Real Estate Agents Desperately Trying to Dump Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch

Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch (2017)
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There aren’t any tours.  It’s forever closed to the public.  And eight years after his death, realtors can’t dump Michael Jackson’s disgraced Neverland Ranch.

Wealthy real estate buyers sometimes like to own a piece of history.  But when it comes to Neverland Ranch, a dirty legacy isn’t proving to be a winning sell.

Enter Neverland Ranch, which is now sitting on the market unsold for months.  That is, even in one of the richest sectors of the United States, where billionaires-a-plenty like to lay down roots.  But anyone touring this Southern California property is undoubtedly wondering, ‘could I lay my head down in Michael Jackson’s bedroom?’

A List of Every Item Discovered by Police In Michael Jackson’s Residence (NSFW)

Smartly, real estate broker Coldwell Banker erased the ‘Neverland Ranch’ name forever, replacing it with more generic ‘Sycamore Valley Ranch’.  But it’s probably going to take more than a name change to wipe away decades of sordid child molestation accusations.

Currently, Sycamore Valley Ranch is listed for $67 million, a knock-down of nearly $35 million.  That’s likely to sink further as buyers remain uninterested.  Prior to 2017, Neverland Ranch was valued at roughly $100 million.

On its face, that sounds like a steal for a sprawling, 2,700 acre property in prime Santa Barbara countryside.  And don’t forget the guest houses, tennis courts, horse stables, and stunning views.

Was Michael Jackson Just a Dirty Child Molester? A New Lawsuit Says Yes.

The re-named property officially went on sale in February.  Here’s a quick description of the property offered by Coldwell:

“A property of quintessential California beauty and rare privacy, Sycamore Valley Ranch formerly known as Neverland Ranch, is both residence and retreat. Three parcels, totaling approximately 2,700 acres, border on historic family ranches and the Los Padres National Forest in Southern California’s most unique wine-growing region.”

In fact, it may take decades to erase the tarnished past that haunts this property.  Sad, because at one point in time, living in Michael Jackson’s house might have been a thrill.  Now, it’s fertilizer for creepy nightmares and skittish guests.

Seems like the legacy is simply too dirty for anyone to stomach.   Indeed, eight years after Michael Jackson’s death, those allegations are putting a serious stain on the singer’s legacy.  Jackson’s music remains legendary, and his talent unmatched.  But whenever Michael Jackson’s music comes on, there’s a lingering thought that dances in the back of one’s mind: ‘what a sick f—k’.

All of which is a shame, because this is a pretty stunning parcel of land.  Here’s a quick list of what lies behind Neverland’s gates:

  • 12,598 square foot main residence
  • 2,700 acre property adjoining Los Padres National Forest
  • 16 bedrooms.
  • 29 bathrooms.
  • A separate lake.
  • Pool house with 14-foot deep ‘lagoon style’ pool.
  • Spacious movie theater.
  • Dance studio.
  • Multiple barns.
  • Horse corrals.
  • Separate staff facilities.


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Neverland Ranch
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69 Responses

  1. Zig Zag

    A sad situation indeed.. maybe the best thing would be to bulldoze the buildings and sell the land – someone can then build their own country mansion on the land without all the reminders of past events..

    But frankly.. who would want to live out in the middle on nowhere.. gimme
    something a little more convenient to transport, supermarkets, shops, cafes, restaurants, entertainment and health services.

    • eddie

      The person or persons who wrote these lies should just drop dead now,maggots

    • Nicolle Chantale

      Amen!!! Couldn’t have said it better myself. Bless you!!!

    • A Michael Jackson Superfan

      I don’t think ever molested anyone.I don’t think he would ever harm a child,therefore I would love to live there…Or see his family living there then it be destroyed.

    • Maxzeen

      Well if you got money to buy the land you could rent land for a shopping mall

      • Samantha is scum

        That land is not allowed to be used for commercial space. Do you even know where it is?

