Someone Just Downloaded the Entire 900TB SoundCloud Site. So We’re Good!

A Reddit user has allegedly backed up SoundCloud’s entire catalog and site.

In response to fears of SoundCloud’s imminent bankruptcy, CEO Alexander Ljung said that the company “is here to stay.”  But not everyone is convinced, with good reason.

So, a Reddit user decided to back-up the platform’s entire public music catalog.  Because, of course he did.

Following reports of the streaming platform’s poor financial health, some users have started saving their entire SoundCloud catalog.  However, the heroic Redditer took it upon himself to rip all of SoundCloud’s files. On Reddit, user “makemakemakemake” simply wrote,

“It’s only 900TB. I downloaded it all in a weekend, 80Gb/s.”

Not everyone believed the news.  After pressed for proof, the reddit user posted a 100GB log file.

Does the user have any plans to create a mirrored version of the platform? Probably not.  Makemakemakemake invited other users to download from SoundCloud directly.

It’d be quicker to download everything from [SoundCloud] yourself. Only have 10G to where the data is now.

How exactly did makemakemakemake download everything so fast?  The user hinted at using Google’s cloud computing services.

The Reddit post comes amidst large-scale plans to preserve SoundCloud’s entire catalog.  Volunteer collective group Archive Team announced their plan to perform a complete back-up.  Using their virtual archiving app, ArchiveTeam Warrior, the collective group has started preserving SoundCloud’s archives.  Confirming the Reddit post, Archive Team calculates that the streaming platform’s public tracks total 855GB.

In a post, the group wrote,

“Archive Team considers the SoundCloud service in danger and, as it hosts a lot of original content, finds it important to prepare to save it selectively (a full grab would be too big and would raise concerns of mass copyright infringement).”

The work to preserve the entire public catalog is underway.  Today, the group posted,

07/18/2017: API Grab from all comment and misc data is underway, SC is throttling our User Agent heavily, Code is being worked on to resolve this.

SoundCloud hasn’t commented on the initiatives to preserve its entire catalog. It maintains that the platform is fully funded through Q4.

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9 Responses

  1. Sergiu

    How is this not a massive copyright infringement?

  2. DC

    This is a ToS violation, and copyright violation.
    I have an agreement with Soundcloud, not some 3rd party using an API to grab stuff.
    The music I have posted is explicitly NOT available for download without payment.

  3. dj inyourface

    Wait, did he download the original master files, or the downgraded 128kbps stuff that streams off soundcloud?

  4. Cliff Sanderson

    Who would’ve ever seen something like this coming?

  5. Anonimous

    Amazing How Every one is like safe the music don’t let soudcloud go down and one random dude is like Lets download the full 900 Tb

  6. Bikas Gurung

    How it is possible? Anyway, interesting news.