Chrisette Michele Has a Message for Netflix: “F**k You!”

Chrisette Michele Responds to Netflix
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Chrisette Michele Responds to Netflix
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John Christian Fjellestad (CC by 2.0)

Netflix fired Chrisette Michele from an upcoming production after she played Trump’s Inauguration.  Now, that bridge is officially burned on both sides.

Looks like anyone playing Trump’s Inauguration is now dealing with a hangover.  But, a really nice paycheck to help ease the recovery.

Enter Chrisette Michele, who reportedly cashed $250,000 for a 30 minute set at a Trump Inaugural ball.  That’s a great-paying gig by any standard, though Michele faced an avalanche of hatred for performing for Trump.

And, a canceled Netflix contract.

Now, Chrisette Michele is going on the counter-offensive.  After Spike Lee deleted Chrisette Michele from his upcoming Netflix remake of ‘She’s Gotta Have It,’ Michele is blasting back.  Here’s what Michele’s manager blasted over the weekend in response to the cancellation:

“An open letter to @officialspikelee. F**k You! #basquiat”

Of course, that Instagram blast was quickly deleted.  Which is why we present it here:

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Chrisette Michele’s manager, Doug Ellison, is also her fiancé.  And, number one bulldog.

But was that Instagram message the right move?  Further complicating the ‘delete’ by Ellison was a re-tweet by Chrisette herself.

“An open letter from my fiancé to @SpikeLee | And for those of you who don’t know who Basquiat is, do your research #NoPoliticalGenius.”

Unfortunately, the artist Basquiat is no longer alive.  So we’re not sure what his political opinions would have been.

Meanwhile, the singer also posted a message on Instagram, vowing to donate the funds to arts programs.  Or something like that!


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And yes, Chrisette Michele definitely played the Inaugural gig.  And here’s a little confirmation of that.

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Neither Spike Lee nor Netflix have responded to the counter-comments over the weekend.

23 Responses

  1. The Truth Hurts

    Waaaah Chrisette WAaaaaaaah! You’ll be doing a lot of crying over the next 4 years when you open your eyes and wake up to realize you’re the one being f**cked!

    • Michael Scott

      But in the meantime prejudice and racism are just fine as long we agree with the ones who have the platform.


      • Johnny

        so true and with President Oompa Loompa in office, being prejudice and racist is perfectly acceptable again

      • RIght on

        Those liberal are the worst sniveling brats imaginable. They think they are righteous and entitlement to tell everyone what to do. Meanwhile a liberal is actually afraid of anyone who disagrees with them.

        Welcome to Cultural Marxism.

  2. Anonymous

    I’m still shocked that Trump is our president but also I’m shocked how people are being discriminated by their political views

    • RIght on

      It’s called juvenile embitterment. They didn’t get there way. This is a constitutional republic, not a direct democracy.

      If they don’t like democracy get out and stay out you blubbering snivelling liberal c#nts!

  3. May

    That is bs that she got axed from the show for performing at the inauguration. I don’t like trump but people have the right to support who they want.

    • Nate

      And private companies have the right to fire someone for supporting a fascist. Sorry, but one’s political beliefs is not a protected class.

  4. Rick Shaw

    Yeah, that’ll get your deal back…or make other companies really eager to work with you.


    I understand freedom of speech is our first amendment right, but when will people learn that business and politics don’t mix. They never have and never will. People really need to dig deep and think long & hard before taking action based on political views. At the end of the day, “we the people” are all in this thing together.

  6. asdf

    Liberal pillars like Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Sting, Usher, and Mariah Carey have earned hundreds of thousands of dollars playing private concerts for actual dictators and despots around the world (like Muammar Gaddafi) and they continue to enjoy the wealth and fame that only sanctimonious liberal moral relativism brings.

  7. Tifany

    Someone take the shovel so she can stop digging deeper. Girl donate the money to charity and beg your fans to forgive you.

  8. Kevin

    Defending people who’s opinion you disagree with = free speach
    Defending people who’s opinion you agree with = propaganda

    Firing or otherwise punishing people for merely speaking (albeit speaking a view point you disagree with) = dictatorship

  9. Wake up

    Possibly career ending move… Unless she can count on the support of all those racist Trump supporters to also support her?

    • Michael

      She has had one song hit the top 40 in her career. I had not really heard her name in several years before this. She did some guest spots on hip hop albums. She made 250K for a half hour of work. It takes me 4 years to make that. Sounds like a pretty good career move. Spike Lee is no longer relevant. He was a groundbreaking film maker a long time ago. People believe in democracy unless you disagree with them.

    • Sarah

      Call me rascist, deplorable, irredeemable and any number of monikers you liberals would like to throw at me. You are an angry bunch of do nothings who brag about accepting everyone EXCEPT anyone who happens to disagree with you. Who needs celebrities telling us who to vote for ur what to believe in? What makes them think they have the right to do that? Oh I forgot it’s the Democratic Party. The party of do as I say do what I tell you or you will be drummed out of town. Not anymore you morons woke up a sleeping giant who will not be silent anymore. You think you are angry and upset? Just wait.