    • Joey

      Ty for this post. I still believe the gay mafia set mj up w this horrific lie. They wanted his music catalog so bad this group colluded to kill whoever needed to go. Just look at the current money trail of Sony/Atv. Everyone is giddy with their dirty maneuvers. Michael Jackson was always innocent. Mj made more money than some countries. If you think this whole lie isn’t about money. Your not really thinking.

      • Mary Abbass is a stalking psycho

        ha ha, you are delusional Marty Flan, gay pedophile in Ireland who neglects his 2 boys.

    • Kim

      What the hell is wrong with you people.??? Don’t you have your own mind and stop being tabloid junkies and letting tabloids suck you in??Come on use your own mind just like you do in your everyday life choices.Dont hate and be jealous you haters cause Michael Jackson has more fans around the world and growing more everyday than your artists will never accomplish in this world lifetime.he is invincible because his music and his love lives forever and beyond our time when we die .❤️❤️❤️

      • Barbara Taylor

        Sycophant. You keep making money for the tabloids you incoherent mong who talks to their sick selves. Pedoland is no more! Thousands of us showed up for Pedophile Awareness Day at Forrest lawn. Guess who wasn’t there? You nor any other pedo lover. He’s forgotten!

      • Mary Abbass is a stalking psycho

        What a bore whore you are.

        This vile rabid who is now 65 or so trolls every MJ story, harasses writers, harasses Dr. Oz for having Dr. Murray on & other fanatics while not once ever attending wacko’s funeral nor his crypt. She’s an all talk deranged lunatic. An RO is being called on her today for she is a danger to herself. Mary Abbas of Moorpark, CA.

        Dr. Oz knows all about that sick creature while he laughed at her bull shit rant. There are no wacko fans. Just a few nut cases like yourself that never see the light of day.

        Shameless troll. Thanks for making tabloids money vindihate ghoul.

        • kiranjit kaur

          Yes,we would visit His crypt if we could * and you all know that * ha ha *

    • Dee

      Yeah no kidding. Get a life. Get some respect. Check your facts. Don’t be a dumba**

      • Barbara Taylor

        As you answer to your sick vile self and never one have one fact loser without a life nor a soul. Yo dip shit. You exposed your tabloid loving self on tmz & radar online. Keep making them money you foul fool.

        Pedoland was a place the world knows MJ diddled boys, neglected his animals, slept with boy dolls, collected kiddy porn and abused drugs. They can’t give that house of horrors away.

        Paul has nothing to worry about as you rabid’s are deranged lunatics who never see the light of day.

        Not one of you freaks showed up for the happy day he died 8yrs ago.

      • Mary Abbass is a stalking psycho

        As you never have any facts and have no respect. You repeat that same “lame” lines on tmz & radaronline. You can’t hide for nothing low life scum. sniff, sniff, mjsangel, child neglecting maggot who is most evil in the UK.

    • steve

      Wow….. what a rubbish piece of journalism… thats poor even by todays low standards. writers like this are the bowels of society…

      • MJ rabid's love tabloids

        As you can never write “hammertonhal”. You keep showing up as many accts. Thanks for making tabloids money as you are too f’n stupid to understand the article. You & Mary Abbas sure are stuck on stupid. Lifeless rabid’s have no jobs, no skills, no 2 brain to rub together, no life, no human interaction. Thanks for making me money too filthy fanatic. You lose again stalker.

    • Wacko Jacko is no more!

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    • amorican

      he was a pedophile – how is that being ‘misunderstood’?

    • Mr Man

      Well, this comment hasn’t aged terribly well…

  2. Concerned Human

    What a tasteless article to out out on the anniversary of his death. At least have some manners. You’re a complete pig, Paul. Molestation mansion?? You’re the disgrace.

    • A Michael Jackson Superfan

      You wowould think they would show a little respect of Michael Jackson,his family,and the people grieving over his death.

    • MJ rabid's love tabloids

      You are a corrupt carcass Mary Abbas. Paul rocks as you waste in your own foul stench daily. Thanks for making us money moron. Dr. Oz laughed at your blow hard rant about Dr. Murray. You freaks don’t count for nothing.

