon educate yourself outside your comfort zone.

      • Giftedgold

        Are you single? lol. That’s the best comment I’ve read all day

      • Chris

        What evidence do you have to back up your statement.
        The party of tolerance is so damn bigoted.
        Your different viewpoints are to be accecpted, no questions.
        A viewpoint different from yours causes statements like,
        bigot, homophobe, and sexist.
        Grow a brain, grow a backbone, pull your pants up, and
        get on with life.

      • jollygirlie7

        Steve Delray You mentioned the KKK are you talking about Hillary Clinton’s lifelong mentor, Bird?
        PS. Trump shows all kind of caring to all people. You nsysayers never give examples.

      • Harry Flashman

        But she didn’t perform for Hillary Clinton or her friends. She played for the President of the party that kicked the KKK’s ass. Don’t you stupid intolerant bastards know anything/

      • Joyce Elizabeth Halbakken

        Career suicide?. ..people should respect her for her bravery and her convictions to bridge people together through loyalty to our country and God. You people who speak gloom and doom are a people without faith, hope and love…do you not know that God has a plan and purpose for your lives. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you when you seek Him with all your heart, mind and soul. ..declares the Lord….her fate is not in the hands of man , but in the hands of her Father, Lord Savior of this world. …this is a fallen world, we are to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and All things will be added unto you. So where are you going to put your hope and trust and faith?

      • Latin and Greek

        This is one of the best examples of a left-wing collective belief that is pure fiction. Not one of those things is true; pure imagination.

        You cannot empirically prove one of those accusations. This DNC fictitious character is all presumption. Go on prove it….you can’t.

      • Irene

        Amen…quoting Martin Luther King doesn’t help her case either. What he did was based on morality and fairness for all American. Singing for a bunch of RACISTS just made her look stupid and self serving. Hope the paycheck was worth it.

    • Anonymous

      This has nothing to do with politics. Trump called Mexicans rapists. Stereotypes black communities. Denagrades the disabled. Its about human decency. Trump is an indecent human. If it was Bush snr or jnr or Jeb I wouldn’t give a hoot. Just not this fascist . You support aid or provide succour to him and his indecency and what ever comes to you, you deserve

      • Rena

        Another uninformed crackpot… He never denigrated anyone, nor did he “stereotype blacks”… He didn’t call all Mexicans rapists… but you lot want to only listen to the msm talking points and not search for the truth… what a bunch of losers…

          • Rena

            Thank you for posting that because he said there are some who are good people… but its true, you can deny it all you want… many of those coming over the border ARE rapists, murders and bringing drugs…

            Keep your head in the sand… you are in perfect position, just like the rest of the left…. I’ll leave it at that… you get the jest I’m sure….

        • Doesn't Matter

          Thank you so much for your openmindedness and support of those who think otherwise. You’re just like him.

          • Doesn't Matter

            AND….you stoop to name calling when you don’t agree. Shouldn’t you be posting on twitter next to him???

          • Rena

            LOL… And you have an open mind? You lot here are the most closed minded group I’ve seen yet… There is absolutely NO proof he did any of the things he is accused of and all of them have been debunked… but yet you still believe he is wrong because? Oh.. because he is a Republican…. I bet if he had a D behind his name you’d be standing right behind him just as you lot did when Bill did much much worse… Bill actually did do those things to women…

          • Rena

            The “birther” issue started with Hillary and her campaign back in 2008… do some research and learn something…

            And no he didn’t call “all Mexicans” rapist, and not even most of them… He called most ILLEGAL Mexicans criminals…. which is true… Every illegal that crosses that border is already committing criminal act.. entering the US illegally… in addition, many of them ARE drug runners, rapists, and murderers…. One is too many in my honest opinion and should not be here…. IF they want those who are NOT drug runners, murderers or rapists want to be here, then they need to do it LEGALLY like millions of others have done before and are still on waiting lists to come here….

          • Latin and Greek

            I notice you reference that clown Lewis the race huckster. That speaks to the integrity of your perspective.

            No Trump does not dismiss Mexicans.

            And yes, Rena wins.

            Here’s something from a once Black Panther:


            Booker T Washington:

            “There is another class of coloured people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs — partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.”

