Michael Jackson’s Disgraced ‘Neverland Ranch’ Is Officially History

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In a desperate bid to sell a disgraced property, real estate developers are retiring the ‘Neverland Ranch’ name forever.  And, slashing the price of Michael Jackson’s former estate by $33 million.

Michael Jackson was — how should we put this — one sick f—k.  But even though high-priced lawyers kept Michael Jackson out of jail, they couldn’t protect his soiled legacy.

Now, years after Michael Jackson’s death, decades of pedophilia and twisted behavior are taking a financial toll.  And the biggest sign of that is where Jackson once lived.

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Just this morning, real estate developers outside Santa Barbara, California, took a drastic step.  In a last-ditch bid to unload the wretched Neverland Ranch, they’ve wiped the slate clean.  The name ‘Neverland Ranch’ is now officially history, replaced by ‘Sycamore Valley Ranch’.

Same great place.  Just without the boy-loving baggage.

Was Michael Jackson Just a Dirty Child Molester? A New Lawsuit Says Yes.

As a second step, the price tag has been slashed 33%, from $100 million previously.  Now, Sycamore Valley Ranch is yours for $67 million.

The sprawling, 2,700 acre property in prime California countryside is suddenly available for a bargain price.  And, for those that want a slice of musical history, there Neverland Ranch imprint remains (for now).

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Here’s a description on Coldwell Banker’s Residential Brokerage page.

“A property of quintessential California beauty and rare privacy, Sycamore Valley Ranch formerly known as Neverland Ranch, is both residence and retreat. Three parcels, totaling approximately 2,700 acres, border on historic family ranches and the Los Padres National Forest in Southern California’s most unique wine-growing region.”

Michael Jackson Estate Receives a $700,000,000 Bill from the IRS.

Incidentally, the $100 million price wasn’t plucked from the sky.  Colony Capital, owned by Trump crony Tom Barrack, apparently pegged that value in 2015.

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Colony a forged joint ownership arrangement with Jackson prior to his death.  And since that point, the property has demonstrably devalued.  It seems that high-priced bidders are disinterested in the demons of the past.

Which raises the next question: does anyone want to live in a house haunted by Wacko Jacko?

A List of Every Item Discovered by Police In Michael Jackson’s Residence (NSFW).

Typically, buyers with access to $67 million have choices, including staying away.  And that issue could force Coldwell to further strip the property of its name and signature features.  That includes remnants of a theme park and zoo, among other Jackson signatures.

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But for those willing to forgive the demons of the past, ‘Sycamore Valley Ranch’ has a lot to offer:

  • 12,598 square foot main residence
  • 2,700 acre property adjoining Los Padres National Forest
  • 16 bedrooms.
  • 29 bathrooms.
  • A separate lake.
  • Pool house with 14-foot deep ‘lagoon style’ pool.
  • Spacious movie theater.
  • Dance studio.
  • Multiple barns.
  • Horse corrals.
  • Separate staff facilities.

Now, the question is whether $67 million is still an inflated price.  And, how much Jackson’s legacy is dragging down the price.

The ‘Sycamore’ listing first appeared this week.  Incidentally, the property has been largely vacant since Michael Jackson’s death.

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  1. Peter

    Wow, a “sick f*ck”? Where do you come off saying that? Has he been convicted? Is there actual proof besides parents of kids who just wanted to see $$$?

    • Nikki

      This person is definitely the sick one, along with all the other haters that dont want to admit they are wrong. These ppl spend alot of time talking about pedophile stuff, which means its whats on their mind alot….thats fkg sick. To much work to do little research and find out the evidence against him was 100% fake…all if it!

      • Lisa Marie Kerr

        LOL Nikki/Peter, you have never researched that case in your sad sick life. Moron, you repeat the same ignorance day after day. You rely on total bs on vindihate. Notice not one of your lies have helped vindicate your pedo God?

        • Common Sense

          You really need to give your head a shake. The ones who don’t do any research for themselves tend to be the ones who believe these ridiculous claims. You obviously know nothing about Michael, nor the cases, but my rambling isn’t going to change your mind. Please, do yourself a favour and research this topic properly. And let’s remember: innocent until proven guilty. For some reason, this never seems to apply to celebrities. Sad.

          • Wacko rabid's are stuck on stupid

            Wow you really are dumb as a stump. Learn the law rabid.

          • Jane

            Get new psychotic ramblings as you never met the dead ped.

        • Jacqueline

          The FBI dossier read from begin to end and looked at the hole case investigate it alle the had nothing also it’s not only media and greedy parents it’s also your own sick mind that see something sexueel and dirty when hou see image op footage from MJ with children running or play by the Pool(BTW Michaels nephews, cousins loved to be with MJ because hé never did anything to Hurt them in any way)look at children dancing/singing.