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      • Love and Peace

        Michael was proved Innocent of ALL molestation charges.
        Have some RESPECT (if you understand what that means, which I doubt), for his Childrenn, Family and Friends
        Oh, and of course Please Do Forget ALL the MILLIONS of Pounds and PRIVATE time he spent on helping the sick and dying, rebuilding orphanages and hopsitals.
        That of course is not important to the likes of YOU.

    • Mary Abbass is a stalking psycho

      … troll. You are most uneducated and live in a gutter. You’re not human. No rabid are.

  3. Anonymous

    I know whats even more sick. A writer posting an article thats full of innuendo and tabloid truths bashing a man who has been gone 8 years. Nothing ever found or proven. And he knows it. But then innocence doesn’t sell like guilt does.

  4. Ivan

    I know whats even more sick. A writer posting an article thats full of innuendo and tabloid truths bashing a man who has been gone 8 years. Nothing ever found or proven. And he knows it. But then innocence doesn’t sell like guilt does.

    • MJ rabid's love tabloids

      Get out of here with that crap as you talk to your degenerate self. No one is morning that death of that creep as you never knew the dead ped anyway. No family nor losers you showed up at his crypt either. You are, as usual a delusional hater who does not live in reality.

      • kiranjit kaur

        Wrong. I cried publicly a few weeks ago about His death * so that proves how much you lie * MJ True Royal King of Africa 1992*? He was made King Sani*? dont you dare try to Treason * treasons the worst crime in the country * criminals * slanders a Crime too *

  5. Patrick

    What a disgustingly biased and judgmental article. Try again with something you know something about.

    • MJ rabid's love tabloids

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  6. Moonwalker4life

    Wow. This is TASTELESS. I will certainly never visit this page again. I thought everyone knew the truth about Michael Jackson by now. Actually now that I think about it, the writer probably does know MJ was innocent and just wants to be a bully. Shame on you, Paul!

  7. Lauren

    If i could I would buy the property and restore it to its former glory and let fellow fans enjoy the amusement park rides and the train.

  8. Eden

    What a tasteless article, what’s even more tasteless is that you’re posting this on the death-anniversary of Michael Jackson, have some respect and manners. And when writing an article keep you tabloid-biased opinions to yourself! The sad part is this is every medias-outlet cheap way of getting attention, writing something shitty about the king of pop. Business must be slow….

    • Samantha is scum

      Wacko gets no respect you deranged … troll. Way to expose your disrespectful self again dumb ass who can’t read. Bet you hand your neglected kids to pedophile’s & drug addicts. You have no shame nor a brain.

  9. trolls commenting

    jackson was indeed a sick fuck with shitty music… this crap is worth nothing

    • wacko abused animals & boys FACT

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  10. MJ Innocent

    For writing untrue shit about MJ

    • wacko was never innocent

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  11. Charlotte

    This unqualified shit must be banned, including its writer.

    • wacko was never innocent

      You should be banned from the net blow hard psychopath. You are a deranged hater who is most diseased and lifeless.

  12. Janice

    You are one sick jealous fuck how dare you print bull shit about MJ his children enjoyed a very happy part of there life there with there daddy you are disgusting

    • wacko was never innocent

      Wow, you are soo retarded as you have this delusional rant saved on your computer. For the last time topix troll No one is jealous of a dead ped. Thanks for exposing your delusional self “Jermaine” Goofperson…etc.

      The next time I shat at Forrest Lawn. I’m going to jacko you did it.

  13. Zig Zag

    Look the simple facts are..

    The running costs of house and garden maintenance is HUGE !!
    * Property Taxes
    * Gardening and land maintenance and labor costs
    * House cleaning and maintenance and labor costs
    * Water, Electricity, Gas ongoing Bills

    Too much negative reminders and history – bulldoze the buildings and
    maybe sub-divide the land and sell it off.. Let the buyers build new houses and fancy estates on smaller and more manageable allotments of land.