            “I am afraid that there is a certain class of race-problem solvers who don’t want the patient to get well, because as long as the disease holds out they have not only an easy means of making a living, but also an easy medium through which to make themselves prominent before the public.

        • ICU

          Comrade Rena, turn FoxSnooze off. Open a book or something, but please do read. Now, google Central Park 5 and I am sure you will be able to read the New York Times article wear he acted the same way you probably act.

          • Rena

            Thank you for the advice.. but I don’t watch Fox news… I prefer to do my own research and find independent reporting more reliable than any msm…

            And exactly how do I act? You don’t know me or anything I do… And I have researched his response to Central Park 5… I will not make excuses for his jumping on the same bandwagon many did when these kids said they did it… back then no one ever heard of someone saying they did something when they didn’t and only in the last couple decades have these incidents been proven to be false… and why PD have been forced to change policy in conducting interviews/interrogations…

            President Trump is human just like all of us and makes mistakes… I am not so sure he ever apologized for his take on it but has proven to me over and over he is not the racist you lot claim him to be… he has won many awards from various black leaders on his work in the inner cities to help blacks gain more exec positions in businesses and education, along with helping women in these positions as well.

            My question to you is… how perfect are you in everything that you do? I would say you aren’t very perfect, one reason I know this… by your assumption about the fox news and then by calling me “comrade” then implying that I am a racist by your comment “you probably act”…. My family that I am very proud of is a mix of nearly every race and culture from around the world, from black to white, to Hispanic to Asian… we are Christian, Muslim, Agnostic, Atheist, Straight, and LGBTQ… so you might want to rethink YOUR own prejudiced and obvious bigotry…

            Seems closed mindedness is strong amongst this group leading the discussion here…

        • BigManNMiami

          Where are you from Mars? Donald Trump is a joke…as a POTUS. He is arrogant & silly like yourself. You turn a blind eye to his behavior & his demeanor towards other people. He is down right conceited & has no real intent to bring this country together. You seem to know anything…but you are banking on Trump as some great hope. Because of Trump’s history… Ms. Michelle has taken step to appear as his supporter. People need respect from Donald Trump…not more self absorbed arrogant. Read stop chasing your tail for Donald Trump.

          • Rena

            It seems you are the one who doesn’t know anything, but keep your head tucked and your eyes blind… I’ll be laughing my ass off with each stroke of the pen dismantling every bad executive order Obama pushed through and forced on this country…. And as each of you finally see that he wasn’t the bad guy but the good for ALL of us…. but you lot are soooooo butt hurt that your criminal choice didn’t win you can’t see the forest for the trees…

      • Latin and Greek

        That is fiction on Trump but how about reality?

        Where was your outrage at JFK taking a 19 yr old in the White House bed? He was a serial adulterer and sexual predator. Why aren’t you talking about that bigger deal?

        Where is your outrage at MLK cheating on his doctorate, taking money from Communists, cheating on his wife, binging on white hookers?

        That ad hominem game can run both ways if you dare to play it.

      • kay jones

        Black people don’t really buy records and cds any way…it will boost her career!!!

    • WinSip

      This is not political intolerance. When you stand with a traitor to the US constitution then expect to be boycotted. Feel bad for her, but she made a choice knowing what he is.

    • John Dawson

      I agree. This is the United States of America folks not a 3rd world nation.
      Spike Lee is a supreme hypocrite and a jerk. She should not be persecuted for taking a easy gig.?
      Spike Lee your film and movie career is finished in the Eyes of God. John

    • Stevie

      I don’t really think it’s about about politics. It’s not about him being a republican or Democrat it’s the fact that this man is racist Xenophobic and homophobic. Even though I respect the office of the presidency I will never respect this man

    • Charlene

      I totally agree. It seems they accuse everyone else being intolerant but this proves otherwise.

