Get Ready for Joe Rogan to Interview Kanye West

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Rap mainstay and 2020 presidential hopeful Kanye West has expressed interest in appearing on the Spotify-exclusive Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) podcast.

The 43-year-old artist recently noted on Twitter that he’d like to record a “live” Joe Rogan Experience episode (most JRE iterations are taped several days prior to their debut). “Would love to go on Joe Rogan’s podcast LIVE this week,” Kanye West wrote. “I have my team trying to get your number… Joe I’m in Calabassas [Calabasas, California] Let’s do this my friend.”

The concise message concluded with a skiing emoji and featured a short clip of Joe Rogan describing a 20-minute phone call that he and a “very nice” Kanye West had shared. At the time of this writing, neither Rogan (who hosts the podcast out of his Austin, Texas, studio) nor his team had publicly responded to the prospect of welcoming West for a JRE episode. But a series entry featuring the world’s richest musician would almost certainly prove an unqualified success in the ratings department.

Additionally, the episode could amplify internal disagreements at Spotify over some of Rogan’s guests and conversations.

West’s desire to appear on The Joe Rogan Experience presumably relates to his approximately three-month-old presidential campaign, which has dominated his social media profiles as of late. One week back, the “Bound 2” artist unveiled an official campaign merch store and indicated shortly thereafter that fans and supporters had purchased north of $860,000 worth of gear.

Additionally, the Chicagoan has acknowledged that the lead line on his Google search-results window now reads “Candidate for President of the United States,” besides claiming that several friends have already written him in for president. (Previously, West sued Wisconsin, Ohio, and other states for refusing to print his name on their ballots.) Lastly, Kanye West launched a faith-based campaign advert yesterday.

West’s latest 2020 presidential efforts are drawing enormous criticism, particularly from Biden supporters worried about a spoiler campaign.

In coordination with a Joe Rogan sit down, this public pushback could spur further internal opposition to JRE – particularly if the episodes do in fact air live.

Last month, Digital Music News was first to report that some Spotify employees were calling for direct editorial oversight on JRE episodes before they reach listeners. Subsequently, it came to light that these frustrated team members were threatening a walkout or full-blown strike if higher-ups didn’t accede to their demands.

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