Andrea Bocelli Just Made a Brand New Enemy: Donald J. Trump…

Andrea Bocelli: I'm Backing Out of Trump's Inauguration
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Blind tenor Andrea Bocelli has just backed out of the upcoming Presidential Inauguration.  Was that a smart move, or career suicide?

Andrea Bocelli just wants to sing!  Instead, the operatic tenor is now in the middle of a merciless political warzone.  And, desperately trying to avoid all-out career suicide.

Andrea Bocelli Warned: ‘You Will Lose Millions of Fans…’

After initially giving the green light to lead Donald Trump’s Inauguration on January 20th, Bocelli has now abruptly backed out.  That was a response to a massive and growing backlash from fans, many of whom swore to never patronize the singer again.

This quickly hit a boiling point, proving that politics can kill an otherwise talented musician.  Some fans started destroying their CDs and DVDs, vowing never to listen to the tenor again.  Others warned the singer that he was committing career suicide.  Petitions started circulating.

They won.

Accordingly, Andrea Bocelli has just pissed off the next President of the United States.  And Trump, declared an enemy by the creative class, is down to just one performer: 2010 ‘America’s Got Talent’ runner-up Jackie Evancho.

The Bocelli bounce follows high-profile bow-outs by Elton John, Garth Brooks, and David Foster.  But unlike those high-profile musicians, Andrea Bocelli is actually indebted to Trump for past favors.  So here’s how the decision matrix broke down for Bocelli:

Option A: Play the Inauguration, potentially alienate millions of fans and commit career suicide.

Option B: Back out of the Inauguration, pissing off the next President of the United States, and also possibly committing career suicide.

Fun choice!  Bocelli chose ‘A,’ with the appropriate consequences already emerging.  Already, the Trump Administration is reacting by strongly downplaying the diss.  They’re even saying that Bocelli was actually turned down by Trump, not the other way around.

Smells like bull waste product, but hey.  “The Bocellis came to [Donald Trump] and said, ‘if it would be helpful to you, if you would like us to perform, we’d consider it.’  And Donald said, ‘you don’t need to, we’re not in that kind of a framework.  Thanks very much for the offer. You’re my friend, you’re always welcome to the White House,'” explained Tom Barrack, the Inauguration Committee Chairman on MSNBC.

“But it never got to ‘can you, will you, would you, with either of them.'” Barrack continued.  “They’re just great friends, and that’s it.”

 “Trump is already a celebrity, so there’s no need to surround himself with other celebrities.”

Tellingly, Barrack was careful to state that Donald Trump helped Bocelli before he was famous.  In fact, he may have been the difference between fame and obscurity.  “Donald Trump — and this is a true story — lent Andrea Bocelli his plane when nobody had heard of him.”

Guess Bocelli is moving on.  As a result, Trump is now faced with a celebrity-less Inauguration.  But of course, anything can be spun in the right direction in Washington.  “Barack Obama wasn’t a celebrity when he first entered office, so he needed to surround himself with celebrities,” Barrack smacked.  “Trump is already a celebrity, so there’s no need to surround himself with other celebrities.”

Sounds like sour grapes all around.  “The celebrities need to decide,” Barrack admonished.

“Do you want to participate, and be relevant?  Or do you not want to participate, and be irrelevant?”

That bitterness follows a number of high-profile rejections, though Barrack then suggested that celebrities weren’t really being courted.  “The monuments are the real draw.  That’s the most important thing,” Barrack spun.  “That is the moment, the ‘We the People’ moment.  Not, let’s take Spotify and give you everything.”  (Nice Spotify shout-out, btw.)

“The President-Elect’s view is simple. Let me get to work, we don’t need a lot of adulation.  Let’s get on with it.”

Hopefully Bocelli’s passport and visa still work in 2017.  Fun times in America!


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    • Vail, CO

      It’s not about courage. He just doesn’t want to kill his career.

      • Bobby

        Wrong,, it is indeed about “courage”,, the deepest, sincerest form of it along with one ruling/controlling their own destiny. Trump befriended Bocelli when he was an up & coming wannabe. That alone doesn’t make him totally beholden to Trump but it does create a framework of indebtedness & gratitude far exceeding “the normal CD buying fan” Bocelli’s taking sides with DUE TO THREATS & MANIPULATION OF THE MAN HIMSELF!!

        How petty! What does that say about the individual imposing his will on a man intent on performing for a friend or acquaintance of his & then what does it say about Bocelli himself he won’t stand up against such treacherous behavior? Yes,, even at the risk of losing some of these indignant lowlifes claiming to be fans.

        Perhaps you & many others haven’t heard of something called “pride” but woe be the reaction some jerk would get from me attempting to impose their very selfish & wrong sided opinions & actions on me,, I’ve zero use for small minded people such as them.

        It’s very much “about courage” when you can’t make a simple stand vs. the small minded crybaby types not having enough confidence in your own abilities as a performer your career will certainly continue while outlasting direct threats from those calling themselves “fans” all the while performing as JERKS themselves.

        It’s about only having a small amount of courage you’ve the right to make your own decisions in life as an individual,, not based upon some outsider wanting to control a situation. These “so called fans” are not true fans & certainly not decent human beings..

