The X Factor Won’t Be Airing in 2020 — Is The Show Finally Over?

The X Factor 2020
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The X Factor 2020
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The X Factor, one of the most iconic talent shows in the world, is not returning for 2020. According to sources, Simon Cowell and ITV have agreed to give the show some rest this year. Cowell recently signed a five-year deal with ITV for Britain’s Got Talent and The X Factor. The final season of The X Factor is supposed to arrive in 2020, but it seems like it won’t happen.

The format of the show has been changing every year, and it has become quite stale over the years. In 2019, the format was changed again with celebrity appearances and a focus on bands. However, those spin-off shows failed to resuscitate the show’s sinking ratings. One source shared with Deadline that Cowell and the producers want to take a breath and think through the show’s future. They don’t think they can reinvigorate the show if they go straight into another cycle this year.

The X Factor has been on British TV for over sixteen years in some form or another. It has managed to rake in audiences of 18 million people in its prime, and it has launched the careers of One Direction and Rebecca Ferguson. The show is produced by Cowell’s production company, Syco Entertainment.

However, one important thing to remember about these talent shows is that they were born in an era before YouTube. With YouTube and TikTok showcasing talent every day and any time you want it, shows like this are less appealing to younger generations. Fox’s re-invention of the genre with The Masked Singer brings something new to the table, but even its popularity is waning.

With so much talent available on the internet, it’s no wonder that this talent show format is dying. Finding an hour to watch pre-chosen winners in an old format just isn’t appealing to most people. People want something new and exciting, and that’s where YouTube and TikTok come in.

YouTube and TikTok have democratized the talent show industry. Anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can showcase their talent to the world. They don’t have to go through the rigorous audition process of a talent show, and they don’t have to compete with other contestants. They can simply post their videos online and let the audience decide if they are talented or not.

Moreover, YouTube and TikTok have created a new type of celebrity. These are people who have gained popularity through their videos online. They don’t have to be singers or dancers to become famous; they can be comedians, gamers, or even chefs. The possibilities are endless.

In conclusion, The X Factor’s absence in 2020 may be a sign of things to come. The talent show format that was once so popular is dying, and it’s being replaced by a new era of talent shows on the internet. YouTube and TikTok have democratized the industry, and they have created a new type of celebrity. The X Factor may be gone for good, but its legacy will live on through the careers of the artists it launched.

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  1. Ivan Ardren

    Isn’t it strange then that they’re still taking applications up until June this year?

    • Raissa

      Yep! I did subscribe and now I’m sad cuz I done know nothing about. What happens now?