          • MJ fanatics are degenerates

            NOT! Your lies were debunked. Get new lines dip shit who can’t spell.

        • Anonymous

          Your very narrow minded and a cruel and jealous person, read the facts and grow up.

      • Vindicate was a total failure

        MJ Fiend, you are a fake & delusional!

      • Paul

        Fuck that, he was a diddler, and all that child porn and kiddie parafanelia should have been used against in his trial, but instead he was a Jackson so they release that shit years later.

        • Anonymous

          Learn to spell, the reason they didn’t use it because there wasn’t any paraphanila.


        i agree #nikki the jerk calling mj a “sick f*ck” is ACTUALLY THE SICK PSYCHO!

      • Kimberly Metz

        You’re level of impertinent ignorance is immeasurable. Believing is seeing. Michael Jackson so much as admitted his crime. He said children inspire all his dance moves. He was a despicable human version of trash. You are blinded by your own perversions.

    • Pedo Land should be burned down

      What a pedophile you sound like who talks to its sick self @hammertonhal @astrowill psychopath in Hungary.

      • Anonymous

        Your mad because you couldn’t get a ticket to his shows, Grow up

    • Brent

      Michael was the best ever and always will be. He was found innocent

    • Navneet

      Right bro।These idiots don’t stop flogging a dead corpse

  2. Urielgc

    The only sick fucks here are YOU the media. Even after Michael Jackson was found not guilty on all 14 counts and even after he was investigated by the FBI and the child services for over a decade and even after they found nothing you people still call him a freak and a pedophile. You people make me sick. You guys are still trying to ruin his reputation while he’s DEAD. This is why people shouldn’t trust the media. They are greedy lying selfish f*cks.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      Yeah, the whole ‘blame the media’ thing only goes so far.

      • Jacko was a pedo

        Paul, that cyber stalking psychopath makes Sybil seem normal. They talk to their sick selves too. Sick trolls live on that vindihate site. All their lies were debunked a trillion times over. Pay no mind to “it” as they make money for all tabloids they slither on…tmz, radaronline, people, daily mail…etc. Wacko clowns love tabloids. Anyway, this is one of their many troll accts. They have thousands. https://disqus.com/by/paulinajaye/ <<cyber stalker who keeps getting busted. All the facts & court docs on MJ, the dead pedophile can be found here. http://www.mjfacts.com



          • jacko was a pedo

            Your ip addy should be revealed to send the cops to your home. You’re a danger to others.

      • TRUTH

        Yes let’s point blame at the people with actual cold hard factual evidence that your closed minded ignorant brains can’t comprehend because apparently Michael was in your eyes a Pedofile? Neverland Ranch was childish because Michael Jacksons biggest regret was that he never got to have a childhood. That’s also a fact try looking it up. Please.

      • Anonymous

        No it doesn’t, they go too far and they don’t care who lives they destroy to sell a story.

    • Jacko was a pedo

      Weak excuse as usual. What a loser you are with no life nor any facts. You got your filthy behind kicked on radar. Why do you insist on making money for tabloids? IDIOT



    • Pedoland is an eye sore on America

      Sick mo fo your lies were debunked a million times. How many damn times do you have to be told THE FBI DID NOT CLEAR MJ NOR DO THEY OPERATE THAT WAY FOREIGN FOOL!! Missed the court docs much? Of course you have as you poo in your depends. Sicko4life, your IP blocker is showing again you flea bag coward.

    • Navneet

      These फक्किंग ब्लॉगर्स won’t s even flogging a dead corpse They are so I sensitive Are they human or Robots?

  3. Anonymous

    While evidence that an actual crime has been committed remains elusive, I think there’s plenty of evidence that he was a deeply disturbed individual. Don’t get me wrong, he was an insanely talented sick f*ck. But that title is certainly appropriate.

    That said, nothing wrong with the property that an exorcism or two can’t fix.

    • Rick Shaw

      You brand him based upon your personal knowledge obtained through news accounts and heresay. Brilliant. You got nothing except assumptions. The guy was an amazing performer, songwriter, singer and dancer.

      • Anonymous

        Indeed, he was. There is no questioning his talent. It is also indeed true that media accounts should generally be treated with some degree of skepticism. However, blind devotion to an idol is dangerous, which is what many of the comments in here suggest. And I just can’t believe that there wasn’t a fire underneath all that smoke. I remain convinced that the guy had issues.

      • Jacko was a pedo

        He was a pedophile, a drug addict & a fraud who died piss poor. Celebrity worshiping troll. You are the biggest hypocrite and db who talks to their sick self and spew utter garbage all over the net. You are delusional DB who has no life, no job, no human interaction and NO BRAIN.

