Coldplay Partners With Amazon Music to Launch ‘An Intergalactic Audio-Visual Experience’

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Coldplay performing live in 2017. Photo Credit: Frank Schwichtenberg

Yesterday, Coldplay reupped with Warner Music Group’s Parlophone and Atlantic Records. Now, the five-piece act has partnered with Amazon Music to deliver “an intergalactic audio-visual” event, dubbed “The Atmospheres,” in New York City, London, Tokyo, and Berlin.

Amazon Music and London-based Coldplay unveiled their “exclusive, two-day pop-up event” today, via a formal release that was emailed to DMN. The Atmospheres – scheduled to kick off on Friday, October 15th – will promote the 25-year-old group’s upcoming ninth studio album, Music of the Spheres.

The New York City event is set to take place at Vanderbilt Hall from 10 AM until 8 PM local time on Friday as well as 9 AM to 7 PM on Saturday. The free happening’s tickets (which fans must reserve, including by selecting a timeslot) are available now, and organizers relayed on The Atmospheres’ website that each experience “will be approximately 5 minutes long.”

Regarding the nuances of this experience – which will require attendees in New York to wear “face coverings” and “show proof of at least one-dose of a COVID-19 vaccination” – guests will enter a “custom-built installation.” From said installation, “fans will be transported to The Spheres – the distant solar system that plays host to the band’s latest album, where each of the twelve tracks is twinned with a different planet,” the release from Amazon Music and Coldplay indicates.

“Immersed in out-of-this-world visuals, fans can create their own alien language messages and snap selfies in the augmented reality photobooth,” the text proceeds. “The experience will be soundtracked by album highlight, ‘People of the Pride,’ mixed in Dolby Atmos, and accompanied by exclusive 360 visuals.”

Addressing the Amazon Music partnership and The Atmospheres in a statement, Coldplay (which “will not be present at the Sphere experience”) said: “We’re excited to partner with Amazon Music to bring Music of the Spheres to life. The Atmospheres will take fans on a trip through The Spheres and into the heart of the album.”

Though the Big Three labels (led by Universal Music Group) did away with streaming exclusives years back, Amazon Music, Apple Music, and other Spotify competitors appear to be ramping up their efforts to secure one-of-a-kind experiences outside the recorded-music space.

2020 saw Amazon Music score an exclusive 3D audio edition of Taylor Swift’s Folklore, for instance, besides partnering with Dolly Parton on a Christmas special. 2021’s initial nine or so months, for their part, have seen Amazon Music roll out an artist-merch store (including exclusive items from Weezer, Gwen Stefani, and more), whereas Apple Music launched a video series (entitled “This Week in Apple Music”) to highlight its own exclusive content.

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    Amazon with the music industry is stealing this concept from an black female artist called The Oracle
    She has a show called one for andromeda
    The first steal was from Kid Cudi stolen from Fam Rosthine who is in a lawsuit for stealing from an mother independent act for Childish Gambino. He stole it for Kids Amazon special which they pulled down in a month for prime day! Look it up

    now this your BUSTED
    I’ll be contacting her you guys are so effing shady!

    • Justin

      You’re way out of your league when it comes to doing research, apparently. This concept was done prior to The Oracle by a number of different artists. Cool your jets, Sherlock.

      • HDUPSAN

        Lol hey robot lawyer ,

        Insta reply! How does that industry check taste?

    • Jup Elation

      Wow, I took a look at that website, and it is seriously ugly and stupid. Did a kindergarten class do it? Nobody in their right mind would steal music from that? It is terrible to anyone who has ears.

  2. wow

    This work was stolen from an artist’s called The Oracle
    This is the second steal Amazon has done from her work the first was for kid Cudi Amazon day special! which they pulled down after a month because of her legal complaint. Stop thriving from black indi artists the show is on her website called one for andromeda www the oracles music com
    You are busted again I’ll be reaching out to her to alert her to this! Disgusting

    • Justin

      Posting the same incorrect information under a different name doesn’t make it true. You’re attempt to promote false narrative is disgusting.

      • Knees Up Justin



        Now I Take My Coffee With Cream And Sugar Son

        • Justin

          Same guy, posting different, fake stupid shit. You’re a loser.

  3. no suprise

    I am not surprised to see Coldplay and the music industry stealing music from black independent artists. You see on the news all the stuff for black people and they are to be respected and matter. Coldplay don’t care the music industry don’t care…

    they do not believe that black lives matter just people to steal from and profit off of…as they have been doing for generations…

    • Justin

      responding to your own comment doesn’t make the original comment valid.