    • Terrence

      LOL Stop pretending anything Trump is doing is about politics, mostly he’s out for revenge & is motivated by spite – just like the #Pee thing he did in the hotel room. The disgust for him is also not about politics. People would not be doing this if it was an ordinary election of a normal person with a legitimate outcome instead of being a severely compromised “election” of a hate-mongering, fear-spreading, narcissistic, xenophobic, draft-dodging, pension-stealing, tax-evading, sociopathic sexual predator & con artist with delusions of being a dictator just like his best buddy Putin. The objections are not about Democrat vs Republican. They’re about human rights & environmental rights and things that actually matter. By performing at the inauguration of a stone cold monster she condoned everything hideous thing he stands for. Not politics. Humanity.

  3. DJ

    750k is not worth you destroying your career over. Being blackballed by loyal fans is not a joke. Your fans make you and they can quickly break you. IT HAPPENS. Selling out will wdestroy your career but selling out to a racist will kill it.

    • Dem

      Its not worth destroying your career is right but also being bullied into canceling a show is not right.

    • Philip

      She ‘wasn’t’ a household name. Now, she is.
      Sounds like a great career move to me?

  4. Joshua Michaels

    I get she got paid tons of money allegedly not sure, but i m still not downloading her music and not buying anything of hers, she is a sell out to me, and i am a white man saying this with 2 black daughters growing up pre-teen age, 12 and the other 10.I AM teachin’ em early all about the likes of racist redneckkks and TRUMP. Chrisette, you’re an idiot, and lost NETFLIX and more things will follow so i hope it was worth it… So stupid.

    • Dem

      Have you ever bought anything from her in the past? Can you name any one of her albums or songs? I will continue to support Chrisette.

      • Richard

        So that will increase her available net profit by $3.27. If the loss of Netflix it accurate, she lost far more than she gained. THINK!!!! if you have the ability. Tony Bennett is almost 100 years old and still performs. Potentially, how long do think her career might have been, had she not made the decision to perform?

    • Philip

      I have never heard of her. Now, I have. I am going to buy anything she does. I’m a white, racist redneck. I support her fully. She made a good career move. Now, she is a household name.

      • Rena

        Philip – These dolts on here don’t realize they are doing more for her than not… I am sure to buy her music now because she had the balls (in a manner of speaking) to go up against the establishment or industry in this case and do what she wanted for everyone… These people sit here and talk about tolerance but have no idea what it means… the same with fascism… they are the fascists not Trump…

        • Terrence

          LOL “establishment”? DONALD is the establishment as are all the people he’s put in his cabinet. Wake up and smell the billionaire conman who conned Americans into giving him their country..

  5. Nancy P

    Joshua Michaels

    “I get she got paid tons of money allegedly not sure, but i m still not downloading her music and not buying anything of hers, she is a sell out to me….
    I AM teachin’ [my teo daighters]early all about the likes of racist redneckkks and TRUMP.”

    Great lesson on tolerance and compassion too, there, Josh!

    Talk about idiots and so stupid.

    • TJ

      Would your comments be the same if he were a black father concerned about his daughters. Josh has a point. Trump and his supporters are the ones who lack compassion and tollerence. Did you not see their t-shirts saying make America white again? Josh is intolerant for expecting someone with influence to take a stand? Seriously?

      • Rena

        Yeah, I saw all the compassion and tolerance during the riots after Trump won… I saw all that compassion and tolerance when people were being pulled from their cars if they had a Trump sticker on their car and when stores were being vandalized… I saw all that compassion and tolerance when people were trying to get to the inauguration and were forced to take alternate routes because the every so compassionate and tolerant left blocked the path of those who wanted to see their president take his oath….

    • Nancy P

      Of course, my comments would be the same regardless of the race of, the oarent OR the child. That is of no consequence to the point being made.

      “Trump and his supporters are the ones who lack compassion and tollerence. Did you not see their t-shirts saying make America white again?”


      Every single supporter of Donald Trump is a racist and they ALL wear shirts saying Make America White Again….

      And your asking ME if I’m being serious?

      I hope you enjoy being lumped together with the violent protesters, criminals, drug addicts or any other unsavories that folks will be able to draw the loosest, generalized group label to, that might include you.

      Generalizations and stereotypes and unfounded prejudice are ugly things.

      Look in the mirror.

      • Mary France

        You present yourself as an angry person who is not tolerant of the freedom for others to express themselves. I don’t live in the United States however, i think that if it were me, i would make the decision and not care what people think. I don’t like Trump’s ideology personally and I’m happy he isn’t heading my country but, may God bless him. I feel his task is a formidable one.