        • TRUTH

          He was not a Pedofile yeah probably done drug problems but you don’t know what fame can do to a person. You don’t know what it’s like. You just insult people and spread hate. Honestly the worst type of person.

      • Ned

        How much are you paid to write stuff like this ? Wacko Jacko’s ‘music’ is all over the radio now, not because he was talented, rather, his agents still make tons of money off his ‘image’ which 8 years later they have failed to clean up. Impossible

        • Vindicate was a total failure

          You’re a deranged troll who has no clue wacko musac isn’t played anywhere. MJloser4ife, your junk was debunked. Get new lines moron.

        • Wacko rabid's are stuck on stupid

          Never is wacko jacko’s muzac played anywhere. You lie rabid.

        • Anonymous

          Look at all his accomplishments and then ask yourself if the music industry give those out to just anyone

  4. Don

    Of course, it comes from Paul Resnikoff. Lol, smh. He must either own this publication or is trying to make his big break as an “honest, game-changing” writer… Just too comical.

    • Pedoland is an eye sore on America

      While Don & all his fake name troll accts have no job, can’t write, has no job, is a pedophile and a NAMBLA member. Thanks for making Paul money as you keep the comments section “up” with all your tabloid junky acts. UK troll, you are dumb as a stump.

  5. Anonymous

    What the actual hell?! This isn’t even a bloody report! This is just straight up one sided point of view. This person needs to be fired. Wholy crap. So sick.

    • Floons R Fools!

      As Anonymous spews sick hate & talks to it’s self. No one buys your bs coward shite.

  6. Jay

    The only sick fuck here is you!!! You’re absolutely disgusting for writing this! Get a life you hater!

    • Jacko was a pedo

      He was a pedophile, a drug addict & a fraud who died piss poor. Celebrity worshiping troll. You are the biggest hypocrite and db who talks to their sick self and spew utter garbage all over the net. You are delusional DB who has no life, no job, no human interaction and NO BRAIN. YOU’RE LIES WERE DEBUNKED AND YET YOU STILL REPEAT THE SAME HOGWASH! Stupid lasts forever in your case “hater”.

      • June13

        He was proved innocent! Those children were set up to lie by their families. All they wanted was money. He was in emotional, and physical pain throughout the entire duration of the lawsuit. Anybody who was that broken would try and find a way to escape, and obviously in the fallen world that we live in now, that was his escape.

        • Bobmoo is poo



    • Pedoland is an eye sore on America

      Jay..etc. You said that already with your other troll acct. You’re so sick in the head you don’t remember one minute from the next as you repeat the same sick hate that makes no sense. Now, I’ve got a vat of propofol for you to suck on since you’re not living life anyway. Jacko is in hell. If you’re not a 7 yr old boy. He won’t be greeting you with open arms.

    • Jacko clowns are criminals

      Says the loser with no life & is the real hater.

  7. music stowaway

    Putting all the other stuff aside and looking at this property, here’s my thoughts..

    Value – still way too much .. I’d say it will fetch $30 Million

    The downside:

    There’s no shops nearby
    No supermarkets
    No public transport

    It’s far too isolated from amenities

    The upkeep of the grounds, the bathrooms, the kitchens, the bedrooms, the
    guest quarters and so on would require a house keeping team and a bunch of

    The land tax / mil tax must be a fortune too..

    Hot, dry and isolated .. No Thanks.. not my cup of Co-Co

    Here’s the Upside:

    It’s a big expansive piece of land and large house.. good if you have a large family
    or want your friends to be longterm house guests.. (otherwise it’d be a lonely baron

    Maybe a completely different approach:

    A large, secure 3 bed upmarket apartment/condo in Beverly Hills or New York
    close to supermarkets, hospitals, cafes, restaurants, cinemas, clubs/bars, book shops, funky hangouts etc..

    Much less maintenance, better security and great access to amenities..

    A secluded over priced worn out mansion in a hot dusty remote setting isn’t that
    attractive after all.

    • Pedoland is an eye sore on America

      Good points, but that is not the reason it is not selling. The world knows what horrors went on there. Notice the troll squawking daily here hasn’t put one penny of their welfare checks towards buying it? That’s right. Wacko trolls are all talk no action for the dead ped. Heck, they don’t even visit Forest Lawn. Even the mentally ill Mary Abbass who does not live that far away has gone there.

  8. Pedoland is an eye sore on America

    Paul, you keep writing and if I were I’d sue the dredge of society that attempt to harass you. That’s all that MJ attracts anyway. The ghouls travel in a tiny pack all over the net. @tige2340 -Lynette Anderson, fake psyche nurse, obese Sybil stuck on stupid. For sure a cyber stalking criminal.

