Is Kanye West Scamming $30 Million In Tour Cancellation Insurance?

Kanye West
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Kanye West
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Kanye West performs at his ‘Life of Pablo Tour’ in Grand Rapids, MI.  The singer abruptly canceled his tour this week.

Kanye West is apparently suffering from ‘extreme sleep deprivation’ and mental exhaustion.  But is that just a scam to collect $30 million in tour cancellation insurance?

Did Kanye West just commit himself to UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles as part of an elaborate scam to collect $30 million tour insurance money?  That’s a growing theory in the wake of an abrupt cancellation of all remaining dates on his ‘Life of Pablo’ tour, with estimated damages now reaching $30 million.

It’s a simple question: is Kanye simply making up an illness to scam his insurance provider?   Here’s why this whole thing just doesn’t stack up:

(1) Touring at this level isn’t ‘exhausting’.

Kanye West travels in luxury vehicles, which drive him from luxury jets to luxury hotels to luxury backstage lounges.  The entire time, he eats expensive food, gets plenty of rest in five-star hotels, and has personal assistants taking care of everything.

Shows are in the evening, so he has all day to relax, exercise, meditate, tweet, call his shrink, whatever.  Then, he can sleep in the next day.  Kanye even has days off, where he can do whatever he wants.

There’s nothing ‘mentally exhausting’ or ‘sleep depriving’ about any of that.

(2) Kanye West was committed to the hospital AFTER he cancelled his tour.

That’s right: the rapper had a mental exhaustion meltdown only *after* he nixed all of this remaining tour dates.  That’s now confirmed.  But canceling an entire tour carries liability: people need refunds, venues may decide to sue, and the artist might have to give back millions in advances.

In fact, there may be clauses in Kanye’s contract that he owes millions if he cancels dates without a good reason.

Did Kanye realize all of that after the fact, and claim ‘mental exhaustion’ to get out of it?

Kanye West Denies Saying, “I Hope They Build a Wall, I Hope They Get Rid of Them All”

(4) The Life of Pablo tour was cancelled without any reason given.

When Lady Gaga canceled the remaining dates of her ‘Born This Way Ball Tour’ in 2013, it was due to a major hip injury.  You saw it happen on stage.  And usually when an entire tour is cancelled, there’s a very serious reason.  In fact, this might be the first reason a tour was cancelled for no reason.

But Live Nation, which was promoting the entire Life of Pablo Tour, merely stated that the tour was off.  End of story.

It’s simple: if Kanye wants to make a claim, he has to make up a reason.

(4) Tour cancellation insurance can only be claimed for severe circumstances (like, a serious illness).

Here’s how tour cancellation insurance works.  An insurance company will pay for the missed revenues, ticket returns, and liabilities of a cancelled tour — but only if there’s a seriously ‘extenuating circumstance’ or ‘illness’.   For example, if a massive earthquake levels Los Angeles, you obviously can’t play that date.  Or, if a performer breaks his leg on stage and can’t continue.  The insurance company steps in and pays the difference.

See how this works?

(5) There are way too many outrageous ‘events’ when it comes to Kanye West or Kim Kardashian.

Kanye’s wife, Kim Kardashian, may have fabricated an entire robbery in Paris — just for the attention.

+ Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Could Face Criminal Charges Over Paris Robbery

That’s a theory that hasn’t died, especially with zero leads or other credible information on Kim Kardashian’s robbery.  Even a Supreme Court Justice questioned whether that robbery was fabricated.

You really think Kanye West is above faking a mental breakdown?

(6) Kanye West will do anything for attention.  Anything.

Like, pledge his allegiance to Donald Trump for 40 minutes on stage.  And cancel a show in Sacramento after two songs, while denouncing Beyonce and Jay Z.

Or, canceling an entire tour.

But publicity stunts aren’t always free.  Someone has to pay for all those tickets, damages, lawsuits, and payments to support staff.

Maybe Kanye doesn’t want to get stuck paying that bill.

16 Responses

  1. anom nom

    Frankly with these celebrities and their shenanigans it wouldn’t at all surprise me..

    Just look at that business in Paris with the very suspicious story of the hotel heist yet no footage or witnesses emerged..

  2. Mike

    This was such a great resource for me when I started my music career in college. It’s a shame it has become so deeply rooted in irresponsible tabloid journalism. Cheers.


    Two huge insurance claims made by Kim and Kanye Kardashian West in the past few months.

    It’s bizarre to say the very least.

  4. Joe

    Cheesy tabloid journalism catering to people’s deep-seated prejudices about those with mental health issues.

  5. Steve H

    This isn’t tabloid journalism. It’s using a timely music industry issue — a major artist abruptly cancelling their tour under suspicious reasoning — to explain an aspect of the touring industry many might not fully understand. It’s a little dish-y, but it’s also informative. Nothing wrong with that.

  6. Telem

    The site has never published an article about this guy’s art, but focuses (with glee it seems) on whatever negative story might be out there about him. Why are you interested in him if you don’t like his product? This intent on dissing him is gross and just reflects bad on this site, not the artist. Sad to realize this as I found the site very decent. Cheers.

    • JJ Rollins

      Agreed. DMN should focus on the business and leave the anti-too-cool-for-whatever attitude out. Too often the tone in these articles is indicative of a far-left college journalist. Almost to the point of conspiracy theory. This site is too old for this sort of crap. Grow up!

      Bottom line is Kanye is a sick in the head dude. Bipolar-type of personality. We all know it. He is capable of any sort of scam as he is also capable of being checked into a mental institution.

      This article was almost good as it did inform about tour insurance. Just leave the stupid crap out. It not necessary.

      • JJ Rollins

        I’ll rephrase, this article could have been really good if it left the subjective crap for the end as an open question. You can cover these high-traffic people and still keep your integrity.

  7. Anon and on

    This is literally the stupidest article I’ve ever read here, and that’s saying something.

  8. Karma

    Kanye west and Kim kardashian are the greediest low life untalented subhuman losers that have ever existed. The insurance companies need to check into the bullshit publicity stunts these too morons have participated in and both should go to jail for insurance fraud! And let’s no forget Chris Jenner the mastermind behind all of this.

  9. Tyrone

    Are you serious? Fabricated? As if Kim wouldn’t make all those millions by appearing in public for the last two months. Nah, she clearlty LOVES sitting at home, while not interacting with social media in any way. This definetly helps her image, her brand, her products, endorsement contacts, etc. GTFO. And for Kanye, it would’ve been waay easier for him to make $30m by just ending his tour and selling his merch.
    By the way, first point of this article is such bullshit. You are describing Kanye as if he doesn’t have to deal with his clothing line, merch line, making new music and whatever other contracts he has. Get out of here.

  10. Rick Shaw

    Dude was wacko before becoming a Kardashian and is worse after.

  11. Suzi dee

    OMG , this is perfect ! we all know is true but not all have the guts to talk about !!

  12. lel

    this is stupid lol like the author knows anything about this situation “1.5 hours of nonstop activity and rapping isn’t tiring at all even tho ye literally lost his voice but that’s ok because it’s not tiring i can do it that’s why i’m sitting here writing this poverty article while ye makin millions” foh you don’t know shit my man