        • Richard

          Sis. Mary France – In the United States of America we do have “Certain Unalienable Right contained withing our Constitution. With 33 different Amendments. The very first Amendment gives the Right to Speak our Minds.

          donald trump has that right also, but here in America that right in NOT Absolute. There are exceptions. When you hold the Highest Office in the Free-world you have to be aware of your words. trump, apparently has little or no regard for what he says.

          He is not a child, that cannot understand how his words carry major consequences if or when taken at face value.

          This is my country, I do have concerns how other countries on earth perceive America and our leader(s)

  6. Anne

    What really grated on my nerves was when Chrisette Michele claimed she wanted to be the “bridge” between racist Trump and black Americans. It was presumptuous to a ridiculous degree on her part, and was met with well-deserved scorn. At any rate, this foolish move of validating a hateful racist like Trump by performing at his sad sack of an inauguration is having consequences for her.

  7. Tre

    This is not a major loss for her. Everyone knows that Spike Lee doesn’t pay his people.

    • Rob

      Googled it and found nothing , but guess whose name did come up?

    • Robin

      Well I don’t know about Spike Lee, but the entire world knows that Trump doesn’t pay his people, so she’s up the river without a paddle. Hope it was worth it!

    • Danniekha

      So he must be exactly like Trump who has a problem paying people. I hope she got that 250k in advance.

    • Edward11cw@aol.com

      While on the campaign trail, Trump noticed a Black man in the audience & yelled something like, “See MY African American over there”. A totally racist comment (white slave owners referred to Blacks as MY boy or girl). Have the Black performers at the inauguration become ” Trump’s African Americans”. Respect yourself…if you don’t respect yourself nobody else will.”

  8. Nigel

    An open letter to Chrisette Michelle:

    Dear Chrisette:

    When the President elect clearly states that he walks up to women and grabs them by the ? because he can listen I have a daughter and would dare someone to walk up to her and do that without pulling back a bloody stub. When the PE chooses to attack a civil rights icon during MLK weekend and say he is all talk no action and then call him sad that right there should have told you what type of person you were dealing with.
    I know that you have to feed your family and so on but at what cost to your legacy as an artist and more importantly as a person. I suggest to you that if you wanted to bridge the gap stand up in silent defiance. Be a true bridge in silence, because silence in no way means ignorance or weakness, silence signifies an inner strength and conviction.

    • John

      Hell, he proved he was a racist years ago by being the mouthpiece for the birther movement. Then after that, he began questioning the mans education. The fact that anyone would vote for or support this man in anyway is very telling. This goes way beyond politics. I’m not even a Lib.

      • Paul Resnikoff

        That’s a pretty interesting point. A lot of the ‘birther movement’ is considered to be rooted in racism against black people. He deeply questioned the legitimacy of Barack Obama’s presidency, based on completely fabricated information.

  9. sewsad

    So, if trump ordered food at your restaurant and you were a server you would not serve him?

    Not excusing Trump, but this is ridiculous.

    • Bernice

      No comparison. As a server I would have no choice. She made a choice.

    • Keith Shanders

      That’s easy. I would definitely not serve him. But I would also make sure the kitchen staff knew who was at table 16, and let nature take its course…

    • Ted

      A anti gay business owner refused to bake a wedding cake here in Georgia and it cost them but they took the stand and the chance.

    • Holly

      If you align with Trump’s VP, as a server you do have a choice . you don’t have to serve them because their lifestyle goes against your religious views!

    • Mike

      If Trump ordered food at a restaurant I was a server in? Pretty easy decision! I would make sure it was nice and hot, coated with a fresh batch of dirty grease and oil, tell my boss I quit on the way out of to his table, then dump it on his head while I spit on the walking piece of shit! Pretty easy decision!

  10. WBills

    If we keep doing things to accept and normalize his behavior, we’ll all lose. She has to be willkng to take whatever blaclash comes. All money ain’t good money. To perform or meet with him without an apology or agreement on a concession, you’re basically cosigning his ideology. If you really are against it, actions speak louder than words…

  11. Tiffany

    She’s a sell out. Michele you that pressed for money-no more support from me. You can’t ride for ya race, ya ppl so I’m not riding for you.

