Can Paris Jackson Shake Her Daddy’s Demons?

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As if celebrity parents weren’t complicated enough.  Now, 18 year-old Paris Jackson is kicking off her own career, with the extremely complicated legacy of Michael Jackson behind her.

Michael Jackson was hailed as a hero when he died in 2009.  Since then, the dust has settled less favorably.  Leaked documents exposed lurid findings of a 1990s police raid of the Neverland Ranch.  Fresh accusations by a purported victim from the 80s surfaced.

And many of those that celebrate Michael Jackson’s musical legacy are starting to think, well… he probably did it.

Was Michael Jackson Just a Dirty Child Molester? A New Lawsuit Says Yes.

Perhaps those shifting sentiments became obvious last week.  That’s when a real estate holding group erased the Neverland Ranch legacy, in favor of a kinder ‘Sycamore Valley Ranch’ moniker.  That follows claims by attorneys for the Jackson Estate, who told the IRS that tawdry scandals effectively wiped away the value of the Michael Jackson brand.

Michael Jackson Estate Receives a $700,000,000 Bill from the IRS

Enter Paris Jackson, who recently celebrated her 18th birthday and kickstarted a brand-new career.  And Hollywood is blowing this Jackson heir up, with TV, fashion, and even movie roles ahead.

Just last month, Paris pulled a quick cameo at the Grammys by introducing The Weekend and Daft Punk.  This week, she’s appearing on Fox’s ‘Star,’ where she plays a pushy social media expert.

And that’s just the beginning: according to the Hollywood Reporter, Paris Jackson has just inked a broad-reaching deal with William Morris Endeavor (WME).  That comes one week after Paris inked a modeling pact with IMG Models, a division of WME.

If all goes well for Paris, fans forget the baggage and give this girl a chance. And if all goes well, people will be referring to Paris Jackson instead of ‘Michael Jackson’s kid’ (with appropriate facial expression).

The former is of course more preferable.

Here’s a pre-show interview with Paris ahead of the ‘Star’ broadcast.

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  1. Anon

    Oh my god what the hell is wrong with you? Now you’re going to continue harassing Michael Jackson’s children? When are you ever going to stop? We don’t care how jealous you are of Michael Jackson. Please let it go. All you do is continue to show how much of an asshole you really are. Leave her alone

    • Paris has no shame

      STFU you cowardly shrill who talks to her sick self. You have no shame nor a life. Thanks for making digital music money for you troll here 24/7. Babs, you are more of a danger to those bought kids than anyone. Sod off deranged lunatic.

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    • Wacko diddled boys

      You & your jealous bs. Leave the net troll. That child is not your business anyway lonely lady. You got shame in your stupidity. Paris wants fame. Mental midget Mary Abbass. you are one stupid flunatic who repeats the same hogwash day after day. Feeble minded freak.

    • Sam I am

      Actually, you are the only one showing what an ignorant asshole you really are. Why are you stalking Paris you pig?

  2. Jom

    Who is thinking MJ “probably did it”. See how this nut is trying to throw something out there by her wording. No one with a brain think MJ did nothing. She is the one how hope MJ is probably did it.First of all, if MJ was really guilty, it would NOT take this kind of witch hunt all of these years and with a trial for it to be proven and keep bring this issue up. Like MJ said, anytime he has a project or something good come out about him or family, some tabloid folks bring this issue up. Give it a rest. Paris will be fine.

    • Jom

      As I said, NO ONE WITH A BRAIN THINKS MJ DID THIS. Look at the EVIDENCE from his trial and how these accusers an people change their stories over and over. Give it a rest.

      • Wacko diddled boys

        That is a lie you constantly get debunked on. NO ONE HAS DENIED ANYTHING. Yo rabid, Wacko was a pedophile who paid his victims. Innocent people don’t do that. We also know you never read the court docs and never will. Your lies & denials prove you weak and ignorant. Typical of a wacko fanatic stuck on stupid at all times.

      • Rabid's lie like rugs

        No one changed their story, stupid.

      • Rabid's lie like rugs

        No one changed their story, stupid. LOl@ MJ had no demons? That’s a load of bull crap. He was a hot mess psychologically and physically. Bobmoo is mentally ill and has lots of demons too.

    • Paris has no shame

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  3. Tammy

    MJ had no demons. yes, he has some problems like ALL OF DO; but he did NOT have no demons. He did have a bunch of liars and conartists around him that took advantage of kindness and fame and money.

    • Paris has no shame

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    • MJ was a demon

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    • Lanet Brown

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      • Wacko diddled boys

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      • Deborah Ffrench

        He was not human you vile shrill.

      • Rabid's are zombies

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  4. Paris has no shame

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  5. Paris has no shame

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