    @mjjjjustice project, 70 yr old nasty stalker in California who should be in a padded cell.

    @sanemjfan cowardly pedophile & stalker, too afraid to reveal his real name & local

    @hammertonhal @astrowill -pedophile, stalking MJs victims from Hungary, real sick in the head. They just lie all the time and have no life.

    @vindicatemj Real name Elena, in Poland, blow hard psychopath who has thousand of troll accts

    susannebrb, foreign fanatic stuck on stupid and loves to spew fake news.

    https://disqus.com/by/paulinajaye/ flea bag who repeats the same FBI garbage, foreign sicko who lies her own garbage. The same loser who stalks MJs bought kids and claims they are his. Always stalks mjfacts for the truth is told there.

    Flunatics can’t handle the truth ever!

    There a few more in the UK. See MJ attracts what he was. Low life scum!

  9. Bobmoo is a psychophant

    Oh no, the Bob/Bobmoo/averageidianwoman/susaninireland troll from the UK is here. Wicked wench spats out kids out of wedlock and trolls daily mail & uses an IP blocker to spew hate all day is here. What a bore whore!!

    • The Prophet

      I think that is Deborah Caldaran aka fake journalist Deborah Ffrench in Manchester, UK. She’s actually a sex phone worker. She trolls & talks to her mentally ill self on the Daily Mail all day.

      • Jacko clowns are criminals

        Does Deborah speak Slovic? That would be hammer/susan/bp/bobmoo/albertron/steve bucket..etc. Too many to list. That sychophant is in Hungary. Sick f’r is everywhere on the net oozing poo and harassing people. You can see the stalker on the daily mail right now talking to itself.

  10. Elijah

    I’m so sick and tired of the way people twist up the way Michael loved kids, I understand him, he just wanted to experience being a kid again, there was no pedophilia involved it’s just that the people of this world are sick, ready and determined to say something is bad before they try to understand it. I’m sick of it

    • Bobmoo is poo

      You are sick, period. He loved kids in his bed to molest them. Period!

    • MJ fanatics are degenerates

      Snooze! Get new lines sicko. Kiddie porn was found, sick children statues, drugs..etc.

      We shoved this fact up your rear many times. What you normally do. Ignore it. YOU GOT NO CRED, CRETIN.

      Police discovered Michael Jackson had a large collection of pornography, which allegedly included images of children, animal torture and gore!

      Court docs behoove you “mjloser4life”.

  11. MJ fan

    Michael Jackson’s estate was not disgraced.
    Where do you get your imagined writings from? He left his home because it was totally invaded and turned upside down. After what he went through who could blame in. Do you think its funny that a man and His children had to leave his home?
    If you do your homework on the case, nothing filthy or paedophilia was found. But you ignorant tabloid freaks print whatever you want even though a innocent man was lynched and His good name was dragged through the mud.You drag it on even though he was murdered.
    Why don’t you ever mention the $100’s of millions he donated to charities worldwide. He worked hard for His money and to bring joy to the hearts of millions of people.
    Still today he is still the highest grossing artist of all time dead or alive. Last year his estate grossed $850 million, A world record for any artist.
    You make your living by living off lies. Wake up! Investigate the truth and get a real job!

    • Bobmoo is poo

      Snooze! David Edwards @sanemjfan You are a wife beater & NAMBLA member. Your lies were debunked dumb ass troll. You pedo God was evil. No one on earth wants that house of unspeakable horrors. He abused his own kids too. Jacko attracts what he was SICK! Try going out in public for your pedo God. You freaks never do. Cowards!

      Pedoland is worthless! ha ha!

    • Hammer is an incoherent troll

      Snooze as you never followed the case period. Your lies don’t count psychophant who lives on all the tabloids. Pedoland is a waste land just like your head. FACT!

  12. Regina

    I hope MJs children buy Neverland & use it as a museum for his fans & of course for themselves. Michael Jackson never touched a child inappropriately. That just wasn’t the kind of person he was. He loved children & would never hurt them

    • Willis

      Said no one with a brain. He paid over 23 million for nothing? Get a grip. Your worthless words don’t count.

  13. Willis

    Geesh, they can’t give the Pedo Place away. That’s really, really sad. The RE co tried to get wealthy foreigners to buy it. No one looks at it. Blame MJ for creating the house of horrors where he abused boys & animals.

  14. Navneet

    You are a fucking bastard blogger I don’t even want to know your name but whatever you are you need to be publicly flogged as 85% here wwish sick।man! You are so I hu।an you people won’t stop at flogging a dead corpse।if itssuits your sick।mind

  15. Wacko Raped Babies

    PedoLand is close to being demolished and f’loons can’t save it.

    Ha ha ha