    • Doesn't Matter

      LMAO. Got to ya huh??? HAH HAH!!!!!! Love it that it’s that easy. Have a nice life. Don’t let the hatred hit ya where the good Lord split ya! 😉

  12. Caroline

    She never had a Netflix deal. Her song was going to be in Spike’s Netflix series. Big whoop.

  13. Curt

    Trump has had whitehouse.org scoured. You will now see that all pages that refer to civil rights, LGBTQ rights, and climate change have been deleted from the white house website. A website paid for by us taxpayers(something the village idiot in chief is not). You danced with the orange skinned devil. Now there will be hell to pay.

  14. Rena

    You all are a bunch of puppets listening to your msm master… pathetic you can’t think for yourself…

    • Freda

      Shut it and move on… Hopping and defending herself on everyone’s post.. Go support her.. people have the right to spend their money where they choose.. She wanted to perform, now people are not going to buy her music… It’s all about choices and consequences.. LOL!! I hope there is more to come… Trump supporters now on Twitter pleading for him not to appeal the ACA… LOL!! Ignorance is bliss and so is greed and naivety.

      • Latin and Greek

        Freda telling someone to shut up is an admission of their insecurity. So let’s observe why that is:

        Liberals lost because they are crap. Obama’s legacy is going to be repealed because it is crap. Liberal politicking was sleazy and they lost because they are crap.

        BTW you are likely one who supported those idiot cast-members who did Hamilton. Hamilton invented the Electoral College and in the Federalist Papers demonstrated a distrust of the mob and was a hawk on immigration. Hamilton vindicates Trump. Trump is Hamilton.

    • Spudd Rok

      If you will not see why so many people are so upset over the clusterf!@k of an election and the “fraudulent” result then that’s on you.

      ANYONE who acts and talks the way “you-know-who” acts and talks doesn’t represent me in the slightest.

      She knew this, and chose to perform anyway.

      That’s her right.

      Now she will reap the consequences.

      • Latin and Greek

        Hillary is a criminal, Bernie a commie and you are saying what? What?

        Hillary has blood on her hands and you are saying what?

    • Latin and Greek

      Rena, it’s called Cultural Marxism, born of Critical Theory and the Frankfurt School.

      It begins as a righteous notion of groups being oppressed and a destiny to reclaim their universal rights and results in diverse populations eating each other alive.

      Trump is a white man and therefore is bad would be a premise for them. ‘The white man has power which must be taken away from him’.

      Liberals are sowing conflict at every opportunity. They believe they are righteous and therefore entitled and their opposition is wrong for disagreeing with them. They are pathologically virtuous.

    • chinwendu

      Puppets, true and to add media clones. The choice was Clinton or Trump. Clinton’s reports before, during and after…oh my goodness, who can trust her. That left Trump; who has said and done things he should not have, but Clinton’s exceeded. So, to come together to support the office was not a bad thing at all. She did not do anything wrong and all the verbal bullying because not in agreement with her choice is off track.

      Mainstream media has put out a lot of false information…snap out of the trance.
      Check to see what he has ACTUALLY said and done during and before he announced running for president.

      He has only been in office for 4 days, let us see what he will do and not do.

      • Rena

        My opinion, if he can accomplish a tenth of what he promised during his campaign that is 100% more than what Obama did over the course of his 8 years… So far, even before he took his oath he has done a lot and is already doing more than Obama for the middle class…

    • Freda

      Sue who??!! Spike Lee??!! They change scripts all of the time and he is not new to the business.. He knows what he is allowed to get away with and as Trump said, “YOU’RE FIRED!!!” LOL!!!

  15. Tyler

    Lord all you people are idiots, on both sides of the aisle. None of this matters in the grand scheme of things. She wants to play at some loser inauguration? Let her, don’t be petty. Spike Lee wants to be a dick? Let him, it’s his show. It’s like listening to children in middle school argue….’oh, he’s going to so and so’s party, well I’m uninviting him now’. All y’all need to grow the fuck up.

