Despite Layoffs, SoundCloud Is Actively Posting New Jobs

SoundCloud’s co-founders knew months in advance about massive layoffs.  So why did they continue posting new jobs?

Meet Winnie Ngo.  A software engineer, she has proficiency in JS, Ruby, SQL, and full stack.  SoundCloud has recently featured her on their Twitter page.  Ngo explains how her interest in tech took off while studying at Swarthmore College.  She added how great it felt to work with a “dope” company.


Her name now appears in a public spreadsheet uploaded on Google.  It appears that SoundCloud has axed her, along with 172 other employees.

Over a week and a half ago, SoundCloud dismissed 40% of its workforce without any warning whatsoever.  In a stunning confession to employees at an all-hands meeting, the company reportedly admitted that they knew months in advance about the dismissals.

That included the possible firing of Winnie Ngo.

CEO and co-founder Alexander Ljung has attempted to alleviate concerns that the company won’t close its doors anytime soon.  Despite his best efforts (even convincing Chance the Rapper), remaining SoundCloud employees aren’t convinced.  They report working in an environment of nervousness, fear, and anxiety.  At any moment, the company could give them the axe, just as it did with Ngo.  Underscoring their fears, an employee criticized Ljung’s statement following the all-hands meeting.

“I don’t believe that people will stay.  The good people at SoundCloud will leave.  Eric [Wahlforss] said something about the SoundCloud ‘family,’ and there were laughs.  You just fired 173 people of the family, how the f—k are you going to talk about family?”

SoundCloud has since removed links to Winnie Ngo’s profile page on employment search engine The Muse.

Prior to the sudden dismissals, the company’s Twitter page actively posted new jobs.  It continues to do so.  The company’s official jobs Twitter account reads,

“Learn about our career opportunities across all our SoundCloud offices in Berlin, New York, London, San Francisco, Los Angeles & Sydney.”

As of writing, it has yet to remove references to its now-closed London and San Francisco offices.

Users who navigate to the company’s official jobs page will find mostly blank pages.  Those who click on recent URLs posted by @SoundCloudJobs will find the following.

A year before the sudden dismissals, reputable financial institutions had issued warnings about the company’s poor standing.  SoundCloud still remains fully operational.  However, it now allegedly has less than fifty days before it runs out of money and goes bankrupt.

The company has yet to respond to Digital Music News’ request for additional information.

Image by Thomas Bonte (CC by 2.0)

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  1. Anonymous

    I bet they laid off whoever manages their Twitter account, and therefore no one has updated it yet.

  2. Tony Russo

    Hi, my name isTony Russo, l would just like to say, thanks to SoundCloud l am being looked at by a major record label. These people are the real thing. I hope you stay in business for a very long long time. We need your services. Without this major company , many artists would not be listen to. Thanks Tony.