    By the way.. does anyone know what the Property Taxes would amount to
    for this real estate.

    • wacko was never innocent

      They can’t even give the land away that’s how tainted it is.

  14. Kim

    Also “Digital music news”you writing this article is also your opinion.called it disgraced land is way off base.lets call your life and family a disgraced house also and see how do you feel now?!!You better be careful what you write because not me but you might piss off the wrong person and they will erase you for talking bad about the most beloved and followed person on the planet.there are psychos out there so be careful and watch you back people that have no conscious kill for the fun of it.but you know the way of world glad I don’t have your job that sucks to say the shit you write and I would be the future use this advice and use it and hope it isn’t to late for you??☹️☹️☹️

    • wacko abused animals & boys FACT

      You are obviously a deranged lunatic with no shame nor a clue. You moron, you didn’t even read the article. Wacko is not beloved by many. Your sybil accts don’t count maggot.

    • Samantha

      One comment is all this piece of shit is worth only this time its the truth…Paul, the author of this smut, was infatuated with MJ. After realizing Michael was straight and normal, and would never consider his advances, became tormented and agonized. In fact, within the industry, its strongly suggested by those in the know, that Paul was caught attempting to remove the clothing and perform, ah lets say, lewd acts,” on an MJ lookalike. He was taken into custody and confessed to dog raping his brother, claiming he was distraught over an unrealized relationship. No charges were ever filed. Poor Paul. I mean MJ was hot, but poor Paul lost his mind.

      • Samantha

        We do hope Paul is recovering.. All other MJ fans and followers should wish Paul and his mother the very best……ooops! I didnt tell ya’ll what dirty Paul did to his mother!! Well! Thats a whole other post! ?

        • Samantha is scum

          What fans? You freak fanatics (all 5 of you) don’t count in the real world. Snooze, your threats are a joke deranged lunatic. Your mother should have aborted you nasty pedo lover who are most of the troll accts here. Thanks for exposing yourself again “you tube” troll.

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        • wacko fanatics are haters & degenerates

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      • Samantha is scum

        Low life degenerate. You got no cred. Thanks for making tabloids money as you didn’t even read the article. Nice new fake troll name. LOSER4LIFE Paul rocks and has a great job. You’re jealous.

  15. Anonymous

    Prayers to his family and children they loved neverland they always wanted to go back dear God please allow this family to grieve without Judgemental assholes only God knows what went on there he is the only one who can judge …..Miss Michael Jackson ……….

    • wacko abused animals & boys FACT

      Snooze, no one reads your mentally ill rants as you make money for every tabloid. Dumb ass troll. sizzle and rot in hell with your pedo God you nasty cracker who does not count when it comes to reality. Using God is a sin you bible thumping sinner.

    • Samantha is scum

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  16. mansions in the deserts of california

    So many of the comments posted here from fans are just plain silly and misguided.

    I do think the article could have left out some of the editorial opinions and just
    focused on the property and the knock down in price and perhaps some of the
    unfortunate history that went along with it.. but that aside.. it’s still an interesting

    I bet that the price will continue to fall.. probably end up going for around $30 to
    $40 million, maybe even less that $30 million..

    • wacko abused animals & boys FACT

      It’s pretty much the same deranged lunatic that trolls every Mj related story. They don’t even read the article at all. They are illiterate & demented. Anyway, Pedo Land is worthless at this point. They can’t give that house of horrors away. The RE co tried to market it to the wealthy over seas. Not a soul!

  17. Pedo Land should be burned down

    @B_Marco (filthy foreigner) @Ivy_4MJ are the other sick rabid fanatics that infest every story & troll you tube. B_Marco loves making death threats while his is not in the US. Sick pedophile needs a rod up his filthy behind. He’s a Wade hater while Bonnie Lamrock his fellow hater scams people for money on gofundme. She has 2 scams going on.

    Wacko fanatics are scum! Truth!