    • Mike

      Tyler, while the replies here, including my own, are emotional and very vocal, the base for those replies is a question of morality. By doing what she has done, she has in fact chosen money over human decent morality. I cannot remember the exact quote so please forgive the paraphrasing.. “The only way for tyranny to win is for decent men to do nothing”. Numbnuts Drumpf has in fact shown his mettle and true morality by his own comments and his own very real publicly stated opinions. By appearing at this venue, she has shown her morality to be that of the almighty dollar NOT the morality of the decent human being. I do not care how much money I am offered or what it would cost me, I would never let someone wearing a white sheet and hood into my home and let him sit at my dinner table. I do know of her music, and until now I enjoyed it immensely. I can say with a large amount of pity and regret that her music will NOT played in my home again. Anyone who places the dollar above decency has no place in my life or the lives of my family.

    • Latin and Greek

      Tyler you are correct that mention should be made of the inauguration. That is the sole point. It is the celebration of peaceful transition of power. These whiners here if in most other countries would likely be living in camps.

  16. BlackMan

    wow is she stupid. just another sellout Aunt Jemima bed wench

  17. Lisa

    Is she still in the Love Jones Musical ? If so I assume they replace her.

  18. Mike

    The average racist is uneducated or undereducated. Please note I said average… Of course there are those who are so miserable in their lives that they feel a need to be superior to someone else. Their minds can only process the degradation and belittlement of others to make themselves feel better. Racism, like religion, are the base for those that do not wish to truely look at facts and accept reality. Racists should not be hated, they should be pitied for their obvious mental disabilities. By rising to their bait you give them the only real entertainment they have in their lives. Please people, do not give them the satisfaction. This woman made a choice. She chose money over morality. I do believe it will cost her very dearly in so many more ways than she will ever imagine.

    • Latin and Greek

      Isn’t it spooky that these SJWs notice not that they are a mob of fascists.

  19. Freaky Reese

    she never had a netflix deal, he only said he was “thinking” about using her, but not anymore.

  20. Dene

    Wow, what a bunch of ignorant Racist Black racists! I like her more now, she is human, you all are savages who hate White people!

  21. Truth B. Heard

    All Trump complainers should shut the Fu*k up and let this guy try running the country. You all sound like a bunch of whiners with a sense of entitlement. If he does not fulfill his promises then you can always turf his ass out in four years.

  22. chin.wendu@yahoo.com

    She did not do or say anything to cause the verbal attacks; nor does she owe anyone an apology.

    The point made is what action will be taken next? Boycott, ok…then what? Why boycott the right side, while still giving your money to the left is the point. Why not boycott the those behind the evil source? Many are very much deceived and have not checked out the facts of what is true or not regarding Trump. True, he has said some out of line things. What are his actions? What were the reports before he announced he was running for president?

    Many of you are listening to the ones who sold the music Blacks created to wicked satan worshipers. Wake up and do your own work!

    • Cynara

      Maybe we should go back to segregation seems like we’re headed in that direction anyway…..

    • Craig

      Oh. So you’re Asian? You do understand that there is no such thing as “Native American” – do a little reasearch on the Great Land Bridge and you will realize your ancestors were not indigenous to North America. Sorry to break your bubble.

  23. asdf

    Liberal pillars like Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Sting, Usher, and Mariah Carey have earned hundreds of thousands of dollars playing private concerts for actual dictators and despots around the world (like Muammar Gaddafi) and they continue to enjoy the wealth and fame that only sanctimonious liberal moral relativism brings.

  24. Chrisette Michelle is a coon

    She’s a coon and sellout….she’s done. Hope that check was worth it because rest assured her fans will turn their backs on her. Go to her fb page and see the comments with thousands of likes ripping her for performing for DT. His supporters, some of whom are prejudice and racists will not support her or but her music….can’t see them bumping to “Black Girl Magic” etc. Lol. Good luck to get and may God have mercy on her C- career.

  25. goliath6711

    Wow… Just, wow…

    So it’s really come to this, huh? It’s REALLY come to this. Zero tolerance. Zero acceptance. “If you’re not with me, then you’re my enemy.” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-rMXlu-39c)

    My people have really, really hurt me with this. I feel physically sick to my stomach that this type of behavior is something that’s not only accepted, but celebrated in 2017. This type of shit wouldn’t even fly in 1917.