        • Bruce Spencer

          HEIL TO THE CHEAT!
          (January 20, 2017 Washington, DC)


          (Holding hand over First Lady’s crotch)

          “I do solemnly swear to My Orifice that I will
          discriminate and insult Muslims, Jews, Catholics, Christians, Africans, Latins and especially Mexicans, as Dictator of the Divided States of America, and will, to the best of my ability, persecute, fabricate and eventually destroy the former United States of America. So help me Allah, Moses, Jesus and God.”
          *Eight Herald Trumpet Players Engage In Hand-To-Hand Fighting, Using Their Long Horns As Weapons
          © 2016 Alan Abel

  1. 9

    Slimy Cultural Marxism at work. The day will come when the common citizen correctly understands it and what is at stake and a correction will be made.

      • 9

        The behavior of the Left–exampled here–is a direct extension of the Frankfurt school and Critical Theory which blossomed into Cultural Marxism which birthed PC behavior and beyond. Think in terms of the intolerant college campuses where all groups are believed oppressed by their host and all norms and values must be questioned and challenged. Now the virulent Left will violently attack any opinion which challenges their own. Howling “racist” is designed to shutdown discussion and not to engage it. Through a series of logical fallacies they arrive at Trump being evil incarnate and must therefore be vociferously opposed at every step and this stands above democracy itself.

        Bocelli and Trump are good friends. It was Trump who suggested to Bocelli that due to violent opposition to anyone supporting Trump that he save his career by bowing out. Bocelli was receiving death threats and boycott threats if he proceeded to perform at the Inauguration. This is from the morally superior Left and the kind of society they wish to advocate.

    • Mo Ble

      Trump is a fascist, so, yeah, marxism might be the response. Of course, you don’t even know what marxism is, you’re just spewing talking points like all your ilk.
      Alt-right politically correct talking points, that is. Clear Channel, the right wing fascist radio network, is the real cultural marxist, clown.

      • Troy

        Talking points? Your entire thread is a HuffPoMattersico talking point. What site did you cut and paste it from Spanky?

      • Troy

        By the way, gotta love the liberal tolerance, eh? Guy gets the honor of performing at an inauguration and the tolerant left destroys him. I guess they have the free time now that they aren’t threatening to kill electors for the moment.

        • 9

          This points to the very saddest thing of all here which is that an inauguration should be a very special and reverential experience no matter what side of the aisle you stand on. It should be a time to set aside these petty quarrels and celebrate a land which allows all voices.

          As for any performer no matter the political party, this should just plain and simply be a great honor and not an occasion to get a good dig in on someone as if it is a war zone.

      • 9

        Trump is a good man. He is a sincere and honest man and only means well. He didn’t have to take all of that abuse just to be elected. He doesn’t need fortune fame and power–he has always had that.

        The narrative you have bought into was only ever a DNC political campaign ploy called “ad hominem” which got way out of hand and thus plenty of ordinary people like yourself, who don’t have time to engage in the study of these complex matters accepted it as truth. Ad hominem is an argumentative trick of personally attacking an opponent as a means of distraction from a significant issue. The rest is history.

  2. An Indie

    “Blind tenor”?!?! Would you write “Black tenor”, “Jewish tenor”…? Not offended but think you might want to reconsider your opening. His lack of eyesight isn’t relevant to the story nor to introducing Bocelli in the piece.

  3. Shit Boy

    Andrea Bocelli , the superstar opera singer and tenor can clearly see and smell all the , Ku KluX Klan , bullshit and want’s no part of the first family of this new American age aristocracy of Apartheid. . .:: LX

    • 9

      The caution here is that, if one keeps howling KKK at ordinary people, eventually over time, they are possibly going to say, OK then KKK it is, can’t be so bad after all if apposes vicious manipulators. The accusers are considerably out-powered here and will perhaps experience unpleasant consequences.

      • Rk

        If people saying you support the kkk would cause you to join the kkk….. They were right about you to begin with.

        • 9

          It’s not like that at all. It is the mouthy minority and pathologically virtuous white validating their lack of integrity in the matter. Isn’t it?

  4. Rick Shaw

    It’s his choice to participate or not. Judge him all you want, but in the end, those who judge are the losers.

    • 9

      It’s going to become a very dangerous game if society continues to proceed towards a ‘you are either a KKK or a BLM supporter’. Nothing good will come of this, to put it very mildly.

      • Rick Shaw

        Take a look back at recent history (during his campaign) to see how Trump divided the country. A vote for him was a vote against women, handicapped, veterans, etc.

        • 9

          I am so glad you brought that up because the entire source of this current discussion was born through that myth about Trump, created by the DNC who have been playing minorities to VOTE ON THE BASIS OF THEIR RACE. Irony alarms going off? Who are the racists? The DNC then builds the narrative that minorities should counter Trump with their skin-color-vote. The big bad and mean spirited Trump does not like you says the DNC. The minorities buy it and thus become the racial agenda perpetrators and hypocrites hence identity politics.

          By the way, everyone is race-centric–racists. Depending upon it’s convenience to them whether or not they admit it. Never forget who are the perpetual guests in America and who are the eternal Hosts and creators of EVERYTHING in it–fact–therefore conflict of race interests is your continuous political reality.

      • Ricky

        There are too many labels. We are all flawed human beings. It seems that today the negative is stressed more than the positive.