      • no suprise

        Passing the baby bar or a high LSAT score does not constitute that you know what you are talking about. Why protect Coldplay and how they are stealing from black people. Are you working with them or do have a vested interest in revenues generated from either amazon or the music business?

        Keep protecting your own interest Justin and keep stealing from black people. That seems to be what you are good at.

        FYI moron not the same…

        • Justin

          I’m not protecting Coldplay. When did I ever say that? Never.

          I am pointing out that you’re a fraud by making comments, then replying to your comments to make fake validation.

          Fuck you, loser psycho.

          • no surprise

            I know I’m a fake and a loser, but a psycho. My dad was a psycho and my mom is a whore. Does that make me a psycho? I past the baby SAT and put hole in one when I mini golfed. Now, who’s the psycho, psycho.

          • responding to the lawyer justin congrats on passing the bar

            The words in your comment appeared like you were protecting coldplay by just dismissing the claim of the theft. Do you watch the two vids and compare….probably did not and just are getting off on commenting and saying things…your aggression in your post shows what kind of person you are and defense of the industry shows you are with them. maybe not my apoligies. If you love music listen and enjoy the music…..i think we love music….but if you are like me you have listened to the oracles music and have thought…wow…why does this not get more play….why is the new show by coldplay a lot like that…and captain eo by the greatest as well as thor ragnarok…its like cut and paste….its when lawyers are doing the decision making they will not make anything creative…this is real…not being vitriolic like yourself calling names…your a moron….because you think you are smarter than others…..

    • Stoney M

      Nobody is stealing from black people. NIce try. Your agenda is flawed. Intelligence doesn’t work for you, apparently.

      • no suprise

        Hi Stoney,

        Did you see the content and match them up. That is what i was looking for. when you review the content from the two shows you can see it. Says names like race makes it more pronounced but does not change the fact of copyright infringement or stealing. Its a known fact that the industry has been stealing from black artists for decades. If you disagree with that then you are just simply uninformed and working for the man. Or you are the man yourself. Either way….tell me the difference in the content. Facts not just saying no or yes

  4. BLM

    Like poor Aunt Hammy what they did to her. did you see that Tasha K Special on You Tube? Amazing I didn’t know Nick Cannon did shit like that

  5. BLM

    on the special he even says its a ship powered by music
    IN THE SPECIAL! The theft is so grand they cant hide it! Is it amazon or is it coldplay?

    • Bra

      It’s Amazon the KC thing was with Amazon to. dang who going to be robbed next? or they would have just token these comments down if it went. I

  6. OMG

    i was watchin it and i was like is it a copy… nah its not as bad as the Kid Cudi steal tho he even called the launch pad the oprhious that guy cant stop stealing

    • Cab2

      Yea Yo. This shiznit is a copy of your copy from the fifth. Take a spy on that to get a real dose. The steal ain’t real.

    • The Steal Is Real Bra

      They took down the Kid Cudi over it I heard. They spent millions on that special and took it down in less than a month.

  7. no way

    no way it is a total steal
    i though black lives mattered coldplay lol

    • Justin

      Idiot. You’ve posted most everything on this article to make it look like something. It isn’t. You’re a fraud. Get a hobby, loser.

          • theta

            You also must have seen the oracle on theta….makes sense you would put theta in there…..pure rip….fucking industry stealing from indies like star trek stealing STD from a fan fiction writer…

  8. I was a fan

    With everything Coldplay has to steal from an indi artist shame on you Coldplay she keeps everything for free on her website makes 0 dollars this just stinks


    they are cunts always were always will be I KNEW ID seen this somewhere

  10. Theta

    I just streamed this to my viewers on theta and OMG EVERYONE THERE said the same thing! She only streams on Theta Network right? Because Ive seen it on You Tube.

  11. I Thought So

    I Thought this was fAmiliar doesn’t she have a manager of someone to call and complain. I’m not getting any emails through to her. Screw Amazon and screw coldplay and the shills on here protecting a millionaire fraud

  12. Who Wants This?

    Who Wants to walk into another pop up tent post covid? Doesn’t sound like fun.

    • Just Say No To Drugs

      I know, do I have to be vaxed to go cuz I’m not…

      • James

        Sure glad you’ve never taken aspirin when you have a headache or had cough syrup when you have a cold, or visited a doctor for any reason. Jeez, idiot.