    Now we’re actively killing careers of people just for standing next to people that we disagree with? This isn’t a career suicide, this is a career assassination. No, let me rephrase that because assassinations require forethought, planning and serve some sort of overall end goal purpose to someone’s benefit. No, the more accurate term to apply here would be a career lynching: a bunch of stark raving bullies that want to get angry and end someone for minding their own business just because that business, which doesn’t affect you in the slightest by the way, is something that you don’t personally like. What’s more pathetic is that none of you out there are even trying to hide it. Like you all honestly thought you could get away with this and not be called out on it. As a human being with two functioning eyeballs, two functioning ears, and a brain of average intelligence at the very least with an understanding of the English language, I feel particularly insulted.

    And are we still hiding our jealous inefficiencies behind outdated phrases like “sellout” and “cooning”? Really? Come on now, let’s try and put some effort into our irrational self-hatred. “Sellout” stopped being a relevant term to insult those of us who were better off than others back when we were using it for M.C. Hammer. Here’s a homework assignment for you all out there, try coming up with an insult that doesn’t invoke the image of Mr. Bojangles when I hear/read it.

    And speaking of irrelevance, that brings me to you, Mr. Spike Lee. You know, my level of respect for you has managed to fluctuate in the “mediocre” category. The last “joint” of yours that I saw was the documentary of Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall album, which I did enjoy. And the only reason I watched that is because I’m a Michael Jackson fan and didn’t know you had anything to do with it until your face popped up during it. Well, I’m glad that I saw that before all of this came to light because you just lost all that “mediocre” respect that I barely had for you. And you can take all the rest of your past and future “Spike Lee Joints”, including that horrible NBA 2K16 story mode (which you can watch a particularly funny riff of right here, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRvDKsUN-dI&index=1&list=PL57hJfweW_2spXAJVg8mXzfCOYtfVmt2f), and shove them up your ass. Oh, and Netflix, you also lost a potential customer. Guess I’ll have to get my viewings of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, The Punisher and The Defenders through some other means. So whether your part in all this is either some sort of false statement of moral superiority or you’re just another of these spineless corporate cowards that bend to the will of these bullies because you’re so desperate to be liked by everyone, be reminded that THIS is the reason that you didn’t gain a new customer.

    And finally, I’d like to give this message to Chrisette Michele if she somehow happens to come across this. Please don’t let them drive you away. I know that there is only so much that you can do now that there is an active movement to end your career before it had the chance to begin, but that will make your success all the sweeter and you figuratively get the chance to rub it in their faces. Look at Vanessa Williams: she had to give back her Miss America title when pictures of her posing nude surfaced and her career also looked to be over before it began. Then she came back with this (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8lO4UQVrsA), and no one could deny her accomplishments from that point on. I don’t know or care why you performed at Donald Trump’s inauguration because it doesn’t matter to me in the slightest. Nor should it matter to anyone who is comfortable in their own life to let other people live theirs. And don’t ever accept that these people are merely “expressing their individual right as a consumer” when they give this as the reason as to why they won’t buy an album of yours, or listen to a song of yours, or play a song of yours. You can accept plenty of other reasons, “I’m not into that type of music”, “I don’t like the way you sang this song”, “There were parts that I liked, but I didn’t like it overall”, because those are actual examples of constructive criticism. So I am hoping for massive, massive, massive success for you with loads of actual fans and not bandwagon jumpers that are just using you to “piss off the liberals” without listening to one second of your music. You definitely earned a chance to be listened to, which is a lot considering that I can probably count on one hand the number of original (non-remade) songs by brand new artists that are worth listening to. So just know that you earned a fan here today.

  26. Craig

    Hey fools. This is all BS. Lee only “Considered” using her song. At this point all performers had already been listed. Lee is once again using something that had nothing to do with him in order to promote his own bigotry. And all of you fall for it hook, line, and sinker. Let’s all understand that she performed at the Liberty Ball which is for OUR military. There’s so much hate on this board for Trump and whites by blacks, latinos and self-loathing Caucasians. Shame!!!!!