Reach Music Publishing Joins UK Digital Licensing Collective IMPEL

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Reach Music Publishing, a full-service music publishing and artist representation organization, has joined IMPEL, a UK-based collective that negotiates e-licensing deals on behalf of rightsholders.

The UK’s Music Publishers Association (not to be confused with America’s Music Publishers Association, as the two operate independently) founded IMPEL as a subsidiary, but the brand became a solo organization in 2018.

IMPEL represents a multitude of independent artists and reaches licensing agreements with clients around the world. Significantly, IMPEL has a contract with SACEM, one of France’s largest and most prominent rights organizations; this point contributed to the viability of the IMPEL-Reach professional relationship, according to Reach’s founder, owner, and president, Michael Closter.

Reach’s extensive catalog features songs from artists including Ice-T and John Mayer, among many others. The partnership is expected to enhance Reach’s efficiency and effectiveness in terms of handling a large volume of e-licensing agreements on a global scale.

Speaking of the IMPEL deal, Michael Closter said that he decided to join based upon the encouraging opinions he heard from IMPEL’s current music publisher members. He also indicated that he was “pleased” to be part of the group and that he will assume an “active” role.

IMPEL CEO Sarah Williams stated that it was “fantastic” to have Closter and Reach enter the fold, before noting that “the impact of our combined expertise and aggregated market share is extremely positive.”

Michael Closter, a New York native, founded Reach Music Publishing in 1993. The Burbank-based organization offers tailored agreements, including worldwide licensing services and those for specific regions. It has also developed an array of global partners to spearhead international royalty collections, and boasts a comprehensive sync licensing department.

IMPEL (an abbreviation for the Independent Music Publishers’ e-Licensing) named Sarah Williams, a music lawyer who has long been involved in the entertainment industry, CEO in April of 2019. A number of highly successful artists, including Ed SheeranStormzy, and Beyoncé, to name just some, are represented by IMPEL.

Williams also owns and operates Big Picture Legal, a UK law firm that specializes in entertainment-industry matters.

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